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Kindergarten Screening & The Great Wolf Lodge June 8, 2019

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What a wild week it has been since we last talked!

I wrapped up May with a book party. If someone reaches out to me do a book party then I’m totally game to do one. So I’ve now done two parties in 2019. I’m toying with the idea of actually looking for party bookings in the fall since it’s such a prime selling season. Two parties a month for a few months wouldn’t be too hard to swing. And I should have a bit more free time on my hands once my boys are into a new school routine. We’ll see… I’ve been happily using my Usborne Books & More business to provide gifts for the kiddos in my life. I’ve  had return customers place orders as well. I just cashed in a bunch of personal rewards this last week and I have a big box of books arriving next week that I got for next nothing. Even though I’m not actively pursing my book business, I love that I am still benefiting from it.

Last weekend was very social. We had a birthday party for a friend on Saturday which turned into only half of the family going while the other half stayed home with a bad attitude. I could go into that more…. but it might need to be its own psychology post. Long story short is that Graham is an introvert who didn’t want to go to the party so he threw a fit about getting dressed. A punishment for Owen would be to not let him go to the party, so that is the punishment we gave to Graham. Turns out Graham got his way by staying home and we didn’t realize that was end goal until later in the day. I’ve been pondering the situation all week. It’s going to be interesting to figure out as Graham grows what social endeavors we push him towards and what areas we back off because of his introverted nature. In ministry, we have lots of social situations we show up for, especially as a family. I don’t want him to resent ministry because he needed quiet, down time that his family schedule never allowed for. Like I said, lots of psychology behind that story….

Saturday night, Jeremy and I were able to slip away for a movie date. We got to see Aladdin in theaters. We are enjoying these live action remakes of our favorite Disney movies. We’ve been singing songs from the movie all week. On Sunday, after church and nap time, we had some friends from our growth group over for dinner. It was just the couple and their two boys (who were at the birthday party the day before). Graham was thrilled to have them come over to play. It’s interesting to see how he responded so differently to playing on his home turf with a smaller group of people.

Monday was Owen’s kindergarten screening. I will admit that I was nervous. When we checked in, Owen had some reservation about going off with the teacher by himself. Truthfully, it felt weird to me to send him away with someone I don’t know and off into a part of the school where I wasn’t even sure where he was being taken. His preschool years have all happened at our home church with family members working on site. It’s new to send him off with complete strangers in a building we don’t know. Owen quickly got over his reservation and went willingly with the teacher. When he came back to us, he was skipping and telling us all about the fun he had. As far as I know they had him identify colors and numbers, write his name and cut with scissors along a straight line. They gave us a list of dates for the fall and his school supply list. This will be the first time we’ve gone school supply shopping. I love shopping for school supplies, so I have to temper my excitement. I would run out and buy them all now, but I know that would make me appear weird… So when it is socially acceptable to buy school supplies? Is July too early? Holding out to August might be too hard for my personality!

Since Owen’s screening didn’t run very long, he had plenty of time to head to preschool on Monday morning. This was the first day without his usual friends in attendance. I was so concerned that the change in the classroom dynamic would ruin his last two weeks of preschool. He came home from preschool in a great mood and he has had a fantastic time at preschool all week. This confirms that our decision to let him stay  through the middle of June was the right choice. He’ll go for one more week and then we’ll be officially on summer vacation!

To beat the school’s out rush, we decided to cash in our Great Wolf Lodge gift card that we got from Nana & Papa at Christmas. The boys were so excited to go again after visiting for the first time last September. We got a “wolf den” room where the boys slept in bunk beds with a fun wolf den decor surrounding it. Since our boys are bigger now and they knew what to expect, we spent double the time at the water park this time. Graham was the first to peter out both days, but he went much longer than last time. Graham also tried a water slide for the first time and Owen tried a new water slide as well. There is still one water slide that Owen needs to grow three inches in order to ride. He can’t wait for that day to come. The Great Wolf Lodge is such a fun adventure for our family and we loved every second of it. I love that it feel like we got a mini vacation and all we did was drive 20 minutes down the road!

This next week will be full of celebrations! We have a birthday party for my nephew this weekend. It’s my mom’s birthday is this week and then there is Father’s Day weekend. Quite a few of our friends are already out of school, so we’re scheduling play dates with them around Owen’s school schedule. Monday will also be my last MOPS & MOMSnext meeting of the year. Lots of good stuff coming up, for sure. I’m super tempted to make our third week in June busy as well to keep up the fun pace, but I might need to slow down and pause as we prepare for VBA at the end of the month and then more family gatherings, holidays and vacation in the beginning/middle of July. I have this feeling like our summer is going to go by in a flash. A fun flash, but a flash nonetheless. We are ready for all the fun and sun and adventure that is coming our way! Bring on summer!


It’s hard to see, but Jeremy built the chickens a tunnel to run through. He is hoping it will help them get more exercise and save some of the grass in their pen. On a side note, we might have three roosters. We for sure have two now. Looks like we’ll have to try again with Buff Orpingtons next year… 


The best one from Owen’s school pictures! 


Pizza & orange soda before heading down to swim at The Great Wolf Lodge.


Wolf ears on and ready to swim!


Breakfast buffet. First time introducing our kids to all you can eat dining. 


They were so excited to watch the show in the lobby. Last time they could care less about it… it’s interesting to see what can change in a few months. 


Ready to swim take two!


One of the good/odd things about staying at the Great Wolf Lodge is that I leave my cell phone in the room. I don’t have water protection for it, so I am fully present with my family, which isn’t a bad thing at a water park. It just means I have no actual photos of the main event. 


We came home yesterday to a rainy and cold day. The boys asked for footie pajamas and we all lounged around after spending so much energy playing in the water. 


The Biggest BBQ Ever & Owen’s Preschool Graduation May 30, 2019

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Lots of big things going on over here in my little corner of the world. I’m going to start with Owen’s preschool graduation because it was the most recent event and it’s currently what’s on my mind.

Yesterday Owen “graduated” from preschool with a little ceremony. The kids said a group prayer, sang some songs, got up in front and told everyone their name and what they want to be when they grow up. The class even walked in to Pomp & Circumstance. It doesn’t get anymore official than that.

Owen showed a great deal of enthusiasm throughout the ceremony. He narrated the entire class slideshow by yelling out the name of each child featured. My introverted self was mentally willing him to be quiet, but I have to realize that just because I want to blend into the crowd, doesn’t mean my son will blend in or even want to blend in.  I am not him. It’s good realize our differences so I don’t get hung up on trying to make my kids representations of me. They are not.

The graduation celebration ended with bounce houses, snow cones and cotton candy in the gym. The preschoolers went wild with excitement. It was fun to see them all running amok together. There were lots of photo opportunities and hugs and congratulations shared.

For part of Owen’s preschool class, today is their last day of school. There is an option to stay in school until June 13th which we decided would be a good fit for Owen since he loves school so much. However, part of the class will be gone now, including his two best buddies. I’m not sure if he’ll want to continue through the 13th with the classroom dynamic changing. I took a “last day of school” picture today, just to be safe. We’ll see how things pan out.

Monday is Owen’s kindergarten screening. I’m unsure of what to expect even though I’ve done some research with friends. Seems like different schools do different things for kindergarten screening. The answers I got varied considerably. I’ll be intrigued to see how things go. This whole kindergarten scene is new to me. I feel like I’m on a wild ride right alongside Owen.

I’ve been so focused on kindergarten readiness that it only recently dawned on me that Owen’s preschool years are finished. I think the graduation mixed with his best buddies moving on to a different school district made me more aware of how this current season is ending. I will admit that I am sad. While I am so excited for my big kid to take on kindergarten, I am sad that things are changing. Our schedule will be different next year. His friends will be different next year. A whole chapter of his childhood is ending and a new blank page is set and ready to unfold.

I saw an article shared on Facebook that said something along the lines of “I don’t want more kids, I just want more time with the kids that I have.” I didn’t read the article, but the statement resonated with me. I wish I could hit pause on this season where I have preschoolers. While I’ve dreamed of the days of having school aged kids so I could reclaim my life, I’ve found great joy through the preschool years. I’ve loved watching Owen learn and grow. I’ve loved nap time and flexible schedules and play dates. It’s been a good season. I feel the need to honor it and bless it for what it was. The next season might be even better than I can imagine (I hope so), but for now I will acknowledge the sadness mixed with gratitude that I feel for this ending.

Okay… on to the biggest BBQ ever. I mentioned in my last post that we were hosting a BBQ for my MOPS & MOMSnext group on Memorial Day. If everyone who RSVP’d showed up, we would of had 90 guests at our house. As it stands, I believe we had 77 people at our home on Monday. The weather was great which meant we were able to put our yard to good use. We had stations set up all over the yard for games and water play. Our long driveway worked well for parking all the vehicles without incident. If I was ever curious how many people we could host at our house, I now know we can host 80 comfortably (outside). I was nervous about preparing for 90 guests and then having no one show up. I figured that we were set with yard play and enough hamburgers/hot dogs to last us the summer. Even if no one showed up, we would have used all the items we bought in preparation of the event.

Now that Memorial Day & Preschool Graduation are behind us, we are looking forward to summer. I’ll be wrapping up my current MOPS & MOMSnext year by the middle of June. I want to finish strong so I’ll be focusing intently on this group while I continue to prepare for the new year ahead. The role of a MOPS coordinator really means I have no summer break from leadership. I’m already getting next year’s team lined up. We’ll have a leadership retreat at my house in July which also needs my attention. We’ll also have summer play dates each month. The first one is at the end of June. We’ll be having ice cream while playing at the church playground. Good times ahead.

It feels like summer is officially here. If my kids are home and awake, they are outside. Owen was given some sidewalk chalk by his teachers and he is excited to put it to good use today. We have bubbles galore on the back deck and plenty of space to run and play. Not to mention, we have chickens to check on and treats to feed them. We are ready for what’s next and excited for the future. Especially the immediate future – hopefully filled with lots of summer fun and family memories to be made!


Play date and dinner with the cousins over the holiday weekend.


Good old PNW tree huggers


Add bubbles and it’s instant summer time vibes!


Our MOPS & MOMSnext BBQ!


Flowers from a lovely friend!


Graduation Day! 


Owen’s diploma and picture scrapbook


My sweet preschooler!


Owen and his buddies! The three amigos! I’m so grateful that Owen had such wonderful friends to spend this school year with. They will be missed! Luckily, we have a summer of play dates to keep the fun going. 



Cock-a-doodle-do! We have a rooster! May 25, 2019

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Meet Foster. Our rooster.

We have three Buff Orpington chickens that we’ve been watching closely to see if we can figure out there gender. Jeremy keeps comparing pictures and videos online with our own flock in hopes of identifying a rooster. Or two. Or three. We are confident that our Novagen chickens are ladies, but the Orpingtons have been harder to tell. I’ve been pushing for genetic chicken testing, but Jeremy tells me that isn’t a thing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

This week we had our first “cock-a-doodle-do” confirming that Foster, one of our Orpingtons, is a rooster. But apparently according to the internet, hens can also make this sound. It’s impossible to confirm anything with all the information we keep researching. However, we are fairly confident that Foster is a rooster. He also happens to be one of our friendliest chickens. He is the one who likes to stand on the ramp and either keep the flock in the coop or keep watch over the flock on the ground. While I said no roosters would be kept at the beginning of this endeavor, I’m okay with keeping one friendly rooster who looks out for the flock. If Feathers or Buffy, the other Orpingtons turn out to be roosters, we’ll have to have some discussions. We do not need three roosters, no matter how friendly they might be.

On to chicken names… Foster (the confirmed rooster), Feathers, and Buffy are our Orpingtons. We were supposed to have four Orpingtons and four Novagens, but I think we have three Orpringtons, four Novagens and then one mystery breed. Perch is Owen’s favorite chicken and while Perch (or Perchie) looks more like a Novagen in size, the coloring on Perch is different than the Novagens. Perch lacks the white feathers that the other Novagens have. The Novagens all look very similar. We have one we call Brown Beak because… it has a brown beak. But Brown Beak reminds me more of a pirate chicken and not a little lady, so I’m hoping to call her Brownie instead. That leaves three unnamed Novagens. I would like to name one Nova and Genny, but I can’t tell them apart right now. And that leaves one unnamed little lady. I thought naming kids was hard. It turns out naming chicken is also challenging.

Okay. That was a lot about chickens. But truthfully they are a big part of our day to day life now. We let them out in the mornings. By “we”, I mean the boys and Graham will only go if the weather is nice. The boys check on the chickens multiple times a day and give them treats to earn their love. The flock races to the fence when the boys come over. The boys have been excellent helpers with Jeremy. The chickens have plenty of food, water and attention. And the chickens have proven themselves to very friendly. Foster (our rooster) loves to be petted.

Last weekend, Jeremy went out of town to a men’s conference. Whenever Jeremy is away we fill out days with activity. On Thursday, we met friends at Burger King for lunch and play. Friday was spent with my parents and sister exploring Portland. We tried a new doughnut place called Pip’s. Last year it was Blue Star. I think each year we will now explore a new doughnut shop on men’s conference weekend. We’ve started a tradition. We went to Powell’s City of Books and played a park before doing some shopping. We are stocking up on outdoor toys for a BBQ we’re hosting this weekend. I hit the jackpot on yard toys at the dollar bins at Target. I also got a laundry detergent sized container of bubbles! Saturday was a day around the house. The boys bounced between home and the grandparents. Grandpa was burning and Owen was determined to be his helper. He felt ownership of the project since he had helped my parents limb the trees and make the piles to burn.

Now we’re at Memorial Day weekend. The month of May is flying by! On Monday, we plan on hosting a big BBQ for my MOPS & MOMSnext group. The RSVP list is longer than I expected, but I’m taking that as a good thing and trying not to stress about what everyone will do. We will talk and eat. The kids have bubbles, yard toys and water activities to keep them busy. It should be a fun gathering and the weather looks like it will be nice.

Next week Owen has preschool graduation (even though he plans to go to school through the middle of June). He got school pictures taken this month and his cap and gown picture was the one that turned out the best. I’ve never been one to make a big deal of preschool graduations. I’ve also found the caps and gowns silly for this age. However, as I start to dwell on the fact that his “preschool years” are almost over, I can understand better now how it really is a transitional season. He will be in elementary school in the fall. A whole season of his life is almost behind him. He is no longer a baby or a toddler and soon he will no longer be a preschooler. Yikes!

We’ve been working on our summer plans. I’m excited for all the fun we have scheduled in the near future. We will do a Great Wolf Lodge stay before the end of the school year. We want to hit the water park before everyone else is out of school. Nana & Papa gifted us this trip at Christmas time and we have been patiently waiting for the right time to use it! We can’t wait! We also have a trip planned to see the Redwoods in Northern California and then we’ll spend some days driving up the coast. I’m looking forward to showing the boys some new places. They have never been to California, so they’ll be able to add a new state to the list of places they’ve visited! Woo hoo!

That’s the update for now! I’ll keep you posted on other two Orpingtons and the rooster status. I know you’re on the edge of your seat, just like me!


I brought the car seats in to be cleaned and this how my kids decided to eat their snack and watch their show. 


Pip’s Original Doughnuts


Pip’s Original Doughnuts


Pip’s Original Doughnuts


Pip’s Original Doughnuts


Pip’s Original Doughnuts – apparently Owen is in a tongue out selfie phase.


Powell’s City of Books


Washington Park Playground


Washington Park Playground


Taking care of the chickens while Jeremy was away


Helping the grandparents with yard work


Break time


Walking home together


Gifts from my boys


My baking buddy


Strawberry goodies have been the theme of our week! 


New book – while Graham plays in my bedroom. The floor guys were back out this week to continue working on our mystery floors.


Not only did my guys buy me an Instant Pot, they also made me dinner with it! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! 


Not only did my guys buy me an Instant Pot, they also made me dinner with it! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! 


Not only did my guys buy me an Instant Pot, they also made me dinner with it! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! 


Mother’s Day 2019 May 15, 2019

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We’ve been enjoying some sunshine and warm weather here in SW Washington. These days that feel like summer are a spring treat. The boys have been outside every second they can be. I’m happy to report that the chickens are alive and well. The boys have held up to there end of the bargain. They are taking wonderful care of the chickens. We are still having daily conversations about whether two of them are roosters. We are also trying to decide if we keep any roosters. Originally the plan was no roosters, no matter what. But now we are more attached. Sooooo… as long as they don’t wake me up, I might allow roosters to stay. If we have any. I’m sure it will get clearer with time.

Mother’s Day was a drawn out celebration over many days. Owen invited me to muffins with Mom at preschool on Thursday. We went quickly to school before jetting off to the dentist. It was a special morning for me to take Owen to school by himself and then even at the dentist Jeremy was in with Graham before us. Owen and I hung out in the waiting room together. Jeremy and Graham exited and Owen and I went back for his appointment. We all met up again at the park nearby to celebrate no cavities with donuts. Seems fitting, right?

Friday, I got to have lunch with my dear forever friend, Maggie. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. When I got home the boys were too excited about my gift to keep it a secret until Sunday. I was presented with an instant pot, flowers, cards, candy and an Amazon gift card for books. It was a very thoughtful gift. I’ve already purchased two new books with the gift card. I look forward to using the instant pot soon. I told Jeremy that the first couple times I use it, I want him there for moral support. I’m a little scared of pressure cookers, but the shortened cooking time is so intriguing. I can’t wait to see what meals we decide to create together.

On Friday, we received a package from my niece, Brinley. She had created a “Flat Stanley” and mailed him to us as a part of a geography lesson for her school. The mission was to have Stanley take pictures with us throughout the weekend and then share about where Stanley visited with her class. The boys loved being a part of this assignment. In fact, we loved Stanley so much that he was cloned twice so each boy could keep a copy of Stanley. We mailed Stanley back to Brinley yesterday with photos and tales of our weekend adventures.

Over the weekend, I got to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom, grandma, and mother-in-law. I am thankful that I get to share this holiday such wonderful women in my life. I know that Mother’s Day can be a hard holiday for so many and with good reason. My heart goes out to those who ache on Mother’s Day. I don’t take for granted the moms that I have in my life. I am blessed to be a mama to my wild boys. I am blessed to have so many lovely mom friends who keep me going and make me a better person. It was a great weekend to be surrounded by so many important ladies in my life.


Muffins with Mom at preschool


Apparently, I’m 52… I also find it funny that he said I make good rice and love apples. I feel like it would been more accurate to say cookies, cake or brownies. 


Graham & Daddy at the dentist


Owen looking like one cool dude


Meet Stanley


Lunch with Maggie May


Stanley and the chickens


Playing on tree pieces in GG’s backyard.


My Grandma and Mom! Love these ladies!


Stanley came to dinner at Nana & Papa’s on Mother’s Day


How is this for an accurate Mother’s Day picture? Nothing sweet or sentimental here. Just us nuts. 


Hello May May 4, 2019

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I was away at a conference when the calendar slipped from April to May. I feel a bit stalled in April even though we are on to May. I actually just changed the calendar over in my bedroom and on my fridge to reflect the new month. Hopefully all these visual reminders of the date will help me get more grounded in what day it is and what I’m supposed to be doing. Fingers crossed.

I’m back after seven days of travels all over the PNW. Our annual ladies retreat was last Friday through Sunday in Cannon Beach, OR. Sunday night, I came home with enough time to do my laundry, repack my suitcase and pack up the boys’ suitcase. Monday through Thursday were spent in Coeur d’Alene, ID for NWMN Network Conference.

Ladies Retreat was a good time away at the beach. We had a small amount of rain, but for the most part the weather was nice – just a bit windy. The beach in the rain isn’t nearly as fun so I am always thankful for good weather. I ate yummy food, did some shopping, read a little. I also stayed up way too late and enjoyed the gathering times of worship and hearing from a fantastic speaker.

Network Conference is one of the few times a year that Jeremy and I get away overnight kid-free. The boys spent the days with Grandma and the evenings with Nana & Papa. They thoroughly enjoyed their time with grandparents and we thoroughly enjoyed our break from parenting. I love Coeur d’Alene, ID. I just wish it wasn’t over six hours away. The drive there and back is not my favorite. At the conference we got to connect with our own pastoral team as well as friends from our network. We celebrated the network becoming debt free with a desserts and fireworks at sunset. We also got to see the new Avengers movie. Jeremy got to golf on Thursday before heading for home. It was a great trip.

After a week of living out of a suitcase, I am happy to be home. I spent yesterday doing laundry and reclaiming my house. Last night was a dinner out with MOPS & MOMSnext friends. I was hard to eat out again after a week of doing nothing but eating out. However, it was fun to dive back into life with my local friends after traveling. Today we have friends coming over for dinner. Tomorrow is our church vision lunch (aka business meeting) and our growth group. We jumped right back into life with our people.

However, the days have been quieter since we arrived home. Jeremy has been out in the yard. The boys have played outside while Jeremy hops from project to project. The chickens survived our absence thanks to many check-ins from Grandma, Papa and the boys. Jeremy was shocked to see how much they had grown even since we left on Monday. We moved the chickens outside into their coop last Friday. They were too big for garage. I am grateful to longer smell chicken poop when I load up into the van. It’s the small things in life that make you thankful.

I’m going to go read a little bit in the quiet of nap time before we have company over for dinner. We have pizza and yard games on the docket for tonight. The sun is shining. Should be a good evening.


The little ladies have moved outside because they are not so little these days.


Always one of my favorite places. 


Enjoyed time around the table with these ladies. 


The boys appreciated that I came home with treats from the beach.



The view from our room in Coeur d’Alene. 


The Gooey is a signature dessert at our hotel. Jeremy and I shared a cookie themed one. It was so yummy! 


The lake at sunset. Waiting for fireworks.


Avengers movie night.


April Showers… April 23, 2019

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They say April showers bring May flowers. I wonder if that is a metaphor beyond the weather. I shouldn’t give the month of April such a hard time. It’s been a weird month for me. I’m not a huge fan of busy weekends. I’ve compensated with quieter weeks. But even the quiet weeks and busy weekends can be interrupted. This last week hasn’t been my favorite and I am glad to put it behind me.

Last Wednesday we had flooring installers come out to “fix” our floors. It was stressful to me handle this process while Jeremy was at work, but he needed to be there for a meeting. I prayed over and over again I wouldn’t miss an obvious sign and give the okay for the installers to do something totally insane that would upset my hubby and damage our house. I felt the pressure. Long story short is the installers can’t do much. They tired to fix a few areas of our floors, but left the less noticeable spots alone. There is something very stressful about having people tear up your floors. I had no clue if the whole floor was going to be torn up or part of the floor or what condition it would all be put back together. The floors aren’t greatly improved, but they didn’t make things worse. More conversations are going to need to be had about this situation. Construction stuff is not my cup of tea.

On Thursday, my husband came home from work an hour earlier than usual. I was delighted and surprised. Turns out his stomach had been bothering him and thus began The Great Tummy Bug of April 2019. Thursday and Friday were rough days for Jeremy. He thought he had food poisoning from leftover potato salad until Owen started throwing up as well. On Saturday no one was throwing up. I thought we would be in the clear for our Easter plans on Sunday. And then Owen woke up with pink eye on Sunday morning.

We’re not really sure how Owen got pink eye. But alas, I stayed home from church and sent Graham off with my parents to celebrate Easter up north with my family. It was such a weirdly quiet day. Owen was a trooper. He handled missing the egg hunt at GG’s like a brave solider. We spent our Easter evening at the walk-in clinic and getting antibiotic drops at the pharmacy.

Just when I thought we were all in the clear, I started to feel sick yesterday. I never threw up like my boys, but I was so nauseous. I was told to stay home from MOPS & MOMSnext by my co-coordinator. It was hard for me to stay home because I am the type of person who likes to push through the pain. Okay. Maybe I don’t “like” it, but it’s my MO. I barely slept last night and I’ve been a bit of a zombie today. I want to eat, but whenever I do my stomach tells me that was a bad choice. Overall though, I got a much milder bug than Jeremy and Owen did.

Graham is great, by the way. He is living his best life. His weekend was full of Easter activities and he loved every minute of it. On Saturday when Owen was starting perk up from the tummy bug, we did an egg hunt around the house for the boys. They had a blast. It was so much fun to listen to their joy as the hunted for the eggs. We also gave them their Easter baskets on Saturday since Sunday was supposed to be a full day. Graham exclaimed and made the best happy-surprised face as he opened his basket. Graham might have hated the rain and cold of Easter Eggstravaganza the weekend before, but this last weekend was his jam. Easter was good to him.

Each month takes a different turn than I would expect. And that’s okay. You can’t plan for illness and it seems to find it’s way to our family regularly. I would love to have a two month break from someone in our household throwing up… one can dream.

There are plenty of things to be thankful for though. I used the Walmart pick up at our local store this week. It was amazing! No more long drives for grocery pick up. I am thankful that for the first time our doctor’s office was open on Easter and that we have one pharmacy in the area that is open on Sundays. We were able to get Owen’s pink eye under control quickly. I drove through Starbucks yesterday morning on my way to set-up for MOPS & MOMSnext. One of the employees there works at our church as well. She wrote Jeremy & I’s names on top of our drinks to personalize them. It’s the little things in life. That hot chocolate actually felt good on my stomach and my name on top reminded that I am known. And we finally got the windshield on our van fixed so at the moment it’s crystal clear. Lots of things be to be thankful for.

This month might be a little off, but that’s okay. It will pass and we’ll move back in our usual flow again. Owen has one more month of preschool before summer break. How did that happen? Jeremy was talking to me about details for preschool graduation. I know that is a “thing” now. And it will be here in a blink of an eye.

I’m preparing to head out for the weekend to our church’s annual ladies retreat. My usual peeps aren’t going this year, so I’m forging a new course. Instead of tagging along, I’ve had to reach out make plans with other ladies. I know that it will be a good weekend. I have an opportunity to go deeper with friends that I don’t get to spend a lot of time. I’m hopeful and optimistic that a different year might just mean a better year.

Well, that’s about all the energy I have for this post! I’m going to head back to reading in bed. Jeremy felt spunky enough to run errands with the boys so I’ve been resting in silence. I tried to not blog tonight, but writing is my thing. I felt drawn to my computer, so I thought a quick update couldn’t hurt! Until next time…


Some say Peeps are the best Easter candy. For me, it’s all about the chocolate bunny! 


Getting ready to dye eggs



Our around the house egg hunt! 


Letting the chickens have some free range moments. They are getting so big. They are close to moving out of the garage and into their own home.



Easter baskets this year included: a Lego set, book, pajamas, Hot Wheels and a chocolate bunny in a Frozen Fever basket. These boys were thrilled! 


Look at that face! It’s the best! 


Grateful I took our Easter pictures at the beginning of the month since Owen woke up with pink eye on Easter Sunday.


Spending Easter at the walk-in clinic


Two Down, Two to Go April 16, 2019

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Two big April weekends are in the books with two more big weekends still to come. This last weekend was Easter Eggstravaganza which is our biggest event of the year. Friday we spent a good part of day at the church working. I collected baked goods for our MOPS & MOMSnext bake sale. I also helped Jeremy and the boys set-up for the event. Graham and Owen rode their bikes around the church and would hop off to help when needed. It was such a sight seeing Graham on his little balance bike around the hallways. Owen kept his bigger bike to the gym. I had to explain this was a special treat. We don’t get to ride around like this on a regular basis. The boys were so great helping on Friday. Easter Eggstravaganza is turning into a family ministry event for us. All members of the Scott family pitch in.

Saturday was a cold and wet day. Owen had hoped to stay for both hunts but the weather was too yucky. Graham did not enjoy the weather. As a result, he didn’t touch a single egg on the field. A few relatives threw a grand total of 6 eggs into his basket. Owen did a great job hunting. This was the first year that parents weren’t supposed to be on the field with the hunters for his age range. I was nervous that he would get lost in a sea of kids, but the rain meant the crowds were slightly smaller. Luckily for me, Jeremy is in the middle of every field to blow the horn, so I knew Jeremy was close by. I gave Owen a pep talk about finding me after the hunt. I would stay put and be the home base to return to. Despite the weather, the day overall was a big success. Our MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale did well. It was nice to wrap up our last fundraiser of the year.

Usually the Sunday after EE, we don’t do anything after church. It’s a recovery day. This year we got invited to a birthday for a family friend. I didn’t promise Jeremy’s attendance, but he decided to join us despite the big weekend. After that we ran into Safeway to get food for having company over on Monday for lunch. It was a big day, but running the errand on Sunday meant we didn’t have to go anywhere on Monday. Jeremy took Monday off for working on Friday. He finished his chicken coop while the weather was nice enough to paint. All he wants now is a weather vane to stick on top. I’m impressed that made the coop from all leftover materials from our building process. The coop matches the house perfectly.

This last week was monumental for Owen. First, he learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. Jeremy set him up on a bike without training wheels and to our surprise he just took off. I was expecting this to be a skill that he would learn over the summer, but he beat my expectations. I’m super impressed and proud of him. We also registered him for kindergarten on Thursday evening. We have kindergarten screening scheduled for the beginning of June. It’s crazy to think that kindergarten  is right around the corner. I’m excited for Owen to go to a beautiful new school. I have so much hope and anticipation for him. I know that life is not without it’s challenges, but he is ready for this next season. He is helpful. He is a great pal. When he walks into the room at preschool, multiple kids run up to say hi and ask him to play. I have a feeling he is going to love learning in kindergarten.

I have a feeling that Graham will have a harder adjustment to preschool than Owen did. Graham is less social than Owen so I don’t think school will have the same draw for Graham that it did for Owen. I do think preschool will be a good stretch for Graham. Not only will he learn, but he will have friends outside of Owen. He has a couple friends at church, but for the most part Graham’s friends are Owen’s friends. It will be interesting to see his social circle grow. Graham is still my quirky kid who could mac and cheese for every meal and plays happily on his own. He has been such a buddy to me this last year. I will miss him being home with me most mornings. It’s good thing I’ll still have Mondays and Fridays for solo Graham time.

With Easter Eggstravaganza behind us, we are looking forward to Easter weekend. We will do all the traditional Easter things. We have eggs to dye and plastic eggs to hunt around the house. We will have family gatherings and church. The weekend also includes a bridal shower and a birthday party. This will be three weekends in a row of attending birthday parties. We sure do know how to party. After Easter is a weekend away for ladies retreat and then our Network Conference with the Assemblies of God. With the weekends being full, I’ve been trying to keep my week day commitments low key. I’ve scheduled less play dates in the last month, but I’ve done what I’ve needed to do to make it through all my commitments.

Finally to wrap things up, here is a chicken update. The chicks look more like chickens everyday. They aren’t full grown, but they are a few weeks away from moving into their new home. When we come into the garage, they jump up on their feeder to say hi. I often see a chicken head popping out from the container. In a new development, they now jump up on the edge of the container in hopes that you will pick them up. They haven’t jumped out yet. I feel like we’re close to hearing pecks on the garage door asking us to come out and be with them. Jeremy told me he got friendly chickens. I just didn’t realize that they would be this friendly. And no, I haven’t touched one yet. It’s okay. Jeremy makes up for it. He snuggles them. They are well taken care of. The boys race to feed them and get them water. These chickens have the potential to live quite the good life with us. Oh and we have tadpoles that hatched in an aquarium in front of our house. Some people have cats and dogs. We have chickens and tadpoles.


Lunch after the work party at church. The boys wanted to look like Dad.


Saying hello to chickens after school.


Waiting in line at kindergarten registration.


The perks of being a PK. Testing out the cotton candy machine the day before Easter Eggstravaganza.


MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale


MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale


Waiting for Graham’s field to go at EE.


As you can see, we had two very different egg hunt experiences.


The view out of my window when I pulled into the garage.


Helping to paint the coop.


The completed coop. Minus the sought after weather vane.