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Short Days, Shortbread and Dance Parties! December 22, 2012

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Oh, vacation days! How they seem to fly by! This week has been a fun one and a very relaxing one as well. That is the perfect combination in my book. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year (light wise). I have many childhood memories of my mom talking about this day. It was her least favorite. She must be solar powered! My hubby was out hunting for part of the day, so for a while it was just Toby dog and myself around the house. I felt the need to explain to Toby that it was the shortest day of the year and the first official day of winter. The news didn’t seem to excite him too much. I decided to move on to bigger news. I told him that it was also supposed to be the day world ended. I wasn’t sure what time the big “ending” was going to happen, so I told him we should make the most of the time we had! I’m happy to say that the world didn’t end, at least not to my knowledge. However, I think it would have been okay it had, I mean I would be with Jesus and that’s pretty okay with me. I’m not sure how I would felt about the Mayan’s getting it right… but they didn’t. So we can all move on!

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Yesterday evening we had Jeremy’s parents over for dinner and some games on the new Xbox. Jeremy had the whole meal planned out and if you haven’t figured out by now, he is the cook in this family. I’m not a stranger to the kitchen though, if Jeremy is the family cook then I am the family baker. I took it upon myself to make dessert. I went immediately to my Food Network Magazine to find a Christmas cookie recipe. I settled on a chocolate chip shortbread cookie. I’ve never made shortbread before, so I was happy to see it turned out all right and tasted great. The only thing I would change was my chocolate drizzle. It wasn’t thin enough in my opinion, so presentation wise, I think I could have done better. Oh well. Taste beats presentation in my mind.

After the meal, we played a bunch of sports games on the Xbox. It was a lot of fun to watch us all being silly as we ran in place and jumped over hurdles or what not. To end the evening we put in Just Dance 4 and had a short dance session. Jeremy’s dad just watched… I don’t blame him – watching us dance was probably the most entertaining part of the evening! Once they left, Jeremy and I kept dancing. Jeremy left after a bit to go clean up and I kept dancing… I’m not sure that was smart – getting out of bed was a little hard this morning! 90 minutes of dancing really does take it toll. It’s been a fun new game. It really is a workout! I guess it means I can keep eating Christmas goodies if I can keep dancing off the calories!

So that is what the life of vacationer has been like. I’m not sure you’ll notice, but today we will have slightly more light than yesterday! Just a few days until Christmas and we’re officially into the winter season. Time keeps flying by, but as along as it’s filled with people I love and fun activities, I guess I don’t mind too much.


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