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December 23rd December 23, 2012

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Christmas Break 2004

Christmas Break 2004

December 23rd has always been a special day for me. Eight years ago, I was riding home with Jeremy after spending the evening together. I have admit I don’t remember the exact activity. We had been talking since October and had seen each a couple times through November and December. I considered these outings to be “dates” but we had yet to have the DTR – define the relationship. Jeremy had ask me to spend Christmas Eve with his family and my roommate was all in a tizzy. She thought it was inappropriate for a non-committed couple to spend the holidays together and meet the family. I wasn’t too concerned about it, but the holiday did lend itself to giving titles and making things official. I sensed the DTR was on the horizon, but I didn’t want to be the one to bring it about. That was the man’s job. On this drive to my house Jeremy asks me how I would like to be introduced to his family the next evening. Of course being unsure of myself, I asked him how he wanted to introduce to his family. He told me he would like to introduce me as his girlfriend and I said that would be fine with me. Thus, an official relationship was started. This was my first time being a “girlfriend” and I was beyond excited! I do remember running to my sister’s room when I got home to share the news. My mom said she guessed something like that had happened because I wasn’t too quiet in sharing my excitement.  Now I know it might seem a little silly, but I do remember this day fondly. To me this day marks eight years of Jeremy and Amy. I knew I was dating a great guy at the time and let me tell you, my love and respect for this man has only deepened with time. Jeremy balances me out so well and I don’t know what I would do without his laid back influence in my life. He might have shot my five year to plan to pieces with that simple question, but I’m okay with that. Life has been an adventure and God has been so good to us! So, Jeremy, happy eight years of being us – I love you!


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