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Taking A Break September 3, 2016

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This last week has taken an unexpected turn for our family. On Monday, the buyer of our house wanted to see it again. Jeremy and I were driving the truck and the van down to the church. We were going to drop off the truck and go run some errands together in the van. When Jeremy arrived at the church a few minutes behind me, he was shaken up. He had gotten dizzy while driving and drove off the road. Thankfully, there was no damage to him, his truck or the yard he drove into. Over the last couple of years, Jeremy has seen a cardiologist. He has an irregular heartbeat and recently he has been struggling with his blood pressure and a racing pulse. He has pushed through so much. He kept on going and living life and doing it all and holding it together. Until Monday… We realize that things could have been a lot worse (I have to stop myself from thinking through all the things that could have happened. It’s too scary). His condition is serious and we need more answers than the ones we’ve been given. Jeremy went back on a beta-blocker that has regulated his heart well this week. Because it takes a week or so for the body to adjust to this medication, I have been driving Jeremy around just to be safe. Jeremy will also wear an event monitor for a month so the doctor can more closely record what is going with his heart and how often it happens. Getting this event monitor has been a challenge. We thought we would get one yesterday, but now it looks like it will be next Thursday. I am disappointed. Waiting has been hard for me. I feel sorry for my hubby, that he will have to be wired up for a month, but at the same time, I hope it brings more clarity and a plan for moving forward.

The other big piece of this medical puzzle is that Jeremy will be taking at least 30 days off from work to get his health back in order. Our lead pastor graciously offered this time to Jeremy. It was strange to accept such an offer, but at the same time, we have high hopes that taking a layer of stress off of Jeremy’s life will help. Our lives revolve around our family and Bethel Church. It will be very odd to have a month away from ministry. I am thankful for this opportunity and the chance to make Jeremy’s health our top priority. I also know that we have a great team at Bethel Church. We have fantastic leaders and teachers who will make this period of time a success. I am thankful and grateful to those who are covering for us. We are truly blessed.

We’ve spent a bit of time getting things in a good place for our absence. This week, I went into the church and put up my class bulletin board. This Wednesday will be the first week with my new class. My mom plans on covering the class while our family is away, but I plan on going down for the first class so I can introduce myself and get the year started off. September is full of so many traditions, things I always do to get the ball rolling. I love this time and it means a lot to me. I am grateful for a chance to start things off.

We’ve had a very quiet week. There has been lots of resting. Jeremy is doing a great job of laying low. The boys are also getting over colds. We’ve made the most of nap time and early bedtimes. I’m not sure what the next month looks like. Our life is very day to day right now. This afternoon we will go to my in-laws for dinner. I’m sure the boys will enjoy getting out and seeing Nana & Papa. They have been out of town taking care of our family over the mountains while the newest little Scott arrived! This week I became an auntie again to my new nephew, Colton. I am bummed that I haven’t gotten to snuggle him yet, but I have gone shopping for him so that helped my feelings. Anyway, back to small plans, our apple trees are full of apples that ready to be picked. I think we will pick a few apples and maybe make an apple pie. Jeremy went from going full throttle to snail speed. It’s been a weird switch, but we are believing this will make a difference for the future.

Oh, random Graham update, he taking steps daily and often. He isn’t “walking” per say but he can take about 3-4 steps before grabbing onto something. His preferred method of travel is walking while holding furniture. He only crawls as a last resort. He is up and moving. It’s not long with practice like this that he will be officially walking. Crazy kid. He is only 10 months old!!!!

Please be praying for our family. We have high hopes. We are believing that none of this caught God by surprise. He is in all of it. I keep thinking of Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” The hardest part for me is to not lean on my own understanding. In a season where I would like more answers, it’s hard to not try to fill in the blanks myself. I’m obviously not a doctor, so my mind goes down many paths wondering what is happening, what will happen, what could happen… But my understand of this situation is limited and it won’t get me anywhere productive. I am trusting that God is leading our family. He will make our path straight. I don’t have to figure this out. God’s got it handled. I just need to trust. And right now, that means taking things one day at a time and living intentionally slow and restful. It’s counter-intuitive, but I’m praying that it will bring life and health to Jeremy (and our family).


Trying to keep Graham from destroying the train tracks


Thankful for dark mornings, clouds and rain. I love this time of year!


Little models!


The bulletin board is ready for another fun year full of memories!


Quiet nights at home = Family Feud on the big screen.


This was my candy corn bowl. Graham is enjoying the leftover essence.


When you want to go outside but don’t want to change out of your pajamas…


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