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A Slightly White Christmas and Other Holiday Memories! December 27, 2012

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Jeremy's snowman!

Jeremy’s snowman!

It’s been a good Christmas holiday! I hope that you had a great time with your family and friends! I know did! This will be the wrap up of all the Christmas blogs. I know that there have been many, but it’s been such a great season to celebrate. I was thinking this week how Christmas really seems silly without Jesus. The hype of shopping and cooking and gift giving just doesn’t make sense without the greatest gift on earth at the center of it all. I can’t imagine celebrating Christmas without Jesus. I am deeply thankful for my Savior. I know that his birth was just one of the steps towards his death and resurrection. Christmas and Easter are so closely linked because without the other each would really lose it’s meaning.

Last Saturday, Jeremy came home from hunting with a giant ball of snow in his truck. He quickly unloaded the snow into our front yard and promptly made a small snowman. My hubby is a very creative and extremely odd at times. Bringing home snow to play with was sweet, but different. I decided that evening that it wouldn’t really be Christmas without cut-out cookies, so I set off my make a batch to share with company the following day. I kept the decorating simple and they turned out quite nicely.

It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies!

Sunday after church, I had the pleasure of going to lunch with my dear friend, Kaly. She was down spending the holiday with her family and I was glad to catch her while she was in the area. We had a yummy lunch of warm soup and bread at a local favorite. We stopped by Starbucks to see my sister at work and to get yet another of the favored red cups! There are only so many left to be had in 2012! Sunday evening, we shared pizza and cookies with my sister and her husband. After our meal, we danced and played card games. It was such a fun social day!

Monday morning, I was up bright and early to head to my dad’s office for a company breakfast. They did a big meal for all the employees and families were invited. It was tasty and they sure had a huge spread of food. My sister stole the scratch tickets out of my dad’s stocking from the company and ended up winning $5. It was very exciting. Since Monday was Christmas Eve, there were lots of festivities still to look forward to. Jeremy and I attended a candlelight service at our church. I love when I get to play with fire in the sanctuary and sing Christmas carols with the congregation I hold so dear. After that we were off to Jeremy’s family gift exchange. We were doing something new this year – gift cards only! I walked away with a Starbucks card which was actually $5 over the limit, so I felt pretty good about that!

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning!

Tuesday was what we called a Slightly White Christmas! It had snowed early  that morning and some parts had more snow than others. I was able to sleep in a bit and then head off to my grandma’s house for the main event. It wouldn’t be Christmas morning without a stop at Starbucks. I enjoyed my peppermint hot chocolate very much! I think peppermint tastes better on Christmas. Jeremy and I arrive before the gathering had officially begun. Usually we come in on the middle of the hoopla so it was nice to see it from the start. Watching the kids open their presents is always a highlight for me. There is so much wonder, excitement and thanks! After a family meal, it was time to head back to my parent’s house to exchange presents as an immediate family. We ended the night by watching the latest Bourne movie – festive right?

December 26th has become a bit of a holiday for Jeremy and I. We took off early for Portland, OR to do our post-Christmas shopping. We don’t exchange presents anymore. We buy our gifts in each others company the day after Christmas. We get great deals and it allows to get the things we wanted on our list. Yesterday was a perfect day! We got to spend time together, get new items, and eat an amazing meal at P.F. Chang’s. Sooo good!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Toby!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Toby!

It’s hard to believe the New Year is right around the corner! The week will continue to bring more family time as we celebrate two family birthdays. These are special times and I am so thankful to each person who made the month of December so wonderful for me. I am blessed to be surrounded by loving and encouraging people. My heart is full and I hope that your Christmas season afforded you the same amount of joy as it did me.

PS –  I know you’re probably sick of me “celebrating” this and that all the time, but one more thing! Today is my Toby’s 3rd birthday! He has been a great addition to our family and I can’t imagine our lives without his sweet puppy love and adoration! Happy Birthday, Toby!


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