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Thing 1 & Thing 2 Baby Shower February 13, 2020

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My friend, Jennifer, is expecting twin boys this spring. Jennifer and her family attend our growth group and we’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the last year or so at church. I offered to throw her a baby shower to celebrate the twins. Since she teaches in a local community about a half hour away from my house, we opted to have the shower at her house to be closer to her co-workers.  When I first started planning the shower, I sent Jennifer a list of theme ideas. I wanted her to have say in the theme, but I really had my heart set on one in particular. Lucky for me, she picked the theme I had hoped for! How can you go wrong with a Thing 1 & Thing 2 shower for twin boys? It was so fun to bring this theme to life and to bless my friend as she anticipates the arrival of two baby boys!


Starting the theme off with these adorable invitations from Esty. I bought a digital copy of the invitation and had them printed on pearl photo paper through Shutterfly. I also purchased themed diaper raffle tickets on Etsy.


Part of my gift to Jennifer was the decor items – The Cat in the Hat book, Thing 1 & Thing 2 plush toys, and Twin 1 & Twin 2 onesies.


I got the decor items all from Amazon!


The beautiful cake came from Safeway with the sparkly twin boys sign from Amazon.


I brought my own white, red, and blue serving ware from home. I was so glad that I already owned the exact colors to match the shower. The plates and napkins were from Party City. I knew that Party City had the exact color of blue to match the Things hair.


We played a game where the ladies had to fill in the blank with candy names that resemble aspects of pregnancy. I wanted another chance to win a prize so I came up with this guess the red and blue M&M game. I was proud of myself for coming up with the riddle on my own.


Prizes for the two games and the diaper raffle! I got some Bert’s Bees gift sets and truffles for prizes.


Jennifer and I at the shower! It was such a fun afternoon!



Catching Up February 12, 2020

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a newsy update with the happenings of our everyday lives.  I had a week in January were I had to cancel plans to stay home with Graham because he had a fever. Most of the plans got rescheduled to the end of January without the knowledge that I would develop bronchitis and a sinus infection at that same time.  The weeks have been full and I’ve felt slow with my brain cells not operating at 100%. Life seems to be like a kid calling over it’s shoulder, “Catch up!”

At the end of January, Owen got to take a field trip to Safety City. A local company opened their building up to local area kindergarten classes. Law enforcement shared with the kids about various forms of safety – boat, bus, train, etc. It’s definitely been on my heart that Owen has someone special to attend his field trips with this year. Since this one was in the afternoon during Graham’s nap time, Jeremy took his lunch hour to go with Owen. He also got to ride the bus to and from the event. I was thankful that Jeremy got to participate and that the bus didn’t leave him behind like it did me back in October (you can read about my past field trip experience here).

Jeremy’s plate has been full with a local home & sportsman show where our church offered inflatables and balloons for the children attending. The event was the weekend of the Super Bowl. Luckily, it wrapped up on Sunday with enough time for him to get home and watch the game. Jeremy and the boys spent the entire game at my parent’s house. I came down for snacks, dinner and dessert. After I nibbled, I went back home to rest between eating times. I was developing my sinus infection that day, so I was grateful for the quiet. Jeremy showed me all the funny commercials later that evening after the boys were in a bed.

It’s also Easter egg prep time at our church. We host a large community event the week before Easter each year. Families join us to hunt roughly 70,000 candy filled eggs. This last week, Jeremy filmed our video announcements for Sunday morning in a giant box of eggs. I love to see my husband and the staff have fun at work. You can tell they enjoyed brainstorming this idea and making it come to life. The announcements were a big hit. Jeremy got so many comments and text messages about it! I feel sorry for whoever has to follow him up this Sunday. He is going to be a hard act to follow.

Going down the list, I feel like I should give an update on Graham. But really there isn’t too much new going on his life. He is living his best life daily. The kid is a balance of silly, sassy, energy, quiet and restfulness. His current life dilemma is if he should go to preschool an extra day this week. He usually doesn’t go to preschool on Fridays, but he has the option this week so he can participate in his class Valentine’s Day party. He really enjoys his Mondays/Fridays with no school. It’s been a tough call for him. He really wants to party, but he isn’t too keen on going to school an extra day. We’ll see what decision he makes.

As for me, I keep bopping from one thing to the next. At the end of January, I got to sit down with an author I greatly admire and talk about writing, ministry, and life. It was an extremely positive meeting. I left our conversation encouraged and with new resources to check out. I have sit down with another author this month. I hope to blog about the writing process later this month and share an update on where I am at with my book.

The last few weeks have been full of MOPS & MOMSnext commitments, volunteering at Owen’s school, and hosting a baby shower for a friend. I also had the final sit down with the bride of the March wedding at church. Things seem to be all in place and ready for a lovely event. I’m excited and a bit nervous for my official wedding as wedding facility coordinator.

With Valentine’s Day at the end of the week, we’ve been in prep mode. The boys each worked on their class valentines. Owen picked The Incredibles and Graham picked Frozen 2. We have small chocolate boxes for the teachers and the bus driver. Around the house, we’ve had hearts on our windows. My mom delivered a large and very silly helium balloon in the shape of a wiener dog. Jeremy contributed tulips for the counter. I put my heart shape cookie cutter to good use and made butter cookies yesterday. I was happy with how the frosting and sugar sprinkles turned out. I’m not a professional baker, but I have a couple friends who are. They inspire me to be extra fancy every now and again.

Our time together always goes so quickly! My next post will be about the baby shower I hosted. After months of planning, it came together well. I can’t wait to share about it soon!


Safety City Field Trip


Wrapping up January, our birthday month, with Maggie May! 


I attempted to edit my book during bath time with distracted kiddos. It only lasted about three minutes before they asked to get out of the tub. 


Can you tell my husband has fun at work? This would be a egg-cellent profile picture for social media!


I got to the spend the 100th Day of School volunteering in Owen’s classroom. Here he is with 100 snacks. 


One of the perks of being a children’s pastor’s kid is that occasionally you get to make leftover crafts from church at home. 


Making a train on Sunday morning. They choo-choo’d all the way from the van to their classroom doors.


The sun came out!!! Graham enjoyed riding his bike to the bus stop to meet Owen.


My heart cookies for class tonight.


Graham approved! 


Graham has his valentines all ready to go. Now he just has to decide if he wants to party with his class or not.



Sabbath Thoughts: Social Life or Mental Health? February 3, 2020

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How I rest best – with a blanket and a book.

I was talking about this concept with a friend the other day. We both are constantly assessing the pace of lives. I realize that I over-do it often. My life seems to swing between two extremes. I’m going full tilt and then I’m slowed down to due to illness – my own or someone in my family. My calendar goes from all the commitments to no commitments and back again. I’m not a fan of the extremes.

January was a slower month due to illness and as the pace picked up leading into February, I realized that I need to be intentional again about making sure I have one full day at home a week. This doesn’t happen every week, but I do best if it happens most weeks.

When it comes to taking a day at home, I struggle with guilt. How many people have the opportunity to claim a day of rest? Some people, due to personality, might not even want a day at home. It might not fill them up in the way it does me. However, in a culture that honors busy, a day at home seems indulgent. I don’t want to be lazy or unproductive. Protecting a day at home can seem selfish when there is so much to do and so many opportunities available. And let’s be real, the things that keep me busy are valuable. They are causes I care about and people I love.

It dawned on me though, this day at home that my soul longs for is biblical. It’s a Sabbath. It’s a time to wear less hats and juggle less plates. When I’m at home, I tend to still be productive, but in a slower way. I get a few things done, but I also make plenty of space for rest. When I’m not exhausted from my pace, I can be present with my family and show up better for them. And as an introvert, time at home way from the public eye is what recharges my battery.

It can often feel like a power struggle between my social/public life and my mental health. Yes, I want to attend all the things and I want to see all the people. I want to be an excellent leader, volunteer, and friend. What if I re-wired my brain to not see this as a power struggle between Social Amy and Homebody Amy? What if I used these two equally valuable sides of myself to compliment each other?

I believe that a rested version of myself is better for the world. Resting, relaxing and withdrawing might not seem like they would make the world a better place. But when they don’t happen, I certainly don’t make the world a better place. My attitude turns to one of obligation. I sigh as I leave my house, longing for my pajamas. My spirit is sad. This is not bringing my best self to the table. I might be able to fake it and pretend like I’m all in, but inwardly, I have one foot out the door. I’m ready to go home before I ever arrive.

When I am mindful to have time at home to rest, I am more willing to go out and give my commitments 100%. I actually have something to offer my people. I have filled myself up. And yes, I will empty myself out. It’s a cycle. Fill up to pour out. You can’t have one without the other. It can’t be all fill and all pour.

I might be a homebody. But I am not called to cultivate my own stand alone kingdom. I’m called to do God’s kingdom work. Part of that takes place in my home. I believe in the power of the home life I am creating for my husband and my children. And while I love the “feeling” of control over my little kingdom, I know that God hasn’t called me to stay hidden away from the world. He has called me out into the harvest field to work alongside him. The hearts in my house matter and so do the hearts that I interact with through church, through the school and through friendship.  In order to be who I am called to be, I need rest and solitude. I need that time of withdraw. I pull back fully knowing that it is for the purpose of going back out.

Maybe you know the feeling of being frazzled and worn out? I know it well. When I hit the wall and have no more to give, I tend to shut down. I want to cancel all the plans for the week, for the month, for the year. I want to hunker down and go into hermit mode.  But what if instead of vacillating between two extremes, I just scheduled more rest instead of scheduling more things? What if I left margin in my days, in my weeks and in my months? I’m positive it would make a difference. The reason I am positive is because I’ve experienced it before. It crazy how we know a truth and yet we learn it over and over again throughout a lifetime.

I will continue to learn the art of Sabbath. I will do my best not to make life a power struggle between two good things. I can be both – social and restful. I will give of myself and I will withdraw myself. Life can be both. Not one way is more correct than the other. They go hand in hand.

How do you make time for Sabbath (a day of rest) in your life? What are some activities that fill you up and renew your energy?

Find a day on the calendar and put a big X over it so it doesn’t fill up. Rest doesn’t happen on accident. If you want margin if your life, you have to create it and protect it.


What I’m Loving – January 2020 January 30, 2020

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Welcome to the first edition of What I’m Loving! I try not to be materialistic. I’m not into clutter. I tend to be a minimalist. With that being said, we are post Christmas and January is my birthday month. I have a few new gadgets/goodies that I’ve been enjoying this month. These aren’t my usual splurges, but it’s a special time of year. I promise next month will mostly feature cookies, candy and cake (because of Valentine’s Day and my addiction to sugar).

What I’m Loving – January 2020

Rosie the Roomba – I know I’ve mentioned Rosie in a few posts. I’ve now had a month of her partnering with me to clean my house and my review: she is a complete gem. I love her! She vacuums my hard floors daily and my bedrooms every other day. I love how thorough she is and carpet lines make my heart happy. Rosie is my new best friend! And she acts like a pet to keep track of around the house (bonus: she doesn’t shed).


Heaven is reading a book while a robot vacuums the room for you.

Fit Bit – My boys got me a Fit Bit for my birthday. I’m all over my house throughout the day, but rarely keep my phone on me to count steps. I love that my Fit Bit validates that I am active. I’m also a slave to it now. I must walk 250 steps each hour, I must get 10,000 steps a day, and I’m always striving to get an excellent sleep score (that one hasn’t happened yet). I love that my Fit Bit encourages healthy habits and movement. And because notifications come up on my Fit Bit from my phone, I don’t feel like I need to find my phone whenever it pings. Very freeing. 

Our Electric Kettle –  I’ve become addicted to having hot chocolate daily (with whipped cream – I’m wild). Jeremy enjoys drinking hot water especially when he is feeling under the weather. We don’t have an instant hot water tap so we thought it would be good to invest in an electric kettle. Brilliant! It looks like I won’t be breaking my addiction to hot chocolate any time soon.


Our new dining room wall display – When we moved into our house we put up a piece of artwork that was on our old dining room wall despite the fact that it was too small for the new wall. For almost a year we’ve been contemplating buying a personalized US map we saw at a friend’s house and creating our own travel themed wall. With some birthday spending money, we decided to go for it! The map says “The Scott Family Explores America” on the top and we have pushpins to document our travels. The map is surrounded by photos from our travels. The prints are inexpensive so we can change them out as we travel more. And the whole thing is hung with pushpins like a college dorm room to be cost effective. Maybe some day we’ll invest in frames. I love the memories that are displayed on this wall. Seeing the map with so much of the US unexplored gives me a travel bug and makes me want to go on a new adventure!


Jeremy found the sign at Hobby Lobby. It fits perfectly! I’m a proud wife. The picture of Jeremy and I at Haleakala turned out darker then I expected. I’m using it as a placeholder for pictures from our upcoming summer adventures. 


Jeremy attempted to color code our adventures! 


How the display fills the wall by the dining room table. 

Honorable mentions:

  • Sanditon on PBS – My sister-in-law clued me into this show right before it premiered. After reading all of Jane Austen’s novels this fall, I’m shocked to find out that I was unaware of her unfinished novel, Sanditon. I’m a sucker for period dramas, Jane Austen, and PBS.
  • Our local fire station – Our MOPS & MOMSnext group took our annual outing to the fire station this last week.  The kids always love exploring the station. I’m so thankful for the service of our firefighters and the blessing they are to our families by letting us visit.



Starting Something New January 29, 2020

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I’m going to start something new on this blog. For the last post of each month, I want to share the books that I read and things that I loved that month. I almost set a goal of trying to read 100 books in 2020, but then I realized that if I made it a mission it might take the fun out of reading. So, I’m possibly shooting to read 100 books this year, but no extra pressure. Right? We’ll see how that goes.

Before I jump into my list, I thought I would share with you how I am able to read so much. The main reason I am able to read so much is that I don’t watch a lot of television. I did the math this week and I watch about 3-4 hours of TV a week. I usually watch one movie and one to two shows a week. I read during nap time which is still a thing in my household. I also read after the kids are in bed at night. I read during down time with my family. The kids might be playing together or watching a movie, I sit down in the middle of the chaos and read a book. I do get interrupted and sometimes it’s hard to focus, but I want to set the example of reading for my kids. I want them to see me doing something I value. They often ask me what I’m reading and it sparks good conversation. On a random note, Graham also really enjoys sniffing my books. The final reason I was able to read so much this month was canceled plans due to sickness. If you can’t leave the house, might as well read!

Books for January 2020:


  1. The Enneagram Type 1: The Moral Perfectionist by Beth McCord I follow Beth on Instagram and I love learning more about my personality type. While I’ve read most of this content before, I appreciated the journal format for processing.
  2. Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry by Tara Beth Leach Tara Beth will be the speaker at a conference I’m attending in March. I heard good things about this book and decided I needed to know for myself. An excellent book for women in ministry!
  3. Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids by Mark & Jan Foreman* – The title of this book might seem controversial, but it’s not about letting your kids have whatever they want, it’s about saying yes to being present with them and walking alongside them as they develop into their God given passions and dreams. As the parents of Jon & Tim Foreman from Switchfoot, I love reading about how they raised their influential sons.
  4. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Borrows* – I loved the Netflix movie and it inspired me to read the book. Such an eye opening look into the occupied channel islands during WWII.
  5. Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland by Roseanna White* – This is the equivalent of reading a Hallmark movie but set in 1784. Perfect sick day restful reading.
  6. Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery* – I just added this book to my collection, I’ve had it as an ebook for years, but I wanted to own a physical copy for my bookshelf.
  7. The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery* – Quite possibly my favorite work by L.M. Montgomery. Her heroine, Valancy, is my one of my favorite literary characters!
  8. Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings by Mary Henley Rubio – This biography was 600 pages long. I feel like it should count as two books. It was in-depth and thought provoking. I’ve found biographies/autobiographies fascinating in the last year. People lives are interesting and their stories matter.
  9. [Not Pictured] Rethink Communication: A Playbook to Clarify and Communicate Everything in Your Church by Phil Bowdle (my husband is borrowing my copy) – This was a staff read for our church. It was a good reminder that we are living in a digital age and we can use technology to advance the kingdom of God. I also love the reminder to keep things simple. There is a definite balance of not over-communicating so you get tuned out and under-communicating so no one has enough information.
  10. [Not Pictured] The Next Right Thing: A Simple Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions by Emily P. Freeman (read as an ebook) – I will admit that the title of this book made me think of Anna from Frozen II and that might be why I read it. I also like Emily P. Freeman as an author. Since I’m not making a major life decision at the moment, most of the information I read will be stored away for later, but there was lots of useful takeaways for everyday living as well.

Books with an * mean that I have read them before. I have a system for keeping track of the books I read each year. If I haven’t read the book in the last calendar year then it can be included in my yearly reading list. I re-read many books because they are my favorites and I feel like we are friends. I also re-read books for a refresher on useful information and inspiration.

And with that, I’ve taken up my allotted time for today. I’ll have to make another post soon with the things that I loved this month (other than books, of course).

What did you read this month?


Here’s to 34! January 16, 2020

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It’s my birthday week! And as life goes, it hasn’t quite turned out the way I expected. The first week back to school was a good one. Everyone was adapting nicely back to routine. I was surprise how excited my kiddos were to return to school. It was a great to start 2020.


Back to school with my favorite young reader!

On Saturday, we had brunch to celebrate my birthday with family. It was a nice meal, but Jeremy came home from the brunch feeling under the weather. While he rested and the boys napped, I re-arranged the playroom. The boys got three new train and track sets for Christmas. My goal was to create more floor space for these tracks. I am pleased with the new configuration. I was able to add more books to the room which made additional space in the boys’ rooms for their personal treasures. I combined bins and cleared out unused toys. Very satisfying!


I combined these bookshelves on to one wall. The train pictures on the wall are from our 2019 calendar. I cut them apart and used them as art for my little train lovers. 

I kept the boys home on Sunday because Graham woke up with a cold. Jeremy came home from church with a fever. And the sick vibes settled over our house. Monday Jeremy was home. He and Graham were sick buddies while I plowed through a MOPS & MOMSnext day. My dad was the guest speaker at our meeting. The topic was budgeting and the ladies were so appreciative of the information that was shared!


Enjoying some time in the snow Monday morning.

It snowed Sunday night into Monday. The boys went outside to play briefly before Owen had to go to school. No schools were canceled or delayed, so MOPS & MOMSnext met on Monday night. I drove home through snowflakes on Monday night as the next wave of snow hit. Tuesday morning (my birthday), we woke up to a two hour late start for Owen. I was supposed to volunteer on Tuesday, but the late start meant my volunteering time frame was off. Owen was bummed, but I explained to him that the late start meant we got extra time together. This made him happy.


Tuesday Morning! Two hour late start for Owen! It was great to have a relaxed pace on the morning of my birthday!

Snow on my birthday was a special treat. It was beautiful and the boys were thrilled. Graham and Jeremy had day two of being sick buddies. I got to spend the day with them around the house. While I was sad that they were sick, I was glad I got to spend my birthday with them. The original plan was to go out to dinner, but we quickly changed to take out since half of the family was under the weather. As it turns out, I developed a low grade fever on Tuesday evening that I’m still battling today. Seems like we are a family that shares.


Celebrating 34 with my traditional chocolate birthday cake!

Plans have been canceled and postponed. Jeremy went back to work yesterday while I became Graham’s sick buddy. Poor Graham is on day five of being home, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. I’m feeling a bit off because my busy week has turned into a lot of downtime at home to rest. That is okay. A fever is a clear sign to lay low.


To jazz up day five of being home, I attempted to make a special Hot Wheels track for Graham.

My sister gave me a biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery for my birthday. It’s a thick book. I might be longest book I’ve ever read for pleasure. I’ve had plenty of time to pour through it with our extra home time. I love Montgomery’s novels. My bookshelf is full of her works. Her life was hard and her family struggled in many private ways that she kept hidden from her public work. As a fan, I struggle with the difference between her characters and her actual life. She wrote herself into her heroines, but they all got happy endings, which escaped her. It’s certainly given me a lot to think about and mull over now that I’ve completed the book.  It was one of those good, but hard reads.


My happy place is a book and a blanket.

Probably because I just had a birthday and because I just read a biography, I am mindful of the story I am crafting with my days. Thirty-three was a wonderful year. I was a little sad that I did’t welcome thirty-four with a trip to Disneyland like last year. But that is a hard tradition to create. In the past, I’ve celebrated my birthday in Portland, Seattle, British Columbia – last year it was California. This year it was at home, with my boys. It was quiet. There was snow on the ground. I felt blessed that despite our lack of spunk, we were all together and we were happy. I’ll take it! Here’s to 34 and all that lies ahead in 2020.

A few additional snapshots from our week:


Graham has started sniffing the books I read and declaring he likes how they smell. Future librarian? Here he is sniffing The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery.


The trim boards didn’t get put back on our walls until the 9th (a week after our floors were replaced). It is nice to have everything back in place and settled again!


Owen is super into space right now. His favorite subjects are the rovers on Mars and the planet Saturn.


So proud of my Dad sharing his wisdom with us at MOPS & MOMSnext!


Graham’s birthday card to me featured a tornado.


Owen’s card to me featured a chocolate cake! 


My birthday present from my boys. I’ve been thinking about getting a Fit Bit for sometime and they made my wish come true! I feel so techie! 


New Year, New Floors January 6, 2020

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Christmas break has come and gone. I will admit to shedding some tears last night as I went to bed. All the parents are rejoicing that school started again today. I cried about it. I absolutely loved our Christmas break. I loved having my boys home. I loved our daily adventures whether they were out of the house or at home in our pajamas. I love setting my own pace. The vacation vibes where all I needed and more. Now my kids do drive me nuts. Don’t get me wrong. If I had a dollar for every time I told my boys – don’t touch each other – that means hands, feet, arms, legs, bodies, etc – no contact – period – I would be pretty rich right now. It’s not that our time together was as picturesque has a Hallmark movie, but it was good. Really good. Living outside of responsibility for a few weeks was delightful. And now we’re back to reality.

The end of our vacation was thrown off by our flooring situation. For the boys it was one big adventure. For me it was a whole lot of stress and mess. I’ve shared in previous posts about how our floors have repeatedly broken and been fixed. Each time the trim is torn off the walls, the house is covered in saw dust. Even the small fixes brought big messes. We were told that new flooring was going to be delivered on the 30th and the team would be back to fix the floors on the 2nd & 3rd. This time enough flooring was delivered to replace our entire laminate floor. We spent our New Year’s Day not only taking down just Christmas, but also moving all of our furniture from our living space and into our master bedroom. We also had to clear everything off the closet floors so they could be replaced as well.

The boys loved having the dining table set up in our bedroom for snacks. Our big TV was moved to the floor of our room and the boys watched TV in our bed like it was the big screen at the movies. It was a total adventure for them. Not to mention the living space was now clear and perfect for running laps while taking advantage of the echo created by the emptiness. The boys and I took off early Thursday morning to be out of the way of the workers. We got back home around 6:00pm when the flooring guys finally took off. Instead of doing the project in two days, they pushed to do it in one day. I’m thankful for that!

Oh the clean up process. It was rough and dusty. The house smelled weird due to the dust and the new laminate. I was a bit disgruntled as I cleaned up the mess. This is a new house. It’s frustrating that we had to go through so many failed fixes to get it completely redone. And it’s frustrating that it needed to be redone at all. As I went over the floor again and again, I started to pray. I knew my heart wasn’t in a good place. I reminded myself that this space isn’t just about me. These new floors will hold guests and loved ones. My house belongs to the Lord. I am grateful for it. I am blessed by it. Instead of being mad at the mess, I started to pray blessing over those who would walk on my floors. I reached for gratitude. The floors were fixed. That is good.

Some of the furniture is back in place now. The trim was left off the wall so a trim team could come in today and reattach it. But the trim guy was sick today, so that didn’t happen. The new date is set for Wednesday. Once the trim is back on the wall, we can put the furniture back up against the walls and the construction zone vibes will hopefully go away. This is not the way I recommend starting the new year, but it is almost done. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

That my friends is the latest adventure in the Scott household. Every day, week, month is an adventure. There is always something next on the horizon. And I’ll keep blogging about each escapade that comes my way. Blogging is seriously the best therapy. Thanks for being along for the ride!


Watching our new pal, Rosie, in action!


New Year’s Eve fortune cookie wisdom: I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed.


Celebrating end of the year birthdays with Uncle & Auntie.


I took my post Christmas decluttering a bit too far. 


Bed time snacks at the dining room table in the master bedroom.


Thursday distractions while the floor was being replaced!


Team work makes the dream work. Rosie and I working together to reclaim the house. 


How we watch our morning cartoons when there is no furniture in the living room.


Jeremy repainted our trim pieces to cover up the roughness that came from having them torn off the walls so many times. The boys took advantage of the couch cushions being off to make a fort.