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My “Unofficial” Word of the Year… May 4, 2022

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Many people select a word for the year. Something they are hoping for, looking to grow in, be more mindful of. Friends have chosen words like gather, peace, excellence, hope, and resilience. All good words. I’ve never done well with this practice. I’ve tried a few times and for some reason it doesn’t stick. However, some words seem find me. They seem to declare themselves, no matter my choosing. In complete jest (sorta), I’ve discovered my word for 2022 is cancel (or similar words such as reschedule/postpone). 2022 has been filled with plans that just didn’t come to be. I’m not upset. It’s humorous to me at this point. I’ve learned to roll with it. Plans change often enough that I am very practiced at canceling, rescheduling, and postponing.

We’re supposed to be at conference in Idaho this week. As you can guess, we aren’t… For the last few weeks, I’ve been preparing for this big trip. I got the kids ahead in school. I purchased “distractions” to keep them busy. Graham got a new backpack big enough to carry these new treasures. New leak-proof water bottles were selected at Target for the adventure. In a moment of insanity and weakness on my part, giant stuffed animals were purchased at Costco as travel companions. The kids knew there would be time to go to the nearby park, swim in the hotel pool, and walk by the lake. Oh, and the snacks! We had a huge tote of snacks ready to keep blood sugar levels good and make sure no one (adults included) got hangry. We were as ready as you could be for an out-of-town adventure.

I’m reminded of the Bible verse, Proverbs 16:9 – “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” We were as prepared as possible for this trip, but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. Jeremy started to feel under the weather at the end of the week. On Saturday, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and he started antibiotics right away. We were supposed to leave on Sunday, but he was still feeling crummy and he didn’t fall under the conference health code.

Instead of traveling, we’ve had a quiet week at home. We are ahead now in school and using this time to keep that momentum going. We might be able to finish the school year sooner than expected. The boys and I were able to attend our homeschool co-op yesterday. Owen especially didn’t want to miss a meeting, so the boys were happy to make it. They’ve had blanket forts up all week. Tomorrow they will attempt to sleep in their forts. I’m not sure they’ll last all night. Their beds are way more comfortable than the floor, but they can learn from experience. I’ve used the extra time at home to do a baking project, organize/purge toys, and create a new storage system for schoolwork. We’re making the most of these surprise days at home.

With plans changing so often, I am grateful for friends, family, and collogues who are gracious with these adjustments. Our people are understanding and supportive which is a huge relief. I am thankful for our home and the space it provides for rest. We are always able to fill days at home without issue. Owen is pouring through books at a shocking rate. Graham is loving the Bluey activity books I got as conference distractions. Art is being created and cookies are being eaten. Staying home isn’t too bad. On the bright side, Jeremy is improving. He needed this week to rest. We might have been surprised by our change of plans, but God knew. He is faithful through all the unexpected twist and turns life throws our way.

It’s been months since I’ve decorated sugar cookies! I felt bad that I purchased these LEGO cookie cutters in December and hadn’t used them yet. I had some extra free time, so it seemed like it was the right time to make a special treat.
Graham is my cookie shark. He is always close by waiting for a chance to chomp into a treat!
My completely unnecessary purchase for the conference. Instead of travel companions, they turned into consolation prizes!

Realignment April 15, 2021

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I was talking with a friend this weekend – catching up on life. She asked me for an update on my life. As I started to share, I felt frustration and disappointment rising within me. The conversation felt like Groundhog’s Day. This wasn’t the first time we’ve had this conversation. The big things in my heart and in my life are same things that have unfolded throughout this last year. I had some new news, but mostly just the same old, same old. It was discouraging. Not that I want new challenges to replace my current ones… It would just be nice to not feel like a broken record when asked how I am doing.

I’d been mulling on the discontent that followed my conversation. When something weighs heavy on my heart I take it to the Lord in prayer. I journal about it. I talk about with my people. I try to process what I’m feeling and get to the heart of the matter. After doing some reading on “feelings” this year, I’m trying my best to acknowledge them, feel them, but also realize that feelings are not the standard of truth. God is good and he quickly brought words to my heart to encourage me.

Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. Galatians 6:4

It was very clear as I was reading this verse that I can get so focused on the big picture and looking ahead to the future that I forget to pay attention to the work right in front of me. I want to give my best effort and energy to my right-now life. I want to focus on my family, homeschooling, keeping house, making meals, taking care of my health (physical, mental, spiritual). I have a good work right in front of me. It’s a simple truth. It’s one I’ve championed before. But the comparison trap is real. I often process what I’m called to do in light what others are doing. Contentment comes with gratitude, not comparison. I want to be thankful for the here and now. I want to do my work well and find satisfaction in a job well done. I want to let go of comparison.

The next form of encouragement came from good, old Instagram where I follow many Enneagram accounts. One account specifically for Type Ones shared this: Dear Little One, enjoy your life for how it is right now, not for what you wish it could be (@menneagram). I left my conversation with my friend wondering when the things that I’ve been discussing for what feels like forever will be over. When will this conversation not be the main conversation of my life? When can I move on? All that processing led me to ponder what’s next. What could life look when things change? I read this post the same day I read the verse in Galatians. They fit so perfectly together. I can daydream about life after COVID or after fill-in-the-blank challenge. It’s good to have a vision for the future. I am looking forward to so. many. things. But… looking forward to the future can’t come at the expense of today. Wishing life could be different doesn’t help me thrive in my current, daily, right-here life. I can tuck dreams and visions for the future away in the corner of my heart knowing someday I can pull them out and work toward making them a reality, but for now, for the sake of contentment, I choose to live in the moment.

This seems like an ongoing lesson in my life. One that I grasp for a while and then loose my grip on. I will probably continue to wrestle with contentment and focus until I am old and gray. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, though. I won’t give up. This week felt like a realignment of my thought life. A chance to acknowledge the hard, but also to embrace the good. A chance to dream for the future, but also to love today.

We now have 5 chicks! One last baby decided to hatch and join us a few days later than the rest.
This kid loves his chickens!
Pandemic Homeschooling! We stay home. I could have died laughing when I saw that answer!
Creating animal habitats for school
Completing my L.M. Montgomery library! I used to get the last 6 books in my collection. Not only was the price great, but I wanted the cover art to be what I remember seeing as kid.

News & More News March 21, 2017

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Where to start? I promised you some news in my last post. Non-house related news. Here we go!

About a month ago, I agreed to be the MOPS coordinator for next year. Not only does this new role bring more responsibility in our MOPS group, but we are also shaking things up as we move forward. Our church will be opening a learning center in the fall and the classrooms we use for MOPS will soon be occupied during the day. We had to assess if MOPS was worth keeping and if it was, we had to find a new time to meet. This led to moving MOPS to the evening next year. We will meet now on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month. I’m excited to see the group continue and I think this new time and day opens up new opportunities. Right now we have a mens’ group that meets on Mondays so adding a moms’ group with childcare could be a good match for the whole family. If the evening hours are too late for little ones to be out, hopefully a father or grandparent could stay home to put the kiddos to bed. Right now working moms can’t attend our group because it meets in the day. We are hoping that working moms or single moms have better availability in the evenings. We also plan to move our outings to the weekends and promote them as family outings so whole families can make greater connections. We announced the change to the leadership team last week and to our group this morning. The next step is recruiting the team for next year and letting the community know about our upcoming changes for the fall. We have a bake sale booth at Easter Eggstravaganza and I hope this will give a good connection point to get the word out. I am nervous about leading the group next year, but I am blessed to the support of my friend and mentor, Pastor Jeannie. She is shouldering the weight with me so I don’t breathe into a paper bag. I’ve had many positive conversations about next year and it fills me with hope that we are moving forward in the right direction. I’m sure I’ll have many more updates on my MOPS adventures. It’s just beginning!!!

Now on to some house related news! Jeremy got word today from our real estate agent saying we are GO for closing. The buyer could sign his papers as soon as this Friday which means we could be closing next week. Praise the LORD! Our appraisal must have come in at asking price because we didn’t have to sign any papers to changed the agreed on price. This is thrilling news. My happy dance is seasoned with a bit of skepticism, but for the most part, I am hopeful this is the real deal this time. The true happy dance will happen once the papers are signed.  I am ready for this next season of life. Bring on the building season and the moving season and the finally settling into our own space season. I realize that life moves slowly at times. This whole “selling” process has proven that. I’m hopeful and prayerful that the next phase of building has less hiccups and slow downs. This might be naive, but I’m a dreamer. I can’t help it… I’m just so excited.

That’s the update for now! I’ll keep you posted on the wild and crazy adventures of the Scott clan.


Brotherly love!


I’ve been keeping this verse close by me this week.


Cousin play date while the moms slip out to see a movie!


Peekaboo smiles


Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen


He kept telling me he didn’t need a nap. Yeah right, kid.


It took me a few seconds to realize that Owen let Graham out the backdoor. Oops!


Romans 8:28 February 16, 2017

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“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

I was listening to a pastor on the radio talk about this verse. He was saying in hard times cliche statements like “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and the like are less than helpful. But he did know a statement that could encourage in a tough spot – Romans 8:28. He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God. Now usually I’m not super impressed with one minute clips of pastors on the radio, but I heard this as I pulling out of a doctor’s appointment that didn’t go the way I had thought it would. I needed to be reminded that God can use anything for my good, even when I don’t see how right now. This whole last week has been a rough one for me. I’ve been to medical offices three different times this week and for me that is three times too many. I don’t want to do a TMI thing on the blog, so if you’re curious about my ailments, please ask me personally, I don’t mind sharing. I would greatly appreciate any prayers you might send on my behalf. Medical stuff is way out of my comfort zone. In a way I’ve felt like body has been betraying me this week. As if I needed one more thing on my plate, let’s add some health issues. Sometimes I look up to the heavens and say, “Really??? More???” and then I remember that I can look up to the mountains and my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121:1-2). The Creator is on my side. He made this body of mine. It’s complicated and confusing, but he gets it. Nothing surprises him or catches him off guard. And so I am left to trust the one who is more capable than me. The one who holds the world together and yet sees me and knows me through and through.

I was again driving by myself this week and I was feeling stupid about something and I was beating myself up over it because I am supposed to be better, I’m supposed to be perfect. My self talk got nasty. I didn’t like me at all in that moment. And I started to think about how God knows all this about me. He sees how awful I can be and yet he chooses to love me through it all. Despite my shortcomings and failures, his greatest desire is to be in relationship with me. I didn’t even want to be in relationship with myself. And yet, God was pursuing my heart in that moment. It was mind blowing. It just doesn’t make sense to me. He is love and his love will never cease to astound and amaze me.

For those wondering, our home inspection hasn’t happened yet. We haven’t progressed in the process of selling our home since my last post. I did host a pizza night at the house last Friday. I wondered if it would be weird hanging out at my house now that its been so long since I lived there and it being empty. Truthfully, it was awesome. It felt great to invite friends into a space that I loved and that I have enjoyed for so many years. With good food and good company, the house became a home again. I enjoyed those moments so much. I don’t know how much those ladies will ever know the blessing that night was to me. It was just what I needed to turn my burden into a blessing and I wish I had done it sooner.

I’m trying to pick and choose what stories I want to share with you now. Some might wonder how my Valentine’s day went… Well, the doctor’s appointment that I mentioned at the beginning of this post happened on Valentine’s day, so that cast a bit of a shadow on the day. My blow dryer died when my hair was like 30% dry at the very beginning of the day and I should have taken it as a sign. It was all down hill from there. Actually it wasn’t… It was an up and down kind of day. I had a fun meeting with the MOPS steering team. For our evening plans, I had rented a movie I thought the boys might like. They ended up screaming and fighting through most of it and then Owen peed on the floor and made a mess of himself, so the day ended with bath time, bed time and the movie only partially watched. Jeremy and I just look at each other and said, “well, that night didn’t go as planned.” I did have fun giving the boys their Valentine gifts. Owen got some ABC and numbers sticker books. I love giving things that are fun but also will build his preschool skills. Graham got some Mickey magnets to play with on the fridge. He enjoyed standing in the box they came in more than the magnets themselves. Go figure.

I know I have done it before, but I want take a minute to say thanks the family members and friends who continue to support me in countless ways through all of life’s drama! My mom has watched the boys numerous times this week as well as accompanied me to the doctor’s office when I felt too sick to take myself. My in-laws watched the boys so I could have my mom’s night at out at the Winlock house and then they graciously changed their plans when I had to spend the following day at urgent care. I felt bad having to rely on our families so much this last week, but their love and support have been greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to all my friends who keep up with me and check in on me. I have a small group that I know I can send real, honest updates to and they love me right where I am and support me in prayer. I know that even though things are challenging, painful, disappointing, surprising, etc. I am not alone. I am loved.

I think it’s only right that I give a big shout out to my hubby! He was out of town this weekend, but kept constant tabs on how I was doing. He came home and has been Super Dad with my kids so I can focus on resting. He is my greatest strength (other than Jesus) when I find myself worried by the unknowns. He got me pizza from Chicago this week as a special Valentine’s treat. Food is my love language! Actually, my love language is quality time, but food is a very close second! He is currently running errands with our boys so I can have some moments of quiet. The silence is golden. Praise Jesus! Jeremy is amazing and I am blessed to be able to share this crazy life with him. It’s a roller-coaster, but we’re on it together and that makes all the difference in the world.


Lunch with Auntie on Friday! She helped me get the house ready for my pizza party that night.


Waiting for the pizza and friends to arrive!


Self medicating. The heart sleeve made me happy.


Jeremy and Bill assembled the trampoline the boys’ got their birthday. It was hit and enjoyed during the few sunny days we had this week.


Book model


So proud of his tracing skills


One last bounce before it gets dark


Movie night (not the same movie night mentioned in this post – this one was obviously better)


My goofy valentines!


An attempt to do something off of Pinterest. Graham did not enjoy the paint (thus the one footprint).


Gift time!


The magnet box


Introducing Owen to dry ice


Walking while holding his pant legs up! I wonder what inspired this!!!


Taking A Break September 3, 2016

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This last week has taken an unexpected turn for our family. On Monday, the buyer of our house wanted to see it again. Jeremy and I were driving the truck and the van down to the church. We were going to drop off the truck and go run some errands together in the van. When Jeremy arrived at the church a few minutes behind me, he was shaken up. He had gotten dizzy while driving and drove off the road. Thankfully, there was no damage to him, his truck or the yard he drove into. Over the last couple of years, Jeremy has seen a cardiologist. He has an irregular heartbeat and recently he has been struggling with his blood pressure and a racing pulse. He has pushed through so much. He kept on going and living life and doing it all and holding it together. Until Monday… We realize that things could have been a lot worse (I have to stop myself from thinking through all the things that could have happened. It’s too scary). His condition is serious and we need more answers than the ones we’ve been given. Jeremy went back on a beta-blocker that has regulated his heart well this week. Because it takes a week or so for the body to adjust to this medication, I have been driving Jeremy around just to be safe. Jeremy will also wear an event monitor for a month so the doctor can more closely record what is going with his heart and how often it happens. Getting this event monitor has been a challenge. We thought we would get one yesterday, but now it looks like it will be next Thursday. I am disappointed. Waiting has been hard for me. I feel sorry for my hubby, that he will have to be wired up for a month, but at the same time, I hope it brings more clarity and a plan for moving forward.

The other big piece of this medical puzzle is that Jeremy will be taking at least 30 days off from work to get his health back in order. Our lead pastor graciously offered this time to Jeremy. It was strange to accept such an offer, but at the same time, we have high hopes that taking a layer of stress off of Jeremy’s life will help. Our lives revolve around our family and Bethel Church. It will be very odd to have a month away from ministry. I am thankful for this opportunity and the chance to make Jeremy’s health our top priority. I also know that we have a great team at Bethel Church. We have fantastic leaders and teachers who will make this period of time a success. I am thankful and grateful to those who are covering for us. We are truly blessed.

We’ve spent a bit of time getting things in a good place for our absence. This week, I went into the church and put up my class bulletin board. This Wednesday will be the first week with my new class. My mom plans on covering the class while our family is away, but I plan on going down for the first class so I can introduce myself and get the year started off. September is full of so many traditions, things I always do to get the ball rolling. I love this time and it means a lot to me. I am grateful for a chance to start things off.

We’ve had a very quiet week. There has been lots of resting. Jeremy is doing a great job of laying low. The boys are also getting over colds. We’ve made the most of nap time and early bedtimes. I’m not sure what the next month looks like. Our life is very day to day right now. This afternoon we will go to my in-laws for dinner. I’m sure the boys will enjoy getting out and seeing Nana & Papa. They have been out of town taking care of our family over the mountains while the newest little Scott arrived! This week I became an auntie again to my new nephew, Colton. I am bummed that I haven’t gotten to snuggle him yet, but I have gone shopping for him so that helped my feelings. Anyway, back to small plans, our apple trees are full of apples that ready to be picked. I think we will pick a few apples and maybe make an apple pie. Jeremy went from going full throttle to snail speed. It’s been a weird switch, but we are believing this will make a difference for the future.

Oh, random Graham update, he taking steps daily and often. He isn’t “walking” per say but he can take about 3-4 steps before grabbing onto something. His preferred method of travel is walking while holding furniture. He only crawls as a last resort. He is up and moving. It’s not long with practice like this that he will be officially walking. Crazy kid. He is only 10 months old!!!!

Please be praying for our family. We have high hopes. We are believing that none of this caught God by surprise. He is in all of it. I keep thinking of Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” The hardest part for me is to not lean on my own understanding. In a season where I would like more answers, it’s hard to not try to fill in the blanks myself. I’m obviously not a doctor, so my mind goes down many paths wondering what is happening, what will happen, what could happen… But my understand of this situation is limited and it won’t get me anywhere productive. I am trusting that God is leading our family. He will make our path straight. I don’t have to figure this out. God’s got it handled. I just need to trust. And right now, that means taking things one day at a time and living intentionally slow and restful. It’s counter-intuitive, but I’m praying that it will bring life and health to Jeremy (and our family).


Trying to keep Graham from destroying the train tracks


Thankful for dark mornings, clouds and rain. I love this time of year!


Little models!


The bulletin board is ready for another fun year full of memories!


Quiet nights at home = Family Feud on the big screen.


This was my candy corn bowl. Graham is enjoying the leftover essence.


When you want to go outside but don’t want to change out of your pajamas…


Some Days are a Prayer January 20, 2015

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The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. When I was a kid that verse freaked me out because I thought that it meant I needed to be on bended knee beside my bed 24/7. How in the world was anyone supposed to pull that off? It seemed impossible so I pushed it aside from my thoughts. However, I finally mastered the concept of praying without ceasing in high school. It might not shock you, but I have a bit of nervous personality. High school overwhelmed me in a lot of ways. I had good friends, but I also had crazy friends that did wild and stupid things. Like all youth group kids, I was told to be a light in my school, but that meant I actually had to talk to people I didn’t know all that well. I lived on edge walking from class to class. I prayed a lot. I can go through each season of my life and tell you why it called for extra prayer. There has never been a time in my life where I have had this thing handled. I’ve never once told God, “Thanks, but I’ll things from here.” Nope, I think my prayers are more like, “Seriously, God? Why this? Why now? HELP!” Over the last few months, I’ve tried to take the quieter moments and use them for intercession (praying for the needs of others). I can get so focused on my own life that intercession pulls me out of myself. It reminds me that others struggle and need help too. We’re all human. It softens my heart and helps me to feel more content with my situations because I know that things could worse, so I should be grateful and thankful despite my own difficulties. There are reasons, but today I feel the weight of needing to pray. For my family. For others. There is a tension in my soul with the unknown, the uncertain, the unanswered prayers that surround me. It weighs on me. I feel unsettled. So today feels like a prayer. One big giant prayer. I might repeat it often to myself in conscience thought. It might run in the background of my mind as I go about my tasks. But today needs prayer. Tomorrow will probably need it too. This is the thing – it’s the one thing I can do. I can’t solve my own problems, let alone the problems of my family and friends. I can’t make things better. If I could, I would. Also, not all prayers are about sadness and the complications of life. Some are just for encouragement, hope for the future, and an expectation of things to come. It’s not all doom and gloom. But most of the time, prayer is one way I can be a part of the solution without making a mess of myself. It’s good to pray. It matters. The one verse I turn to the most in my Bible is Philippians 4:6, “Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” This sums up it up for me. This is what I need to do. The next verse talks about how doing this brings peace and it’s true. I know that I don’t have this all figured out and that’s okay. God does. He has my situations and my loved ones in his hands. He values their hearts and he knows their fears. He is their comfort, their strength, their joy. And he is mine. I go into prayer with a worried mind and if I truly let go and hand these needs over to God, I finish with a quiet spirit and a calm mind. I need that today. I need that deep, rich peace that passes understanding. I remember that God can use all things for his good. He is in this. And I am thankful. It’s amazing how prayer turns anxiety into praise. I’ll be honest; my prayers are very rarely ever answered in an instant. I have to continue to live that unsettled feeling, but I will not let it bend my belief that God has got this covered. He knows. And that concludes this rambling blog. I hope that maybe it encourages you to stop in the middle of the crazy moments and send up a prayer. Keep doing that. Keep praying. It’s worth it. It’s a sweet fragrance to God. He loves to hear his kiddos talking to him. I also need to live with the silence and listen for his response. It’s a two way street this relationship with God. It’s about talking and it’s about listening. So, since I’ve been really good at talking today, maybe it’s time to quiet down and listen now.


Time for a New Plan August 7, 2014

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Completing plans

Completing plans – I love getting this congratulations screen! Makes me feel good!

I finished my Bible reading plan in July. It was great to read the whole Bible in a year again.  I love reading the Bible yearly because it has really helped me familiarize myself with God’s word. Repetition has been good for me. The plan that I’ve used the last two years has been perfect for me. It’s a 6-day a week plan so you get one off built into it. It’s called OwnIt365 and it covers the whole Bible in one year. The readings are about 20 minutes each, so it’s not too demanding. I’ve loved it! But… I’ve been playing around with new plans now that I’ve completed another year long commitment. I’m thinking I’ll go to back another one year plan maybe in January, but right now I’m doing some exploring of other plans that are shorter and more focused on specific things. The first plan that I went through was one based on Thanksgiving. It was a two week plan and it literally took 5 minutes or less to get through the readings. Then I did a devotional plan about motherhood. It was encouraging and had just a couple of verses attached to each reading. I’m finding it interesting to do readings that are shorter and not full chapters. There is a lot to be said for covering a lot of ground in the Bible. I’m learning that there is also value in short readings too. I find that I remember the short readings more through out the day because they are to the point. The mom devotional especially kept me thinking throughout the day. I even wrote one of the verses on my new white board as a daily reminder. Today, I started to re-watch my study DVD of Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. Owen loves the music in the video and it was a nice 20 minutes to look back on a study that meant so much to me a few years ago. I’m really enjoying this season of tweaking and exploring new plans. It’s a nice break from the routine. The YouVersion App on my phone and iPad also makes it super easy to discover new plans and keep track of where I am at. I’ll keep you posted on where I end up next!


Not Mine December 7, 2013

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The Christmas season has me reflecting on Mary. I was thinking about what it must have been like to be the mother of the Son of God. Yes, Jesus was her baby, but she knew that he was here for a deeper purpose than her own enjoyment. She must have known from the start that the greatness of their story would also mean hardship. She would have to keep her open hands with him –  ready to give him back to God. It wasn’t about what she wanted. She had to let go of control and trust that God’s purpose was better than any earthly plans she might have this little life.

I think a lot of life is like. Only in the last few years have I learned how very little I control. This control freak has learned that I can control my own actions and reactions, but everything else is out of my hands. I can relate this now to parenting. Let’s talk about trying for a baby. That certainly didn’t happen on my timeline. Not that I had a timeline, but let’s just say it took longer than I expected. It taught me just how much God is really the author of life. Then there is the pregnancy process. A baby grows inside of you – regardless of what you… Your body just does it. I didn’t have to focus on it and will the baby to grow because the process was already set in motion. I had issues with my blood pressure and there was nothing I could about that. There was no willing my body to do something different. It just was the situation. Plain and simple. During the labor process, I realized that Owen was going to come into the world regardless of what I thought things were going to be like. I was out of control. I had to trust my doctor and make what seemed like the wisest decisions, but I didn’t look at Jeremy say “Let’s have our baby now – this time, this day.” Things just happen and you can go with the flow or you can freak out.

Now that Owen is here, I am reminded that I have no control over him as a parent. I can meet his needs and do my best to make sure he is well taken care of. But that doesn’t mean he won’t cry. It doesn’t mean he’ll always be happy. I can’t just tell him what to do and have him do it. He is already his own person. From the very beginning, I have prayed that Owen will come to know the Lord has his Savior and that he will fall madly in love with Jesus. I pray that he will be a good, kind man. I pray that he will live with integrity and love others well. But… I am not in control of him doing this. Yet again, I can do my best to raise him right, but ultimately these decisions are his.  I can’t make them for him. God has given Jeremy and I the gift of raising Owen and being his parents, but really he is not mine. He is God’s first and foremost. I am only a trusted caregiver. I can do my best but the rest is up the Lord to touch his heart.

Both books that I’ve been reading recently reference Abraham and God asking him sacrifice Isaac on the alter. I find that when something comes up multiple times, God is trying to speak to me. This story flows perfectly with my pondering on Mary and parenting with open hands. Now I didn’t have to wait 100 years to be a parent, so I can only imagine how tightly Abraham wanted to hold on to Isaac. This was the long awaited, promised child. But Abraham was willing to give him up and trust God. Wow. I can’t fathom what that must have been like.  Mark Batterson puts it this way in his book All In, “The truth of the matter is that you can’t really say mine about anything! Nothing belongs to you – not your house, not your car, not your clothes. Every material thing you own is a by-product of the time, talent and treasure God has given you.” While this quote references material items, I would go one step further and say the same is true about parenting.  Owen is a treasure for sure. He is a God given gift. It’s up to me to daily give him back to the Lord and say not my will, but yours. I don’t want to be one of those parents who figure Owen’s life out for him. I don’t want to force my will and wishes on him. I want him to grow up to do whatever the Lord places on his heart. I want to inspire and encourage his dreams, not be an obstacle to them. I want him to be himself, the way the Lord uniquely made him. I want his personality to shine.

Just like most things in life, it’s not about me. It’s about Owen and God and this precious season I have to point a way toward the light. I want to reflect God’s love to Owen. I want to parent with open hands. I want to be willing to follow God’s voice no matter where it leads me. I want to trust that God has a better plan for Owen than I do. Just like Mary, I have to be prepared to let God do what he will. Our kiddos are entrusted to us for a short season and than they’ll be adults doing their own thing and living their own lives. My prayer is that is that I will be a mom who loves deeply and holds loosely. He is not mine. He is God’s. He is not here for my purposes, he is here for God’s. What an exciting opportunity and what a joy to be able to watch his life grow and unfold.


Advent December 4, 2013

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I love counting down to Christmas. As you can tell, I really get into Christmas. I love the sights and sounds. I love all of it. I love giving and lets be honest, receiving gifts. It’s just a whole lot of fun. The whole month feels like a party. It’s just hard not to feel jolly all the time. However, Christmas can be over commercialized. I understand that the stores make good money off the season. I purchase way too many beverages from Starbucks thanks to that special red cup… The true meaning of Christmas can get lost in all the activity that surrounds this time of year.

I usually do an advent calendar. The last few years I’ve used a homemade one that I decorated myself. It’s a tree with 24 drawers on it. Each day I pull a goodie out of it to countdown the days. My treat of choice is Candy Cane Kisses! Yum! Jeremy has a special peppermint bark candy in the drawers as well. The true purpose of Advent isn’t about a candy in a drawer. Advent is about a longing and anticipation.  It’s about seeking the Savior. The greatest gift ever given is the reason we celebrate Christmas. It’s about God becoming man. It’s about God wanting a relationship with us, bridging the gap, coming to redeem his creation. How can you not long for a holiday with so much hope, so much love? We celebrate Emmanuel! God with us! We are not alone and we are deeply loved.

I’ve never been one to do Advent readings. Usually I have enough on my plate that I don’t have time (or I think I don’t) to add another reading into my life. This year I saw that one of my favorite authors, Ann Voskamp, had a Christmas book out. So I downloaded it (because that is how I roll these days, welcome to the digital era). I wasn’t expecting this, but it turns out that it’s an Advent book. 25 chapters all leading up to Christmas and what Christmas really means. There is a daily Scripture, a devotional thought and some questions to ponder and some action steps to do. Each day is short and simple. I’m finding it’s refreshing to read something daily that reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas. It isn’t just about Christmas music or Christmas cookies or Christmas cards or Christmas movies. It’s so much more. Something so much deeper. I didn’t plan to spend my Advent season this way, but I’m so glad that I am. It’s an unexpected blessing to my daily routine.

Here is a quote that really got to me yesterday, ” Wise men are only wise because they make their priority the seeking of Christ.” I pray that for me and for you. I pray that we would use wisdom and make our priority the seeking of Christ. There is nothing better we can do at this time of year and all year round for that matter. It’s all about seeking Christ. It’s all about looking for our Savior. Anticipating his power in our life. The hope that comes from a relationship with him. I pray that I would make him the first priority of this season. I pray this for you too. Seek the Savior and you will find that the greatest love story of all time can be your story as well. We are a part of the Christmas story because that baby came to earth for us. It’s not a tale from long ago. It’s here and now! These are just a few of the thoughts bouncing around my head today.


Picking a Plan & Recent Readings September 9, 2013

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about books and I now intend to remedy that. First off, I wanted to share with you about my Bible reading plan. I decided a few months ago that I was going to get “ahead” in my one year plan so I could be finished by the end of the September. My logic was that I didn’t know what October would hold and I really wanted to complete reading the whole Bible in a year. Getting the plan finished before the baby arrived made sense. I guess it’s a good thing that I can read the Bible like it’s a novel because… I actually ended up finishing my plan in the middle of August. I just got carried away. Not a bad problem to have. This left me with the question, “what to do next?”  I’ve liked being able to use my YouVersion app on my phone to track my plan, so I looked there for a new whole Bible plan. After a lot of tempting options… I decided to do the same plan all over again! I know. I totally lack creativity! However, I decided that heading into a new season, that maybe something familiar would be a good idea. I like that the OwnIt365 plan is a 6 day a week plan. It gives you a day off or a day to get ahead. I like that it reads through the whole Bible only once. Some plans have you read multiple sections twice and that adds to the amount of daily reading time. It takes me about 15 minutes a day of reading with this plan and that is perfect. I guess that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! I am happy to stay that on September 1st, I started my Bible reading plan again with the hopes if finishing in a year or by the end of 2014. We’ll see how that all pans out!

As for other reading, I’ve been in a re-reading phase. I’ve re-read many good series in the last couple of months – The Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Love Comes Softly Series. I did re-read The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis though it is not a series. It’s about Heaven and Hell and very thought provoking because it’s done through fiction. It’s a good read and I would highly recommend it. I was torn between a couple of different series to move on to, so I decided to go a different direction for a pause and started Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson. I have great respect for Dr. Dobson and the Focus on the Family organization, but I will admit that I am couple of chapters in and I’m contemplating not finishing the book. At this point, he hasn’t said anything that I didn’t already know about boys. Maybe working with kids the last 7+ years has given me a better education into the male mind then I realized. I’ll give it a few more chapters… I’ll especially read the one chapter on mothers and sons. I don’t like to stop reading a book it the middle. My perfectionist nature usually compels me to complete every project I start thoroughly… but… I have more novels I could be re-reading on my bookshelf and they seem to be calling to me and drowning out the voice of Dr. Dobson. Poor guy. I’m sure he’ll recover.

That’s what’s been on my bookshelf and nightstand as of late. What books have been reading? Anything good? I’m always looking for new recommendations!