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Hello November November 2, 2018

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And now we find ourselves in November. Let me fill you in on how October ended and November has begun.

The last week of October is always a big one in our household. Jeremy has Fall Fest every October 31st and lots of prep goes into that event. Now that I’m leading MOPS & MOMSnext, I have a bake sale that happens during Fall Fest. While this last week was a big work week for Jeremy, it was a big MOPS & MOMSnext week for me. Monday, I baked and assembled my goodies for sale. Tuesday, I had 70 card boxes delivered to my house. Our group just did a Cards for a Cause fundraiser. The boxes had to be sorted and labeled and repackaged for distribution. Wednesday, I had my final eye doctor appointment which ends a year of visiting PCLI every few months. Praise the Lord it’s behind me. I still struggle with dry eyes, but I am more informed now and know  ways to help improve my eye comfort. The good thing is my eyes aren’t inflamed any more. After that early morning appoint (I mean who even make 8:00am appointments?!?), I ran a Fall Fest errand for Jeremy and then picked up Graham from the church. Wednesday night, the kids excitedly got to spend the evening playing games, gathering candy and hanging with the men in their life (Daddy, Papa & Grandpa) while I worked the bake sale.

Jeremy had an out of town meeting on Thursday, so I was on preschool drop off and pick up… It’s been spirit week at Owen’s school and Thursday was pajama day. It seemed fitting after a late night to come to school in jammies. I went through Starbucks hoping that it was red cup day to validate my being out of the house in my exhausted state, but alas, no red cup. Then I learned that it was today.

Red cup day remains one of my favorite days of the year – even if the cups aren’t all red. I’m not hung up on the details, I’m just madly in love with all things seasonal and festive. Starbucks was giving away reusable cups with holiday drink orders, so Jeremy took one for the team and got two gingerbread lattes so we’d each have our own reusable cup. After getting our festive drinks, we did shopping for Operation Christmas Child and then went to Carter’s for Christmas pajamas. I’m all about getting as much use as possible out of Christmas pajamas. We came home and Jeremy put on Christmas music and started working on Christmas lights. Usually, we wait a few more weekends before getting lights on the house, but this weekend seems to be the freest, so Jeremy is seizing the day and getting things done.

When I’m not fundraising, keeping the kids alive or celebrating the season, I’ve been reading. I don’t post often enough about what I’ve been reading, so I thought I would share my recent autumn readings. I went a year and a half with my books in storage, so I am loving my home library with a deeper sense of appreciation. I re-read The Chronicles of Narnia and The Love Comes Softly series. Novels are my love language. Give me a novel and free time (and preferably a blanket) and I am the happiest girl on earth. I’ve also been seeing a lot about the Enneagram (a type personality assessment) and I decided to do some personal research. I got Self to Lose, Self to Find through a friend recommendation and I have a coffee date set up to discuss my thoughts with her. I love personality assessments and when my bloggers and friends start throwing around terms I don’t know – I’m going to do some research! In case you’re wondering (because you know the Enneagram) – I think I’ve determined that my primary type is 1 and that my wing type is 2 and under stress I am a 6. It’s interesting stuff! Now I’m on to Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs. She was a really compelling speaker at MOPS & MOMSnext last year and while the book is about really hard stuff, I love discovering a new author.

My nap time window for blogging is about to come to a close. I hope your November is off to a great start. If it isn’t then I highly recommend a peppermint hot chocolate and a good book to make things better.


Bake Sale Prep


Just a few boxes to sort… Gotta love two fundraisers back to back. 


My boys – ready for Halloween! 


My costume game is not strong… 


Chehalis MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale


Chehalis MOPS & MOMSnext Bake Sale


Even Grandpa got in on the construction them for Fall Fest! 


Pajama day


Red Cup Day 


Operation Christmas Child boxes are packed and ready to go! 


Nothing like a good book! 


So Many Things August 22, 2017

I was just welcoming you to August. Now it’s almost over. Yikes. So this blogging thing. It’s getting harder. I’ve added a lot to my plate the last few months. It makes me sad that my blog isn’t as frequent as before. I love writing. It’s not even an option to give this up. For the few of you that read this blog, I’ll keep at it. I apologize for the gaps and delays.

Our week in Bend with the Scott Clan was fun. The kids had a great time playing together and all being under one roof. My kid didn’t sleep so awesome the first two nights, but the last night was amazing! Graham slept on the air mattress the whole night and didn’t end up in bed with us! Praise the Lord!!! Graham really enjoyed sharing a bed with his brother on this trip and when we came home he kept trying to go down for naps in Owen’s room. It was funny and sweet! The guys got a chance to go golfing together. The girls got a chance to get pedicures, do some window shopping and get lunch on the river. It was a refreshing time!

I’ve been working away on MOPS stuff. I’m feeling good about things. The ducks seem to be coming into a row. nicely I’m praising Jesus and believing for good things. We have one more MOPS summer park play date left. We already have ladies registering for the fall. YAY!

Books have been slower for me this month. When I took the first two weeks of August off, I knew it would mean a slower month. Truthfully, I’ve loved the lacked back pace. I’ve had two parties and did two shifts at a book booth at the SWW Fair. I’ve spent a lot of time building up my September, October, November calendar. It hasn’t been a wasted month by any means.

With less parties to prepare for I’ve been able to focus on other projects. I’ve been slowly collecting items to redecorate the boys’ bedrooms. I’ve happily snagged some great deals over the last few weeks and I feel like a complete plan is coming together for the bedrooms. Now to daydream about bathrooms and the master bedroom. We are supposed to see some action up at the property toward the end of this week or beginning of next week. I’m am anxiously awaiting the foundation being poured. I would do it myself if I could. I want to get going!!! Jeremy and I fully painted the well house and it looks awesome! Jeremy filled in all of the ditches we had dug for water and power. Here’s hoping my next update has pictures of the foundation! Let it be so, Jesus!

We’re also less than two months away from the boys’ birthdays, so I’ve been working on getting party invitations ordered and birthday details nailed down. I’m a planner. Don’t judge. I also started the boys’ yearly photo books last week. I have them up to date through August and formulated so I can easily add the last few pictures needed to complete the year. The books always end with the great birthday celebrations, so I’ll be able to print them soon enough. Just like blogging, making photo books makes my heart happy. Last year I did a little bit each month so it wasn’t too much work. This year I just did it all at one time. I had the time then and there so I thought why not get it done.

And that is about it… We watched the solar eclipse at Bethel with the staff. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t darker because the sun was 96% covered in Chehalis. On the flip side, I’m totally amazed that 4% of the sun could provide so much light. The temperature did drop. Owen got cold and asked for a coat. It was a neat experience, but not as strange as I thought it was going to be. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, but if I ever get a chance to see a total eclipse in the future, I might take it…

Oh and the Lucy Maud Montgomery summer continues! I read the Pat of Silver Bush series this month. I liked Pat more than I liked Emily Starr. I’ve enjoyed re-reading some of my favorite books, but also reading new ones this summer. I’m trying to decided if I will re-read A Tangled Web next or read for the first time Magic for Marigold. Or I might break from my Canadian friends and go down south with Jen Hatmaker to read her new release, Of Mess and Moxie. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I think that about sums up life. Vacation. MOPS. UBAM. House. Party Prep. Photo Books. Eclipse. Summer of LM Montgomery. Yep. Keeping the kids alive. Keeping up with my hubby. That’s my life! God is good and we keep moving forward and looking ahead!


Bend 2017


Bend 2017


Bend 2017


Bend 2017


Bend 2017


Bend 2017


Painting the well house


Checking in on Domino!


Spray Park


Playing the piano with Nana


Brownie bakers!


Visiting the fair. Graham was too short for the rides. Poor kiddo.


Working up at the property!


Backyard BBQ with the young families


Watching the eclipse with Bethel Staff!


New Adventures & Easter Weekend April 18, 2017

Keeping up with the Scott family is a wild ride these days. My brain is on serious overload right. All good things, but life feels likes it’s exploding. I’ve mentioned MOPS and I’ve talked about our preschool research. Both are taking up brain space. We took a tour of the local Christian school yesterday and it’s given us food for thought as we research where Owen will attend preschool. This is a totally new season of life for me. With that comes many questions as I try to wrap my mind around how our family schedule will change this fall.

Next week, I’ll be at a conference Monday through Wednesday and a retreat Friday through Sunday. These will be my first nights away from Graham because he is finally 100% weaned. It’s wonderful to have some freedom but I’m also a bit nervous leaving him for the first time. He can be a sensitive kid. I’m grateful that I’ll have a day at home in-between my travels to re-calibrate.

When I get back from my week of travels, I will be launching a new business venture. I’ve been pondering selling Usborne books for a while and I finally decided to go for it. I love these books and making money to supplement our income is an nice possibility. Even if the business totally fails, I will get 20 books out of the deal and who doesn’t love more books, right? I’m slightly concerned about joining the direct sales biz since I’m not a natural sales person. We’ll see how it goes. I’m jumping out in faith. Eek!!! My launch party is Thursday, May 4th at 8:30pm. Let me know if you want an invite! These books are so educational and an amazing quality. We have been very impressed with them and our kids love them. What I love about books is they make great presents for all the kiddos in my life. Books inspire creativity and reading grows with your child so families are always looking for new material. I think my dreams of having a home library might be starting to come true.

When you add MOPS, preschool research, upcoming travels, a new business and then daydreaming about building our new home, my brain is ping ponging all over the place. I love my quiet life and my intentionally slow pace. I know that things are changing and I have to assess how I plan to keep boundaries, order and balance. Life is always changing and I’m not the best at keeping up sometimes. This why I believe it’s important to give a good amount of thought and prayer before moving forward with new opportunities. So yes, lots to think and pray about these days.

Going backwards now, this last weekend was a fun one. Now that Easter Eggstravanganza is the week before Easter, I feel like I enjoy Easter weekend a lot more. It’s less stressful and more chill. On Saturday we did egg coloring and gave the boys their baskets. Our Easter Sunday is so full that we give them the baskets early so the kids actually have time to enjoy their new items. The baskets were smaller this year but the contents were very appreciated! The boys each got a small toy, a shirt, a book (from Usborne, of course) and a chocolate bunny. We went to lunch and then a local garden/nursery. After nap time, we did an egg hunt. Because the weather was so nice, we did our first BBQ of the year. It’s was a wonderful day. Sunday was our Easter celebration at church and off to spend the days with family. The whole weekend was full of family time and it made my heart happy. Easter is such a special time. I am thankful for the power of the cross in my life. Jesus is everything. I am thankful to share that love with my kids. I know they are young but I hope they catch the joy and celebration that comes with Easter Sunday (and truly everyday with Jesus).

As I look to the future, I am excited for the potential that I see before me. All these things line up with my goals and dreams. I am hopeful they will all be positive experiences for our family. And if things don’t work out or if things need to adjust, I’m okay with that. I am looking forward to the adventure. I’m definitely living outside of my comfort zone, but I know that God is good and he is in control. I am trusting him and leaning into him as I bravely walk into the unknown. Prayers appreciated!


On an adventure with my little man.


Graham woke up happy. Owen did not.


Owen finally got his hair cut at the salon again! Praise the Lord. Graham screamed the whole time and had to be bear hugged, so no pictures of him.


Watering their Easter apple trees from Grandpa & Grandma.


Egg coloring


Loving their new Usborne books!


Saturday’s egg hunt


How Graham hunts… then he started to collect gravel.


Enjoying a dry day!


My two little love bunnies!


Easter at GG’s house




Adding Peeps bunnies to the zoo that is Owen’s bed. Thanks, Grandma!


Back on the Market August 12, 2016

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On Wednesday, we received news that our buyers were formally backing out of the sale of our home. This was the expected outcome after we arrived at an impasse over closing costs. Almost immediately, our home was back on the market. We even have a showing tomorrow. I don’t want to take a ton of time to discuss this closed door. The main thing I can say is I feel weird. I’m still in my house. We didn’t close today. I don’t feel like I belong here. I spent so much time and energy saying good-bye. I had prepared in every way to leave and then we didn’t… Now it just feels off. Like outgrowing something… I am grateful that we didn’t move just to find out that the house wasn’t sold. I would feel awful imposing on the hospitality of my in-laws while I had a perfect good house sitting empty a few miles away. Overall, this could be for the best. While it means more time, it also means a new appraisal and hopefully a better bottom line in the end.

The rest of the week has been about moving on with life. It keeps going. Wednesday was church. Thursday, my mom and I took the boys to the park. This park happens to be right by the train tracks and Owen was delighted to see three different trains. Last night we went to the storage unit and picked up more kitchen items. I have the strong urge to bake because that is a comfort move of mine, however, it’s too hot at the moment. Once the cooler weather comes in I plan on making a couple different goodies. One being a family favorite of Hello Dollies and the other will probably be something pumpkin because pumpkin also sounds like comfort to me.

During nap times, I’ve been able to make good progress on my new book, Present Over Perfect. I love Shauna Niequist. She is one of my favorite authors. This books affirms so many decisions I’ve made. I am all about the smaller life these days. I’m trying to be intentional with my time and influence. I love being home with my boys and making my family a priority. I love serving the kiddos at Bethel and I enjoy being a part of my local MOPS group. I might not run in big circles these days, but I love the small circles I am in. I know that I am encouraging others and pointing them to Jesus. This book empowers a healthy lifestyle, healthy boundaries and a healthy priorities. It encourages stillness and shows the power of small things. It’s a good read for sure. I am also equally excited to start How to Survive a Shipwreck by Jonathan Martin. I know the title seems a bit dramatic, but I can relate the shipwreck feeling. In life there will be failure and disappointment. I’m hoping for some practical encouragement from my next read.

Jeremy spend a good part of today making the outside of the house presentable. We did some more grocery shopping. We needed to restock some key pantry items. Tomorrow I will clean the inside of the house thoroughly and pray that this showing could be the one! How awesome would it be to only have one showing back on the market before we got another offer? While that seems unlikely, I can dream. This whole process has brought out two sides of me. One is always hopeful, thinking the best is right around the corner. The other is very pessimistic and “woe is me.” It’s strange to flip flop between hope and discouragement. Especially so many times throughout the day. More than trusting in my own emotions, which are all over the place, I am trusting in God. My mom sent me a quote from Corrie Ten Boom that says, “God doesn’t have problems, he has plans.” I am reminded that my house situation isn’t a problem. It’s an opportunity. God isn’t freaking out because my house didn’t sell, so I guess I shouldn’t either.


Owen saw that I was reading my Bible. He ran and got his and read it next to me.


Owen had a toe injury this week. He didn’t want to look at the offending cut so we covered it with a towel.


Graham is loving his hand-me-down walker from Uncle Nathan & Aunt Beckie. This kid loves to go!


Playing in the park with Grandma


How did he get so big?


Watching a train from the bridge


The Day We Didn’t Move August 9, 2016

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We didn’t move yesterday. Things are too up in the air. The renegotiating process with our buyers doesn’t look favorable and we didn’t want to move to just have the deal fall apart a day or two later. Our buyers are meeting with their agent tomorrow. Since I don’t have the ability to read minds or see the future, I have no clue what the outcome will be. However, I won’t be surprised if we have to walk away from this contract. If that is the case then we will put our home back on the market and start at the beginning again.

I didn’t think this would happen. The closer it got to closing and the move, I thought we were in the clear. We had been warned that things could fall apart at the very end, but I just didn’t think it would. On Saturday as I was talking things through with Jeremy, I realized that things were going south. I realized we couldn’t move on Monday if we weren’t sure about the sale of our home. The last thing I would want is for our home to sit vacant while we still owned it. Now there is a chance that we might have to make a mad dash to move before Friday, but I’ll be honest and say that I doubt it.

I’m disappointed. I worked my butt off to make sure we were ready to move on Monday. The only thing left to pack up was our food. I have our house down to the bare minimum. If we end up relisting our house, we’ll have to go get boxes out of storage and unpack a few things so we can actually cook in our house. Jeremy got a few boxes for me yesterday, but I think a few more are going to be necessary.

So, what did we do instead of move? We had a family day. We went down to the Vancouver/Portland area. We ate some comfort food (for me, mac & cheese). We tried to go see waterfalls on the historic highway, but the whole of Oregon was there so we only saw one smaller waterfall to avoid the crowds. We did some shopping since we needed food. I’ve been eating everything down to nothing so we had less to move. It was a weird day. While I loved having family time, it wasn’t quite the distraction I had hoped for. My mind kept thinking through “what ifs.” If I wasn’t thinking through the future, I kept thinking about how I should be moving… how I would have been moving that day. We ended the day with dinner at Jeremy’s brother’s house. Owen got some play time with Nolan. It was a nice way to finish the day. What an unexpected day.

In other news, the baby shower on Sunday for my sister in law went well. The weather was rainy which was a bit of a bummer since I had planned a summer BBQ. The rain stalled enough for the kiddos to go out and play a bit. It was a fun day spent with family and celebrating baby number 4. I can’t wait to meet my new niece or nephew next month!

Saturday was moving my sister into her home. It was fun to explore her new home and watch her start to settle in. After many, many moves, I’m hoping that April and Andrew have many happy years in this home. The septic had to be replaced on their new home. The workers were filling the dirt around the septic when we got there. Owen sat on the back porch and intently watched the digger at work. This boy loves his diggers and moving trucks. It was a great day for Owen. I think it was a good day for April and Andrew as well.

That’s the update for now. When I realized I would be home on Tuesday, I placed an order on Amazon for two books that I’ve been wanting for a while. I used my mother’s day gift card and they arrived today. During nap time today, I took an hour to sit in silence and read. It was good soul care. I don’t get a ton of time to read these days, but these books are a priority to me. They offer hope and encouragement. They are an investment into something I love. That’s also why I’m blogging. Words are how I process life. By reading them, by writing them. Words help me through it all. Jesus does too. I’m not really sure I believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe that you can gain something from every experience. The twists and turns of my story have not caught Jesus off guard. God knows. He is in this. I am okay. I might be unsure, but I am okay.


We love U-Haul


Auntie’s house is so cool


Celebrating my sweet sister in law and her soon to arrive new addition!


On our way to adventure


Graham was less than impressed with the waterfall


Throwing rocks in and looking over the edge


Good times at Ikea


Playing Jeeps with Nolan


Books are my love language!


Highlighting my way through Present Over Perfect


Cutest engineer ever! Owen scored some new pajamas yesterday.


Anniversary Weekend & More July 12, 2016

I’m just going to jump in… Our plan to visit the Lexar house plan we like fell through last Wednesday. The guy at Lexar put the wrong date in his calendar so he wasn’t available when we stopped by to meet up with him. That will now be pushed back to next week. We will also be parting ways with Toby next week and attending a Day Out with Thomas. Lots to look forward to. Not to mention this weekend is a family birthday party and then a family BBQ the following day. We like to celebrate!

Wednesday we had our home inspection. It went fairly well. Somethings we expected. Some surprised us. The buyers asked for a few things to be taken care and we countered. Mostly, we wanted Jeremy to be able to fix the majority of the issues since they were small and the buyers wanted a licensed contractor. Trust me, Jeremy’s got this. However, they don’t know how handy my hubby is so I can understand the standard ask of a contractor. We haven’t heard back from them yet if they accept our counter. In other news, our family has an offer accepted on a 12 acre piece of property south of Chehalis. We are super excited. We will do a feasibility to make sure the building there is well… feasible … If all goes well, my parents will be building on 6 acres and we will be building one the other 6 acres. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. We are ready to move this process forward. At this point, we will close a month from today on August 12th. We will move on August 8th, so we are already less an a month away from the big transition. I’ve been steadily packing boxes and pairing stuff down. I’m feeling good about what we will be taking with us to my in-laws house and what will go to storage. I should also give a shout out to my in-laws who have been making space for us. They have been so gracious and generous. I am grateful for their cheerful hearts and their willingness to take in this crazy ragtag bunch. Praying we don’t drive them nuts!

Now that the move update is out the way, let’s move on to daily life. This last weekend, we went to the beach to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Since Graham is nursing and Owen loves the beach, the boys came along too. Romantic, I know. What was also romantic was the fact that Jeremy and I slept in separate full beds on opposite sides of the trailer stayed in. Jeremy doesn’t fit in a full bed. His feet stick off, so he sleeps diagonal. Jeremy and Owen took the bedroom and Graham and I took the living space. I’m thinking we’ll make 11 years the romantic, kid-free getaway. My friend, Maggie, owns a trailer at the beach and she offered it us free of charge. It’s an adorable 1950’s trailer with lots of wood paneling and Maggie has it decorated so cute. When we arrived there was a gift basket waiting for us. A bunch of friends and family had chipped in. There was a picture frame, chocolate, sparkling cider and gift certificates to local restaurants. It was such a surprise and sweet gesture. We felt loved and blessed. We packed our time at the beach with all our favorite things. The weather was rainy, but it made things quiet and cozy. We took advantage of breaks in the rain and got outside a few times. It was a fantastic family weekend. I love my husband more than words can say. The last 10 years have been better than I could have ever imagined. Jeremy is my best friend and partner in crime. He balances me out and encourages me in so many ways. I know that I am a better person because he is my life. He supports and loves me and values me. I am one grateful lady. God gave me the best!

After the high of the fun family weekend, Jeremy left on Sunday to go to kid’s camp for the week. Which means I am home. alone. with the boys. At this point, we are all still living. Sunday, we stayed after church to have lunch with him and say our good-byes. Then it was home for nap time, a walk with the dog and a movie. Yesterday, my mom came over in the morning, the boys had a bubble bath and then we went over to Nana & Papa’s house for dinner and playtime. Today, we went down to Portland to Powell’s City of Books. Oh my word. I wanted to buy the whole children’s section. It was bad. Books are a weakness of mine. The boys got three new books and each one got read at bed time tonight. My mom and sister joined our little clan on this outing. We had lunch out. Owen got “panda rice” (Panda Express). I got to do a little shopping. It was super helpful to have my mom and April there to distract the boys so I could take few minutes to focus on my wardrobe needs. When we got home from our adventure, we attempted to take the dog for a walk, but it started to rain so we had to turn around. Gotta love this July weather. Last summer was so hot. I am grateful for the cool weather and even the rain. I know. I’m weird. The rest of the week is filled with friends, family and church.The only day I didn’t plan anything on was Friday… Which could be a LONG day since Jeremy doesn’t get home till late. I might have to make up a Friday outing so we are just staring at the clock wondering when Daddy will get home.

That about sums up life. Oh, I read a book. It’s called It’s Just a Phase So Don’t Miss It. It’s written for leaders that work with kids and teenagers about maximizing your influence at each phase in a child’s life. Each phase is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. It was an easy read filled with good information and fun charts. There was humor and honesty spread throughout the pages. As a parent, it was helpful for me to remember to be intentional with my boys where they are now, but to have a plan for the future. I am raising adults. Since this was only the third book I’ve read in 2016, I was proud of myself. When Jeremy isn’t home and I don’t want to go to bed at 8:40pm, I actually take the time to read.

Okay. Now I’m done!


Settling in at the beach


Flashback to July 8, 2006


Graham’s first visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Owen remembered it from last summer and was thrilled to visit again!


Boardwalk selfie in Long Beach


Saying our good-byes before sending Daddy off to camp.


Time for a movie and popcorn


Tubby time!


Reading one of his new books at Powell’s


Sister selfie in Powell’s


A big mouthful of Panda rice! Yum!!!


Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey September 27, 2015

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IMG_7161 cropI was thrilled when I was selected to be a part of Sarah Bessey’s launch team for her new book, Out of Sorts. I got an email telling me about the opportunity and I quickly applied. She had 100 spots to fill and I thought for sure that I was going to miss out. Turns out 300 applied within the first 24 hours. Sarah went to her publisher and said she wanted all of us. There was no way she could pare it down to 100. All 300 of us were her people. Since there were only 100 hard copies of the book to give away, we were all given a link to download a digital copy of the book. That was quite the process. I thought I would never find a compatible way to get the book on my Kindle app, but finally I was met with success and I happily dove into the new book of one of my favorite authors! It was certainly a treat. Later I found out that I was randomly selected as one of the 100 people who will get a hard copy of the book as well. I was over the moon. It felt like winning the lottery (because I am weird and bit overly dramatic these days).

Let me start off by saying that I discovered Sarah Bessy’s blog at the perfect season in my life. I was feeling out of sorts in a lot of ways. I was contemplating ministry and what place it would have in my life. I was also thinking about entering motherhood and that thought completely scared me and yet I was drawn to the idea of being a mom and investing in my own kiddos. Sarah’s writing validated a lot of what I was feeling. It helped me work through my thoughts on vocational ministry. Her writing also made me want to be a mother. Sarah wrote about motherhood in a way that made me want to experience it. She was real and honest. It wasn’t sugar coated, but the fact that she found such joy in motherhood really inspired me. She has a beautiful writing style and her words spoke life to me in a very important crossroad of my life. I will forever be grateful for the kindred spirit I have found in her. She is a treasure!

Out of Sorts is about Sarah’s faith journey and how she has arrived at the place she is today. She has seen many different sides of the church and different ways of life. She has used all her experiences to help sift her worldview down to Jesus and what he means in her life. I love the freedom that Sarah brings to her writing. She calls her self a recovering know-it-all and that she has spent time getting over her evangelical-hero-complex. She gives you space to ask questions and to have doubts. Sarah had to look at her past and decide what part of her faith she was going take with her and what parts were just baggage that Jesus never asked her carry. There is a time when we think we have it all figured out in a simple, childlike way and then we realize that things are bit more complicated than we would like. Not everything has an answer this side of heaven. It’s okay to wrestle and grow and let your faith develop with you. This is healthy.

Each chapter is full of good stuff and I honestly want to reread it so I can absorb it all. Being pregnant and super tired doesn’t make me the most critical thinker right now, but I will say that many points really touched me. I love Sarah’s stance on being “used” by God. I won’t do the chapter justice, but I so often we think it’s all about what we can do for God, how he wants big things from us. So often we think we need to measure up and that if we work hard enough or be something than God will be pleased and love us or bless us. The truth is God just wants us. He wants a relationship. He wants to be close to us. There is something about being loved just as you are that can be missed in our can-do, will-do culture. I’ve always been good at making lists, checking off boxes and living up to a certain standard. In my life I can see how I thought that the more I did for God, the more he would love me and bless me. This is craziness. I will never be good enough. That is why I need Jesus to be my savior. I can’t do it on my own. No matter what I think. Sarah’s encouragement to set aside the “used” mentality is what I needed to hear. I just want to be with Jesus. I want to love Jesus and receive his love. I want to be confident in my relationship with God and that it has nothing to do with how awesome I am or what I can do. I think our best life work comes out of that loving relationship. Not trying to keep up with others or be something I am not.

Another part of the book that really spoke to me was Sarah’s chapter on vocational ministry. Once upon a time I was on the church payroll and that really defined me. I thought I was doing “ministry” full time and I was really living my calling. True, I loved my season of full time ministry right alongside my husband. It was great time to grow and develop with Jeremy as a leader and a Christ-follower. Then I decided to become a stay at home mom. It seemed less glamorous… However, I can’t think of anything more important than influencing my young family to know and love Jesus. Investing in my kiddos is best work I can possibly do and I am grateful for the chance to do it. Sarah discusses how there is no line between sacred and secular work. All work can be done to the glory of God and all work is important. What a pastor does isn’t more important than a carpenter or a doctor or a janitor or a stay at home mom. We all get the chance to love Jesus and minister where we are at. All work is holy work when done with the right attitude and intention. I love being a part of the church. I love that my husband is a pastor. I am still very involved with ministry, but the pedestal of the “ministry lifestyle” broke for me a long time again. It’s always reassuring to hear that I am not the only one.

Sarah writes about her family, her faith journey, her kids, her church, her husband. She writes about wilderness seasons. I love to hear other people’s faith stories. I love to see where they have been and how they arrived at who they are now. I know that I am not the same Amy as 10 years ago. I have grown and changed. Sarah’s honesty gives us permission to be honest with our own faith journeys. Her writing is empowering and passionate and tender. She cares for her reader and really wants them to find the same freedom she has found. The thing that I love the most about Sarah is that Jesus is at the center of it all. You might see the subtitle of this book and think something about evolving faith is weird or new age-ish. But it’s not. It’s all about Jesus. It’s about loving him and loving his people and making a difference in the world where you are at and with what you have. What a sweet message and one that I hope to embody.