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Best of 2012 December 30, 2012

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After yesterday’s blog on the closing of 2012, I couldn’t help but think about my blogging highlights as I posted links to past entries. It’s really hard to pick which ones are my favorites or which ones stood out to me the most. I’ve sorted them by month, so you get a sampling of Amy Scott’s Thoughts throughout 2012! Enjoy!



  • Do It For The Kids – Thoughts on being silly for the sake of children’s ministry
  • Leaving A Legacy – Thoughts on high school Spanish and leaving my mark on the school












Closing 2012 December 29, 2012

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Just a couple days left to 2012… Like everyone else, I can get contemplative and reflective at the end of any year. I think this is magnified by the fact that my birthday is so close to the beginning of the year. It seems like another calender year and another age is just around the corner. So what has 2012 and age 26 meant to me? Far more than I expected. Through out this blog there are links to different posts which capture the moments I am about to share. Feel free to read them and relive the memories with me.

There were a lot of great and exciting highlights to 2012. Jeremy and I went on a road trip, just for fun, to California. I got to see San Francisco and the redwood forests for the first time and it was an amazing adventure. I got to team preach for the first time ever. It was an honor to speak alongside two ladies I deeply admire. I also to got to speak at our local MOPS group. It’s been a year of stretching myself in front of people.  My sister moved home from Kansas in 2012. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to have her close by again. We are both very busy so we don’t see each other as much as we would like, but it’s still comforting knowing she’s just a half hour away instead of days. I got my very first niece in 2012! The joy of having both a niece and a nephew is really unmatched!

In a lot of ways, I feel like 2012 and 26 were a growing up year for me. I guess my opinion in subjective, but more than ever, I feel like I’ve changed through 26. It was a harder year in ways. Things happened that totally caught me off guard and forced me to my knees. I learned a lot in the themes of humility, letting go, and trusting God. These lessons were born out of heart ache and hard decisions. However, I wouldn’t trade any of them. The depth of relationship that comes when the Lord is your only source of strength is overwhelming. I feel like I’ve let go of a lot of hopes, dreams and my own plans this year. I learned that I’m not really in control of any of them, so I just have to trust God. I know that he has placed desires in my heart and if he wishes to see them be then they will. If not, I have to be okay. While it feels like a lot of my “plans” where shattered in 2012, I walk into 2013 feeling more confident. I know that God is in control and that my plans may or may not pan out. I don’t need them to really. If they don’t, I know that God has something else in mind and I have to trust that his plan is good and just as life giving. More than ever, I believe that my God is good and that he has good things for me. I can rest in his assurance that they will happen in his time, not my own. I am thankful for the peace that comes when I stopped struggling for my own way. It’s so good. This year, God has showed up big. I am blown away and deeply in awe of how he cares for me.

Last year I really didn’t set any resolutions for 2012. I did a write a blog about being better at my relationships. I’m not sure I’m the fairest judge, but the great thing about God rocking my world is that my eyes have shifted from myself. When I’m not so worried about making my life happen, I can focus on others more freely. I feel in my heart that in some way, I did accomplish my goal in 2012. As for 2013, I don’t have traditional resolutions. My biggest hope and prayer is that I will continue to go deeper in learning humility, trust, gratitude, content and resolve. I know who God has called me to be and I know what he has called me to do. I pray I can walk forward completely trusting him. I’m not trying to do it in my own strength. Not any more. 2012 has been a year of surrender and I am so hopeful for what 2013 will bring.


A Slightly White Christmas and Other Holiday Memories! December 27, 2012

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Jeremy's snowman!

Jeremy’s snowman!

It’s been a good Christmas holiday! I hope that you had a great time with your family and friends! I know did! This will be the wrap up of all the Christmas blogs. I know that there have been many, but it’s been such a great season to celebrate. I was thinking this week how Christmas really seems silly without Jesus. The hype of shopping and cooking and gift giving just doesn’t make sense without the greatest gift on earth at the center of it all. I can’t imagine celebrating Christmas without Jesus. I am deeply thankful for my Savior. I know that his birth was just one of the steps towards his death and resurrection. Christmas and Easter are so closely linked because without the other each would really lose it’s meaning.

Last Saturday, Jeremy came home from hunting with a giant ball of snow in his truck. He quickly unloaded the snow into our front yard and promptly made a small snowman. My hubby is a very creative and extremely odd at times. Bringing home snow to play with was sweet, but different. I decided that evening that it wouldn’t really be Christmas without cut-out cookies, so I set off my make a batch to share with company the following day. I kept the decorating simple and they turned out quite nicely.

It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies!

Sunday after church, I had the pleasure of going to lunch with my dear friend, Kaly. She was down spending the holiday with her family and I was glad to catch her while she was in the area. We had a yummy lunch of warm soup and bread at a local favorite. We stopped by Starbucks to see my sister at work and to get yet another of the favored red cups! There are only so many left to be had in 2012! Sunday evening, we shared pizza and cookies with my sister and her husband. After our meal, we danced and played card games. It was such a fun social day!

Monday morning, I was up bright and early to head to my dad’s office for a company breakfast. They did a big meal for all the employees and families were invited. It was tasty and they sure had a huge spread of food. My sister stole the scratch tickets out of my dad’s stocking from the company and ended up winning $5. It was very exciting. Since Monday was Christmas Eve, there were lots of festivities still to look forward to. Jeremy and I attended a candlelight service at our church. I love when I get to play with fire in the sanctuary and sing Christmas carols with the congregation I hold so dear. After that we were off to Jeremy’s family gift exchange. We were doing something new this year – gift cards only! I walked away with a Starbucks card which was actually $5 over the limit, so I felt pretty good about that!

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning!

Tuesday was what we called a Slightly White Christmas! It had snowed early  that morning and some parts had more snow than others. I was able to sleep in a bit and then head off to my grandma’s house for the main event. It wouldn’t be Christmas morning without a stop at Starbucks. I enjoyed my peppermint hot chocolate very much! I think peppermint tastes better on Christmas. Jeremy and I arrive before the gathering had officially begun. Usually we come in on the middle of the hoopla so it was nice to see it from the start. Watching the kids open their presents is always a highlight for me. There is so much wonder, excitement and thanks! After a family meal, it was time to head back to my parent’s house to exchange presents as an immediate family. We ended the night by watching the latest Bourne movie – festive right?

December 26th has become a bit of a holiday for Jeremy and I. We took off early for Portland, OR to do our post-Christmas shopping. We don’t exchange presents anymore. We buy our gifts in each others company the day after Christmas. We get great deals and it allows to get the things we wanted on our list. Yesterday was a perfect day! We got to spend time together, get new items, and eat an amazing meal at P.F. Chang’s. Sooo good!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Toby!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Toby!

It’s hard to believe the New Year is right around the corner! The week will continue to bring more family time as we celebrate two family birthdays. These are special times and I am so thankful to each person who made the month of December so wonderful for me. I am blessed to be surrounded by loving and encouraging people. My heart is full and I hope that your Christmas season afforded you the same amount of joy as it did me.

PS –  I know you’re probably sick of me “celebrating” this and that all the time, but one more thing! Today is my Toby’s 3rd birthday! He has been a great addition to our family and I can’t imagine our lives without his sweet puppy love and adoration! Happy Birthday, Toby!


December 23rd December 23, 2012

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Christmas Break 2004

Christmas Break 2004

December 23rd has always been a special day for me. Eight years ago, I was riding home with Jeremy after spending the evening together. I have admit I don’t remember the exact activity. We had been talking since October and had seen each a couple times through November and December. I considered these outings to be “dates” but we had yet to have the DTR – define the relationship. Jeremy had ask me to spend Christmas Eve with his family and my roommate was all in a tizzy. She thought it was inappropriate for a non-committed couple to spend the holidays together and meet the family. I wasn’t too concerned about it, but the holiday did lend itself to giving titles and making things official. I sensed the DTR was on the horizon, but I didn’t want to be the one to bring it about. That was the man’s job. On this drive to my house Jeremy asks me how I would like to be introduced to his family the next evening. Of course being unsure of myself, I asked him how he wanted to introduce to his family. He told me he would like to introduce me as his girlfriend and I said that would be fine with me. Thus, an official relationship was started. This was my first time being a “girlfriend” and I was beyond excited! I do remember running to my sister’s room when I got home to share the news. My mom said she guessed something like that had happened because I wasn’t too quiet in sharing my excitement.  Now I know it might seem a little silly, but I do remember this day fondly. To me this day marks eight years of Jeremy and Amy. I knew I was dating a great guy at the time and let me tell you, my love and respect for this man has only deepened with time. Jeremy balances me out so well and I don’t know what I would do without his laid back influence in my life. He might have shot my five year to plan to pieces with that simple question, but I’m okay with that. Life has been an adventure and God has been so good to us! So, Jeremy, happy eight years of being us – I love you!


Short Days, Shortbread and Dance Parties! December 22, 2012

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Oh, vacation days! How they seem to fly by! This week has been a fun one and a very relaxing one as well. That is the perfect combination in my book. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year (light wise). I have many childhood memories of my mom talking about this day. It was her least favorite. She must be solar powered! My hubby was out hunting for part of the day, so for a while it was just Toby dog and myself around the house. I felt the need to explain to Toby that it was the shortest day of the year and the first official day of winter. The news didn’t seem to excite him too much. I decided to move on to bigger news. I told him that it was also supposed to be the day world ended. I wasn’t sure what time the big “ending” was going to happen, so I told him we should make the most of the time we had! I’m happy to say that the world didn’t end, at least not to my knowledge. However, I think it would have been okay it had, I mean I would be with Jesus and that’s pretty okay with me. I’m not sure how I would felt about the Mayan’s getting it right… but they didn’t. So we can all move on!

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Yesterday evening we had Jeremy’s parents over for dinner and some games on the new Xbox. Jeremy had the whole meal planned out and if you haven’t figured out by now, he is the cook in this family. I’m not a stranger to the kitchen though, if Jeremy is the family cook then I am the family baker. I took it upon myself to make dessert. I went immediately to my Food Network Magazine to find a Christmas cookie recipe. I settled on a chocolate chip shortbread cookie. I’ve never made shortbread before, so I was happy to see it turned out all right and tasted great. The only thing I would change was my chocolate drizzle. It wasn’t thin enough in my opinion, so presentation wise, I think I could have done better. Oh well. Taste beats presentation in my mind.

After the meal, we played a bunch of sports games on the Xbox. It was a lot of fun to watch us all being silly as we ran in place and jumped over hurdles or what not. To end the evening we put in Just Dance 4 and had a short dance session. Jeremy’s dad just watched… I don’t blame him – watching us dance was probably the most entertaining part of the evening! Once they left, Jeremy and I kept dancing. Jeremy left after a bit to go clean up and I kept dancing… I’m not sure that was smart – getting out of bed was a little hard this morning! 90 minutes of dancing really does take it toll. It’s been a fun new game. It really is a workout! I guess it means I can keep eating Christmas goodies if I can keep dancing off the calories!

So that is what the life of vacationer has been like. I’m not sure you’ll notice, but today we will have slightly more light than yesterday! Just a few days until Christmas and we’re officially into the winter season. Time keeps flying by, but as along as it’s filled with people I love and fun activities, I guess I don’t mind too much.


Staycation December 19, 2012

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Every year our church office closes in between Christmas and New Year. It’s always a blessing and I appreciate this time off so much. For the last few years, Jeremy and I have taken the last of his vacation days before this week off. This allows for about 2 weeks off around the holidays. I will admit that I’m like a school kid – I LOVE the Christmas break. It’s perfect for visiting with friends and family.

Lots of people have asked what we planned do with our time off. I think most assumed we would travel or something, but nope. We’re doing a staycation. It’s been so relaxing! Monday, I was able to clean my house because I had been putting it off. I  did a lot of reading as well. Jeremy is now the proud owner of an Xbox, so we did some bowling and table tennis with the Kinect. It was lots of fun just to be chill and hang out.

Monday night we also watched White Christmas and then within minutes of finishing the movie, it started to snow here. It was perfect! Both Jeremy and I love to watch snowflakes fall, so we just stared out the window in happiness. Monday night, we also put our one month free trial of Hulu Plus into action. I will now admit that I’ve joined the many who watch Downton Abbey. It’s been so good to have a new show to watch. I’ve certainly had the time this week!

Snowflake Lane!

Snowflake Lane!

Tuesday was a lot of Downton Abbey and then Jeremy, my sister, and I went up north to see Snowflake Lane! It’s a holiday music and lights show on one of the main streets by Bellevue Square. They make it “snow” every night during the show. Now, I know we had just seen real snowflakes that day, so it wasn’t quite the same thing, but it was still a pretty cool effect. It turns out that they use soap suds. I would have never thought of that. Before the show, we had a different meal at The Cheesecake Factory. We opted to eat out of the patio (in December) so we could be seated right away. They had their heaters on, but it was still cold enough to keep my jacket on while eating. It was interesting to be the street and hear the Christmas music playing and the people bustling by. It was very cold on the street for the show, so we warmed up by walking around the mall a bit and getting hot beverages at Starbucks! I have to get as many red cups as I can!

Today I did a little bit of work by having lunch with a friend to talk with her about Growth Groups at our church. It was a good lunch and I was glad for the opportunity to catch up with her and help her find a place to serve at Bethel Church. I always get passionate about encouraging people to find the right fit in the church. Serving is just so life giving. I stopped by the office to drop off some stuff and pick up a few things. It was fun to say hi to everyone and get hugs! I was quickly on my way back home to hang out with my hubby and of course, watch more Downtown Abbey.

I’m not really sure what the rest of my staycation looks like…. probably a lot more reading and maybe more fiddling with Hulu. I have a coffee date tomorrow with my network mentor. It will be a little bittersweet because it might be the last time I meet with her before she heads back to the mission field in Africa. I’ve been so blessed to get to know her. I know her prayers have been with me and mine I have been with her.  I will certainly miss my times with her. On a happier note, I hope to drive around looking at Christmas lights one of these evenings. That is something I love to do every year. As for traditions and hopes, many have been fulfilled over the last week and I’m really pretty happy and well-rested! It’s been a great staycation and I’m sure it will keep being awesome!


Christmas Weekend! December 16, 2012

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Long Time Friends!

Long Time Friends!

Now I realize that you’re aware of the calender – it’s not really Christmas weekend… in fact, Christmas doesn’t even fall on a weekend this year. But – this weekend was totally Christmas all the way for me! The great thing is that even though I celebrated Christmas like crazy this weekend, there is still plenty more Christmas festivities to come.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, Friday night was dinner with two of my closest friends from high school. I graduated in 2004 with these wonderful ladies and I’m so happy that in 2012 we’re still having Christmas dinner together. It was a great night to catch up. The three of us hadn’t been together in over a year, so it was truly a special time.  I’m so blessed by the friendship these two women have given me through the years. God has been so good to each of us and I can see his fingerprints all over our lives.

Learning a new game!

Learning a new game!

Yesterday was the big Scott family Christmas celebration. It’s not often that we get to hang out as the whole family since we don’t live in the same area. These times of all being together are so much fun! I love being an aunt and seeing the joy that kids bring to the holidays. My nephew was so much fun to watch play with his new toys. I couldn’t help but laugh when he put gift bows on his feet! What a silly boy! We played some games, opened some gifts and ate a lot of good food. At one point, I remembered that it wasn’t actually Christmas day. It just felt so much like Christmas, I had forgotten the date. This just proves my theory – it doesn’t matter what day you celebrate, as long as you’re with loved ones it feels like Christmas.

Today completed the Christmas weekend with our annual Children’s Church gift exchange. It’s so much fun to see the kids open gifts and “steal” presents from their friends. As you can imagine, it gets loud! Everyone has an opinion on what gift should be stolen or opened. I had three gifts stolen from me. Oh well… I tried. We ended the party with a group picture, candy canes for all and a Christmas trivia game. It was a great morning and a lot of fun!

I will admit that I’m a bit tired after a big weekend of partying! I think it might just be time for me to snuggle up on the couch and watch a Hallmark movie while eating leftover dinner rolls! Sounds a like a good plan to me!