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You are Loved & God is Good! December 7, 2016

img_4121Here are the notes from my MOPS talk yesterday. It should take about 15 minutes or less to read. I hope that it brings encouragement to you.  I had such a wonderful response yesterday. I was blessed to share my heart with such wonderful ladies!

Hello. For those of you out there that I haven’t met personally, my name is Amy Scott. My husband is the children’s pastor here at Bethel Church. I’m on the MOPS steering team and have been for the last few years. I love MOPS and I love that you are all here today. This is a special place and what we do here is important. I hope that as you’ve spent time around the table with other moms, you’ve felt a sense of community and belonging. It’s so encouraging to know that you are not alone and that you have a group of ladies cheering you on.

What I want to share with you ladies today is a lot of preaching to the choir. It’s a message that really touches where I am right now. I don’t know this as a fact, but I’m assuming a lot of you might be in a similar place or maybe can relate to my story.

I’m a thinker. I can’t turn my brain off. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it a curse. I’ve been thinking a lot about life, especially the last year, 2016, and all the changes that have happened. It’s been a big year. I turned 30, bought a minivan… Jeremy and I put our house up for sale. It was our first house and full of so many memories because we started our family there. My home has been my sanctuary, my refuge. Selling it and letting go was has been an exciting, but emotion filled decision.  I won’t go into all the details, but we’ve had one deal fall through and it’s been months of delays and extensions with our current buyer. We thought we would close at the end of September and now we are praying that we close at the end of the December. The kicker is, we thought for sure that we were going to close in October, so we moved in with my in-laws. Now it looks that was two months too soon. My in-laws have been great to live with, but it isn’t ideal when we could have been in our home. In a lot of ways, I’m ready to move forward, but I feel stalled.

Some of you know that at the end of this summer, my husband had some serious health issues arise and we had to take a step back from ministry for a few months to make his health a top priority.  He is doing better now, but there are still some questions that we haven’t found answers to. It’s been a lot to take in, a lot to process.

There are numerous other changes that would take too long to go into, but this whole last year; I’ve felt like my life has been sifted. It’s been a rewarding process in the sense that I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I can handle. Mostly I’ve learned how much I truly need to rely on God to get through the day. Sifting happens when things get shaken up. And I’ve felt shaken this year. In a lot of ways my sense of security has been lost. When your security is in things or even in people, life can be scary. There is a sense of doubt and worry. I’ve learned a lot about God being my rock, my anchor.

I’m a writer and a blogger. I used to attempt to write deep thoughts about life and ministry, but once I had kids my blog morphed more into our family life and what we’re up to on a weekly basis. My 5 followers love my updates. I’ve chronicled the highs and lows of this year through my blog. It’s interesting to me that after all the updates, once I’ve gone through all hang ups, holds up, struggles and fears, I would always wrap things up by talking about the goodness of God. Strange to think that I would write through all the struggles of life and then close by saying God is good.

And that brings me to what I want to share with you today. The heart of my message is you are loved and God is good. In the midst of it all, I would hold on to these two truths. I am loved and God is good.  I knew this was true. I didn’t doubt it. And with these two truths being whispered in my ear and repeated over and over in my heart, I was able to walk forward on firm ground even when life felt unstable and insecure. I didn’t have a lot of answers. I still don’t.

I could choose to stress and worry about my husband’s health or about why we keep experiencing hold ups with our house, but instead I remember that I am loved and God is good and the details that I cannot control lose their hold on me.  I can have peace.

Philippians 4:6-7 says:

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

God’s got this has been my motto. I don’t need to worry, I don’t need to figure it all it out. I just need to trust that God’s got this.

I want to share a passage of scripture with you from 1 John 4. I’m going to read verses 9-19:

God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.

 Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other.  No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.

And God has given us his Spirit as proof that we live in him and he in us. Furthermore, we have seen with our own eyes and now testify that the Father sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. All who declare that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God. We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love.

God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. And as we live in God, our love grows more perfect.

So we will not be afraid on the Day of Judgment, but we can face him with confidence because we live like Jesus here in this world.

Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love. We love each other because he loved us first.

There are a few key thoughts that I want to focus on. The first is that God loved us so much that he gave his one and only son so that we might have eternal life. God’s love is all about relationship. He loved us so much, so deeply that he gave the greatest sacrifice so we could have a relationship with him. It’s because of this truth that I have never doubted the goodness of God. God is love and his love restored my relationship with him. And I know that he desires that same relationship with each of you. His love is constant, searching, reconciling. He never gives up and never let’s go.  I am secure in this knowledge.

Which leads me to verse 16 where it says, “We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love.” We can trust this good news. We can trust God! No matter what happens in life, we can trust that he loves us. As I say it, it sounds simple, but it is deeply profound. We can trust his love. We can trust in a world that doesn’t make sense, that God’s got this, because he loves us. He is love. We don’t have to have it all figured out. We can trust his love.

In a period of time where fear has been waiting at my doorstep, hoping I will let it in and take root in my heart, I have relied on verse 18 that says such love has no fear because perfect love expels all fear. If I am truly trusting in perfect love then I don’t have to be afraid. This doesn’t mean that everything works out the way I hope because God loves me. I have gotten many answers I didn’t like and I’ve walked down roads that I didn’t plan to walk down. I’ve experienced hurt that I didn’t want or expect in my life. I think we all have. But I don’t have to be afraid of these things. God’s perfect love casts out all fear.  Even when I am uncomfortable, even when I’m confused, frustrated, broken hearted, or worn out, I know that at the base of it all, my foundation and my rock is this perfect love. This perfect love that knows where I’m at and is with me in each moment. When our trust is in God’s love, we can say good-bye to the hold that fear has over us.

Now the overall context of this verse isn’t just about us and God. It’s not a bubble. It’s not God loves me and I love him. End of story. This love is lived out in the context of community and relationship. It’s about us shining that love to those around us.

Verses 11 and 12 say:

Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other. No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.

God’s love is brought to full expression in us. WOW! That’s big. I’ll be honest with you all. I’ve been debating about what I would share with you for a while. I’ve taken this talk a thousand different directions in my mind. But God really challenged me to share my story today, to be real and honest about where I’ve been and what I’ve walked through.

I’m a private person by nature. I want you to all think that I’ve got it together and that I’m composed. Over the last year though I’ve had more than one moment where my composure has fallen apart. In those moments, Christ followers have been there to encourage me. I’ve had the best support as I’ve been honest and open with trusted friends and family members. By sharing my story with them, even the ugly parts, they have been able to respond to my need and love me in a deep and personal way. I lose out when I keep my story to myself and you lose you out to.

This great love that we are a part of invites us to share that love. We aren’t meant to keep it to ourselves. We can live like Jesus here in the world and extend that same love to others. We need that love and we need to give that love. Community is important. Sharing your story is important. God has given you a unique story that only you can tell. Maybe you’re in the middle of the hurt and you need the love of community to hold you up as you sort through the mess. Maybe you’ve recently walked through something and your testimony of how God got you through it can give encouragement and strength to someone so they don’t give up. It’s a cycle of encouragement and every part of the process is important.

Now, I realize that this is a Christmas party. I haven’t spent much time talking about shepherds or wise man. The heart of the Christmas story is Jesus. God came to earth in human form and walked among us. He loved us to much that died for our sins, so he could have a relationship with us. The love and the sacrifice of his story is why we are here today. It’s why we celebrate Christmas and even more so why we celebrate a risen Savior at Easter. This story isn’t a holiday story. It’s an everyday story. The truth of God’s goodness and his love is evident all year around and it’s up to us to respond to it and to share it with the world. My hope and prayer is that you will walk out of this room holding deeply to the truth that you loved and God is good. With that knowledge tucked in your heart, I pray that you shine a little brighter today and love a little deeper.  This is the heart of the Christmas message.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas November 20, 2016

I usually hold off on Christmas decorations until after Thanksgivings. I’ll start listening to Christmas music in November, but Thanksgiving weekend is the kick off of my Christmas decorating. This year is different, however. I’m thinking it might just be the stress of our house not closing (yes, we signed another extension. We should know Monday if the sale is actually going to go through or if we’ll have to relist our home). Christmas is comforting to me and I’ve needed comfort and Christmas a lot this week. It started with me buying Christmas jammies for the boys on Monday and then it lead to Owen getting a small Christmas tree in his room and holiday window clings. Today, Owen decorated the star to put on the top of his tree. Now it’s official!

This week I got the opportunity to help in the baby classroom at MOPS (opportunity = we didn’t have enough volunteers so steering team had to step in). It was surprisingly nice to do something different at MOPS. I enjoyed chatting with the other childcare workers and I think Graham enjoyed hanging with me. It was a craft meeting and sewing machines were involved so it’s probably best that I missed that meeting anyway. I’m not crafty.

During Graham’s nap time in the morning, I’ve been intentional about my time with Owen. We’ve started doing Bible time together. We read a story and color a picture about it. We’ve also been working on tracing our letters and numbers. This week I saw great improvement in his tracing skills and his ability to hold a pen. I never thought how challenging holding a pen could be until I tried to teach a 3 year old how to do it. I am loving these one on one moments with my big boy. I love watching him learn and I am enjoying the teaching moments we share. I am praying that as I share stories of how great God is and how he takes care of his people, Owen’s heart will be soft and receptive. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was four, so I know that Owen is not far off from possibly having his own Jesus moment and I am glad that I get to help sow these seeds and I pray that something good will grow out of it.

Yesterday, we drove over the mountains for my littlest nephew’s baby dedication. It was fun to spend time with my nephews and niece (and their parents and Nana & Papa). Owen got to jump on a trampoline for the first time and he loved it. He now knows that he got one for his birthday and he is itching for us to set it up. However, it’s pouring down rain at this moment. November isn’t prime trampoline weather on this side of the mountains.

God is good despite all of our ups and downs with the house. I am thankful for his constant love and encouragement during what feels like the longest process of my life. God’s got this. I don’t have to worry. I might be disappointed, but I don’t have to worry. Graham is sick and I’m wondering if my week is going to be a little slower than expected because of a sick kiddo. This morning I was trying to give Graham Tylenol to help lower his fever and he was crying in disdain. Owen on the other hand was practically in tears because he wanted Tylenol despite the fact that he doesn’t have a fever. I’m good at making everyone upset with me. It’s a glamorous life, being a mom. While I love the hugs and snuggles my boys give me, they also give me a handful of tears and meltdowns too. Gotta keep things even, right? Good thing God made my kiddos cute. It keeps them alive. Add Christmas jammies to those little boys and they “look” like little angels!


We love our Red Cups!


Relaxing in matching Christmas jammies!


Happy cheese muncher!


What can I say? They like to match! And they look so cute while they do it!


Just a few things I am thankful for! I love doing this craft with my Wednesday night girls.


Practicing tracing and holding his pen


Can you see Owen?


Doing Bible time in his Thomas tent


Decorating the mini tree


Owen’s new nightlight


Getting some Colton snuggles


Keeping up with the cousins and bouncing on the trampoline all caught up with Owen. He slept through Colton’s dedication.


The tree is official now! It has a star!


My handy helper!


Still Waiting… November 13, 2016

We didn’t close on our house last week. I’m not surprised, but I was hopeful. Now we will see if anything happens on Monday or Tuesday. If we don’t sign by then it will be another extension which just might break my brain. I stopped by our empty Moonlit house today after dropping a student off after church. The house felt weird. I hadn’t been there in weeks and the separation of time made it feel less like home. Our stuff isn’t there. Our little people weren’t there. It just didn’t feel like home anymore. I’m ready for it to be sold. Here’s hoping we can close soon and move on to the next chapter in our housing adventure!

Staff retreat with Graham went well. The kid was so exhausted that he passed out and slept hard everyday. It was great! His last hotel stay was rough, so his sleep was a pleasant surprise. We got a huge hotel room that after the first night, we had all to ourselves. It was such a blessing. Graham needed an afternoon nap each day, so while the staff kept diligently meeting, I got to slip away for some quiet time which was just what my introverted personality needed. It was fun to be with the staff and reconnect with them after a season of being away. We ate lots of good food and enjoyed unusually warm weather at the beach. It was a good week.

Now I am home and battling a sore throat. The days have been busy, but full of good things. Friday I said good-bye to my long time forever friend, Maggie. As you know, we meet every other month for lunch dates. We’ve been close since high school and her friendship is truly irreplaceable in my life. Her family is moving to California to start a new adventure. I am so excited for her, but so sad at the same time. I will miss her so much. However, I know that we will stay close through phone calls and emails and visits that might happen yearly instead of monthly.

Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday party at a fun bouncy house building. Owen has a love/hate relationship with bouncy houses – mostly hate. He was able to get over he fear and bounced away a good deal of the time. At the end of our bouncy time, he was even able to conquer his fear of the slide. It was a super fun outing and we had a blast celebrating with Nolan!

As always, there is lots to do this week. Places to go, things to do… I am grateful that with staff retreat behind us, we have no overnight travels for a few months. I am ready to take a deep breath and settle down. I am getting excited for the holiday season. I keep dreaming of turkey dinners, red cups, Christmas cookies and matching winter jammies for the boys. I love this time of year!


There were so many bunnies around our hotel at staff retreat!


This is one way to get a nap at staff retreat


Passing on the Mo’s love


Graham was laughing at the ocean! He loved it!


Out for a windy walk


The large spacious living room at our hotel! We didn’t want leave!


Brothers reunited!


My hubby brought me my first red cup on Thursday. It was perfect for my sore throat!


Saying “see you later” to my forever friend, Maggie. Over a decade of friendship and going strong.


Having a bouncy good time at Nolan’s birthday party


These two are such good friends!


Settling In at Papa & Nana’s House November 5, 2016

It has been so nice to not commute up to Kirkland this weekend. We’ve been able to settle in and makes ourselves at home in our new surroundings.  The boys were all sick over the weekend and that carried into the beginning of the week. Graham and Jeremy didn’t make it to Fall Fest because Graham had a fever and Jeremy had no voice. Owen and I went down to the church Monday morning to help set up. Owen HAD to go in his costume and I was okay with getting some extra use of out it! Owen played with the games as we set up and requested to sample the candy. Monday night, I helped serve nachos and hot dogs at the Fall Fest Cafe as a fundraiser for our MOPS group. Owen attended Fall Fest with Grandpa and then settled in to help Nana & Papa hand out balloons.

Tuesday was a MOPS morning and then the boys and I drove down to Longview to get have lunch with Auntie April. The purpose of the outing was to get a “red cup” with Auntie at Starbucks. My mind was blown to learn that the cups were green this year. Then I learned that holiday cups aren’t arriving until the 10th. I guess we’ll have to schedule another Starbucks date with April to get an official red holiday cup.

Wednesday and Thursday were NORMAL DAYS!!! Praise Jesus! Amen! Hallelujah!!! Everyone took off for work in the morning and I got to stay home with my boys and follow our normal daytime routine. It was exactly what I needed! When Graham took his morning nap, Owen and I read a Bible story together then we did a coloring sheet about the Bible story. On Thursday before our Bible story, I let Owen use his Usborne wipe clean books for the first time. The purpose is to practice tracing letters. Owen wanted to color more than trace, but it’s a baby step towards having intentional learning time during the day. Plus, it was nice to have one on one time with my big boy. Especially after having two weeks of being away from him so much.

Yesterday, we took the boys to Lattin’s Cider Mill & Farm to look at the animals and buy apple fritters. We ran some errands and bought meals to deliver to two of my MOPS friends. One is recovering from surgery and one just had a baby. Our evening concluded with playtime, pumpkin pie and Zootopia. Today I am working on laundry and packing for myself and the boys. Tomorrow, Owen goes back to Grandpa & Grandma’s for a few days and Graham will be joining Jeremy & I at staff retreat. I am seriously hoping that is the last overnight trip I have to take with Graham for a while. From October 18th-November 9th, my days at home have been few and far between. I’m looking forward to getting back from staff retreat and further settling into our groove at Papa & Nana’s house. The boys are doing well with the change and for that I am grateful.

That is the update for now. Hopefully, I’ll have delightful tales from staff retreat to share in my next blog. I’m also hoping to share that our house has officially closed… We are thinking that might happen on the 10th or 11th. If anything, praying the 15th is the latest this process will be drawn out. I won’t be happy if we have to sign yet another extension. I’m trusting God with all the details. I know it will work it out. In the meantime, I am working on growing the gift of patience.


The cutest train engineer ever!


Tigger had a fever so he had to stay home from the Fall Fest fun. At least he had a smile!


Green cups with April


Coloring with Mommy while Graham naps.


Practicing his letters


This is what the house looks like 20 minutes after everyone goes to work. It’s a comforting sight after a busy season away from home.


My good apples!


How tall this fall? In Graham’s case, it should say how short!  Tiny toddler!


Not So Healthy August 22, 2016

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My post from yesterday was actually written on Saturday and scheduled to post on Sunday. I had ended my last entry by saying that I was thankful for healthy and happy boys. As it turns out, they aren’t quite as healthy as I thought. Sunday turned into a sick day at our house. Jeremy called me saying that the new meds he had started taking for his heart were making him dizzy and he needed to come home. It was great to get a call saying that he was dizzy and driving. Awesome. I spent the next 15 minutes wondering if he was going to end up in a ditch on the side of the road… Owen woke up sounding hoarse. Graham woke up with snot and developed a random rash that came and went quickly (thankfully). Jeremy spent the whole day laying down and the boys just kind of play around him and enjoyed his presence. Not the Sunday I had planned.

The last week has been full of lots of things that wouldn’t headline their own blog post, but have definitely kept me busy. We’ve had a couple of cooler days. I have been able to bake (which is just as good as therapy). I’ve been loving doing laundry during the day and not worrying about how hot it is to run the dishwasher. I’ve been in party planning mode of the boys birthday parties. I ordered their supplies online yesterday and I have their birthday invites ready to throw in the mail next week.

I’ve also been planning for the fall with my Wednesday night class at church. Today I purchased the supplies for my bulletin board. I also ordered new curriculum and crafts. I am now set for the new school year. I have two weeks left with my current class, but those two weeks will be spent visiting our youth ministry and preparing for them the transition. Last Wednesday, we did ice cream sundaes and took down all the artwork that decorated our room throughout the year. We passed around pieces of paper and signed them like yearbooks. I love getting one last chance to tell them how much they matter to me and Jesus. I almost cry every year as I tell them how I loved teaching them and that our friendship doesn’t end when they leave the classroom. These girls mean so much me. Most of them have been regulars for the last two years. We’ve gotten close. Every year it’s hard to see another class move up. But the size of the classroom I teach in won’t let me keep all of my students forever (I’d be tempted to if I could).

In the midst of home showings, getting an offer on the house and major illnesses, I threw an Usborne book party last week. It was a major success! I got WAY more hostess rewards than I had expected. I got the boys books for their birthdays, books for Christmas, book just for fun. The topics range from dinosaurs to bugs to space to trains to machines. I got Christmas stories, a phonics reader set and wipe clean learning books for preschool. I am so excited to add these books to our home library. They are a great quality and educational. Such a blessing. Since Usborne has had a boom in popularity recently, it takes a while for their books to ship. Being patient is hard!!! I can’t wait for the amazing box to arrive!

A lot of my life is out of my control (okay, almost all of it). There are a lot of things that weigh on me and worry me. I have to keep reminding myself that worry doesn’t change anything. I find myself clinging to the goodness in ordinary moments. Folding laundry, using the oven, baking, watching my kiddos play, making snacks, making meals. These things keep me grounded. They keep me centered on reality. I often feel like my life should be a fairy tale. When I tell my story, it should be nothing short of perfection, as if angels sing in hallowed voices in the background. But life is not a fairy tale. We’ve certainly had our share of concerns and discouragements and uncertainties. I like security and in a lot of ways, my security has been shaken over the last year. While I might not be sure of a lot of things, I am sure of Jesus and I am sure of the blessings in this moment. My current blessing is that Owen has stopped screaming. He gets real dramatic at bedtime. The toddler phase of one more drink, one more hug, where is my toy, turn my heater on, I have to go pee… It’s real folks. And Owen screams about it every night for about 20-30 minutes. Jeremy has evening commitments all this week which means I have a week of bedtimes all by myself. It’s hard. But now both my boys are sleeping and since my hubby is away, I am having some personal time to blog. When I’m done here, I will hop on to and put on my family historian hat. I’ve been working on the boys’ photo books for this last year. I find that if I work on them slowly a month or two at a time, the project isn’t a big deal. These are good moments. Looking through happy pictures of my kids is a wonderful thing when I am feeling tired and worn out and cranky (because I was up three times with Graham and once with Owen last night). Oh sleep… I miss you!


The end of the summer is a hard time to catch everyone. Missing a few of our regulars (and April). Wrapping up another awesome year with the 5th/6th grade girls at church.


What a joy it was to use the oven to make frozen pizza! Family dinner time is a blessing especially with piles of trains on the table and trucks on the floor!


Homemade banana bread! Yum!


Graham really liked my banana bread


Owen was not so into it…


A Day Out with Thomas July 24, 2016

This last week has moved at a remarkable pace. We are flying through our days and they are filled to the brim with activity. I left off last week saying that we would tour a Lexar home plan on Wednesday. My plan was to bake on Wednesday morning and put off my normal house cleaning until Thursday. Jeremy sent me text on Wednesday morning saying at the appraiser called and wanted to appraise the house that day. I went from having a relaxed day to cleaning the house at break neck speeds. I had barely enough time to clean the house, take a shower and get out the door. Insane! The hour drive to see the Lexar home felt like an eternity to me because it was a Wednesday and I knew that we had to make the same drive home in order to get to church on time. It was a jammed packed day. I wish I could say that I didn’t like the house, but I did. The house we saw had some upgrades that we really liked. However, with Lexar raising their prices recently, our budget really has no wiggle room for upgrades. The house we toured was really well decorated. The lady who owns it makes her own decor and furniture. She is the kind of person Pinterest was made for. It was nice to see the house set up so well and so functionally. Jeremy and I could definitely see how the home would work for us. My favorite spaces were the master bedroom and the playroom. The tour gave us lots to think about. (And in case you are wondering, we haven’t heard anything back about the appraisal…)

Before I can jump into the happy Thomas the Train update, I want to briefly touch on Thursday’s big news. Thursday, Toby left our family for a new adventure. It had been in the works to take Toby to a local humane society since the beginning of July, but due to some policies it got put off until this last week. It was a hard thing to do. When we first tried to rehome Toby in January, it was sudden and while we agreed it was the right thing to do, it left me an emotional wreck. I sobbed and had the closest thing in my life to a legitimate panic attack. It might have been the postpartum hormones, but I think it was the surprise and pace of the decision mixed with a whole lot of guilt and feeling like a failure. I was nervous about how our second attempt at giving him away would go. With everything else that I have on my plate right now, I didn’t want to have a mental breakdown over the dog. I think that having a lot of time to process the decision was good for me. Having most of the month of July to think about it and say good-bye was helpful for me. Toby’s last month with us was filled with lots of walks, treats and love. He is a sweet dog, but just not good with kids. Now he has a chance to find a family that better fits his needs. While I have not sobbed like last time, Toby is still in my thoughts throughout the day. I wonder how he is doing. I think about how he would have been a part of our day. There is a void – for good or for bad. I do miss him. I think that moving in two weeks will help since we’ll be in a new location and no longer in the home that we brought Toby home to. It’s been rough, but good in a lot of ways. Just another big change for our family. We’ve had a few lately…

On to the happy stuff! On Friday, we took off up north for a Day Out with Thomas! As we were walking up to the train station, Thomas was pulling in from his first ride of the day. Owen was thrilled to see him. The funny thing about Owen is he takes everything in and processes it quietly. His eyes were huge and he had fun, but he is barely smiling in any of the pictures. The day wasn’t great for photo opportunities, but the experience itself was worth it. We went around the site and collected coloring pages, temporary tattoos and played at the Thomas train tables they had set up. We climb up inside engines they had on display. They had all the songs from the show playing around the railway. It was a fun atmosphere. The ride itself was scenic and everyone we passed waved at us. Owen had a fun time waving back. Once our ride was over, we got in line to take our picture with Thomas. Because he had to depart for his next ride, the photo opportunity stopped right as we got to the front of the line. We got some pictures with Thomas in the background. They aren’t Christmas card worthy, but they are funny. Owen wouldn’t take his eyes off of Thomas so all you see is the back of his head in the photos. Graham on the other hand is crying because he is cranky and needs a nap. It made for a humorous photo. We left the railway feeling pretty good about our fun adventure with Thomas. Our ride home was also an adventure. An accident on the freeway had southbound I-5 crazy backed up. It was faster for us to take an extremely scenic route home and avoid the freeway all together.

I got home on Friday with just enough time to get a little dinner and then take off for my MOPS leadership retreat. I was exhausted from the big day with Thomas, but I mustered the strength. All I really wanted was my pajamas. My MOPS meetings on Friday and Saturday went well and I am excited for all we have planned for next year. Now that August is almost here, I am going to need to start working on our publications. June/July are sirt if a short break for me when it comes to publications, but I’m about to jump right back into it. After the retreat was over, I came home and packed some boxes while the boys napped. Jeremy worked on fixing a few things that came up in the home inspection. Once the boys were up, we dropped them off with Nana and Papa and took off for Olympia to talk with Adair homes. Now that Lexar has raised their prices, we need to seriously look into other options to make sure we are making the best choice financially. The meeting with Adair went well and gave Jeremy and I lots to discuss at dinner.

Today the house is looking bare as I take down the artwork on the walls and wrap it up. I’m currently out of bubble wrap, so I’m pausing to complete this blog. Jeremy is out digging up pipes to fix our septic with his father. We are moving toward closing and doing our best to be as prepared as possible for this big move and transition. Please be praying for us! We appreciate it!


Triple stacker! Silly boys!


Oh the things that happen at church. Luckily it looks like no big deal now.


Toby’s last walk with the family. Such a hard decision even though it was a good one. Despite all the crazy he brought to our lives, I do miss him. Just not the pee on my floor.. And the barking…


Playing in the yard is what being a kid in summertime is all about!


Our epic photo with Thomas! What do you think? Christmas cards?


Enjoying our time at the railway


Such a good time at the Day Out with Thomas


Who would have thought? July 20, 2016

If you would have asked me about what I thought 2016 would like on January 1st, I would have never imagined any of this. Our world continues to move forward in surprising ways. I can tell that God is in all of this because it’s not something I saw coming. Our counter off to the home inspection was accepted. We will move on August 8th and close on August 12th (as long as the appraisal goes well). I find myself with only a few weeks left in my house. Monday, I packed up dozens of boxes and tried to determined what we needed in our kitchen and what could go. Jeremy and Owen took two truck loads out to the storage unit. We are making progress. Packing is now a daily pastime. I am so grateful to have Jeremy home from camp. It felt like life paused for a week and now we are back to moving full steam ahead. We switched the boys’ dressers so Graham can use the long dresser has a changing table. We will sell our changing table so it’s one less things to store. I’ve been sorting through our things and consolidating. I’m trying to be strategic when it comes to what stuff will move with us and what will go to storage.  The nice thing about having a project like this is I feel productive at the end of the day. Keeping my kids alive is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, I don’t always feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. Packing makes me feel like I’m doing something. It’s been good.

The week without Jeremy finished well. We went had dinner with my parents on Thursday and went down to Longview to hang with my sister on Friday. We took Owen to the park and he has a blast. We did a little shopping, got more “panda rice” and milkshakes at Burgerville. The boys were so excited when Jeremy came home. Graham crawled around the house trying to keep up with Jeremy. Every time he reached Jeremy, he would pull himself up and lift his arms up to be held. It was super sweet. Owen gave Jeremy numerous hugs and told him that he missed him. These boys love their Daddy! It’s great to have the family back together.

Our weekend was filled with family time. We drove over the mountains for my niece’s 4th birthday party on Saturday and then we had a family BBQ with relatives visiting from South Dakota on Sunday. Like I mentioned early, Monday was a big day of packing and taking loads to the storage unit. We also walked the property with a local contractor and ran errands up in Olympia. Jeremy hasn’t had any down time to recover from kid’s camp. While the boys napped, I worked on a MOPS project. I walked into our bedroom to find Jeremy laying on the bed with his eyes closed. My hubby never lays down, so this was a big deal. Poor guy just can’t rest with the pace we’ve set.

Yesterday, I went into the church to make a sign for our MOPS play date and then we went to the park to play. Owen had a great time going down the slide and watching for trains with his friends. As we were leaving the park, Owen yelled “Good-bye everybody!” It was sweet to see him connecting with his buddies.

Today, we have our rescheduled home tour with Lexar. I am excited to see if the plan we like is the “one”. If we don’t love this plan then it might be back to the drawing board for us. Lexar has raised their prices, so we might look into other builders. We aren’t sure yet. Things with the property are moving forward. We will need to nail down the details soon. We don’t want anything to hold us up once we have the green light to build.

That’s life in a nutshell. It’s wonderful to see the process move forward. Each steps brings us closer to the next. I’m excited that once we move, we will close. Once we close, we will have the finances to start building. This new home and all that it entails is an adventurous new chapter for our family. I have loved our current home and I am sad in way for this chapter to end. So many sweet and wonderful memories. I am equally thrilled though by the new memories we are going to make moving forward. God is in all the changes. He has our family in his hands. I am thankful, excited and looking forward to the future.


Doesn’t everyone watch TV like this?


Graham: How do I get up there?


Playing outside while baby naps


Dinner at Grandpa & Grandma’s new place


Being such a big boy playing at the park


Milkshakes with Auntie


Welcoming Daddy home!


Happy birthday, Brinley!


Flying planes


Cheering Daddy on while he plays a game


Cousins and buddies!



Anniversary Weekend & More July 12, 2016

I’m just going to jump in… Our plan to visit the Lexar house plan we like fell through last Wednesday. The guy at Lexar put the wrong date in his calendar so he wasn’t available when we stopped by to meet up with him. That will now be pushed back to next week. We will also be parting ways with Toby next week and attending a Day Out with Thomas. Lots to look forward to. Not to mention this weekend is a family birthday party and then a family BBQ the following day. We like to celebrate!

Wednesday we had our home inspection. It went fairly well. Somethings we expected. Some surprised us. The buyers asked for a few things to be taken care and we countered. Mostly, we wanted Jeremy to be able to fix the majority of the issues since they were small and the buyers wanted a licensed contractor. Trust me, Jeremy’s got this. However, they don’t know how handy my hubby is so I can understand the standard ask of a contractor. We haven’t heard back from them yet if they accept our counter. In other news, our family has an offer accepted on a 12 acre piece of property south of Chehalis. We are super excited. We will do a feasibility to make sure the building there is well… feasible … If all goes well, my parents will be building on 6 acres and we will be building one the other 6 acres. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. We are ready to move this process forward. At this point, we will close a month from today on August 12th. We will move on August 8th, so we are already less an a month away from the big transition. I’ve been steadily packing boxes and pairing stuff down. I’m feeling good about what we will be taking with us to my in-laws house and what will go to storage. I should also give a shout out to my in-laws who have been making space for us. They have been so gracious and generous. I am grateful for their cheerful hearts and their willingness to take in this crazy ragtag bunch. Praying we don’t drive them nuts!

Now that the move update is out the way, let’s move on to daily life. This last weekend, we went to the beach to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Since Graham is nursing and Owen loves the beach, the boys came along too. Romantic, I know. What was also romantic was the fact that Jeremy and I slept in separate full beds on opposite sides of the trailer stayed in. Jeremy doesn’t fit in a full bed. His feet stick off, so he sleeps diagonal. Jeremy and Owen took the bedroom and Graham and I took the living space. I’m thinking we’ll make 11 years the romantic, kid-free getaway. My friend, Maggie, owns a trailer at the beach and she offered it us free of charge. It’s an adorable 1950’s trailer with lots of wood paneling and Maggie has it decorated so cute. When we arrived there was a gift basket waiting for us. A bunch of friends and family had chipped in. There was a picture frame, chocolate, sparkling cider and gift certificates to local restaurants. It was such a surprise and sweet gesture. We felt loved and blessed. We packed our time at the beach with all our favorite things. The weather was rainy, but it made things quiet and cozy. We took advantage of breaks in the rain and got outside a few times. It was a fantastic family weekend. I love my husband more than words can say. The last 10 years have been better than I could have ever imagined. Jeremy is my best friend and partner in crime. He balances me out and encourages me in so many ways. I know that I am a better person because he is my life. He supports and loves me and values me. I am one grateful lady. God gave me the best!

After the high of the fun family weekend, Jeremy left on Sunday to go to kid’s camp for the week. Which means I am home. alone. with the boys. At this point, we are all still living. Sunday, we stayed after church to have lunch with him and say our good-byes. Then it was home for nap time, a walk with the dog and a movie. Yesterday, my mom came over in the morning, the boys had a bubble bath and then we went over to Nana & Papa’s house for dinner and playtime. Today, we went down to Portland to Powell’s City of Books. Oh my word. I wanted to buy the whole children’s section. It was bad. Books are a weakness of mine. The boys got three new books and each one got read at bed time tonight. My mom and sister joined our little clan on this outing. We had lunch out. Owen got “panda rice” (Panda Express). I got to do a little shopping. It was super helpful to have my mom and April there to distract the boys so I could take few minutes to focus on my wardrobe needs. When we got home from our adventure, we attempted to take the dog for a walk, but it started to rain so we had to turn around. Gotta love this July weather. Last summer was so hot. I am grateful for the cool weather and even the rain. I know. I’m weird. The rest of the week is filled with friends, family and church.The only day I didn’t plan anything on was Friday… Which could be a LONG day since Jeremy doesn’t get home till late. I might have to make up a Friday outing so we are just staring at the clock wondering when Daddy will get home.

That about sums up life. Oh, I read a book. It’s called It’s Just a Phase So Don’t Miss It. It’s written for leaders that work with kids and teenagers about maximizing your influence at each phase in a child’s life. Each phase is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. It was an easy read filled with good information and fun charts. There was humor and honesty spread throughout the pages. As a parent, it was helpful for me to remember to be intentional with my boys where they are now, but to have a plan for the future. I am raising adults. Since this was only the third book I’ve read in 2016, I was proud of myself. When Jeremy isn’t home and I don’t want to go to bed at 8:40pm, I actually take the time to read.

Okay. Now I’m done!


Settling in at the beach


Flashback to July 8, 2006


Graham’s first visit to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Owen remembered it from last summer and was thrilled to visit again!


Boardwalk selfie in Long Beach


Saying our good-byes before sending Daddy off to camp.


Time for a movie and popcorn


Tubby time!


Reading one of his new books at Powell’s


Sister selfie in Powell’s


A big mouthful of Panda rice! Yum!!!


Keeping Up with Life July 24, 2015

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Even though Jeremy got home last Friday after being gone for the week, our lives have only picked up the pace. I had a MOPS leadership retreat last Friday and Saturday. Jeremy and I were ships passing this last weekend. He and Owen ran errands together last Saturday while I was away. Sunday, Jeremy had to work prepping for another week at a local summer camp. Owen and I had a great visit from an out of town friend on Sunday evening while Jeremy was away.

The rest of our week has been full of running errands with Jeremy and play dates with friends. If Owen and I want to hang out with Jeremy, we’ve had to be on mission with him for work. Owen and I had our first experience with the local spray park. I wasn’t sure what Owen would think of it since he tends to like water on his own terms and the weather was a bit cloudy. I am happy to report that spray park was a big hit and I was glad that Owen played in the water without needing me to hover right over him. I’m not a fan of getting wet. I know, I’m weird. Yesterday, I had a friend come over and we did an Anne of Green Gables movie marathon while Jeremy wrapped up his week with the local summer camp.

The evenings have been interesting around here because after Owen goes to bed, Jeremy and I are working side by side our laptops. Jeremy was always prepping for the next day at summer camp and I’ve been running full steam ahead with MOPS publications. We were able to hammer down enough details at our planning retreat for me to really jump into my roles of Table Leader Coordinator and Publications. I nailed down the food rotation and started to work on getting our registration information into flyer and handout form. The next month will be a big push for us to get ladies aware of MOPS and ready to sign up at the beginning of September. Also, I am responsible for the newsletter. I learned my lesson from last year and I often put the newsletter off until the end of the month. Which worked fine when my life only held one toddler boy to keep up with. Moving into the fall, I will be adapting to life as a mother of two and I didn’t want to put the newsletter off. I have started to work on getting the first few months of the newsletter done in rough draft form. This will allow me to tweak them closer to the printing dates, but not have the baulk of the work on my shoulders this fall. My motto for MOPS this year is why do it later when I can get it done now. The leadership retreat gave me the momentum I needed to get a lot accomplished this week and I am happy with where things are right now. It feels good to be prepared and ahead of the game.

Well, that has been our last week in a nutshell. Here are a few pictures from our adventures.

Running errands together has some perks - like stops for frozen yogurt!

Running errands together has some perks – like stops for frozen yogurt!

This is Owen hanging out in an empty bathtub and me telling him it's time to get out. Apparently, he was trying to tune me out.

This is Owen hanging out in an empty bathtub and me telling him it’s time to get out. Apparently, he was trying to tune me out.

Helping Dad prep for the next day of summer camp

Helping Dad prep for the next day of summer camp

Getting a walk in before bed time

Getting a walk in before bed time

Splashing it up at our MOPS in the Park play date!

Splashing it up at our MOPS in the Park play date!

Helping Mom make brownies for her Wednesday night class at church

Helping Mom make brownies for her Wednesday night class at church

Enjoying a day dedicated to Anne!

Enjoying a day dedicated to Anne!


A Girl’s Night, a Birthday Party and a Tummy Bug June 5, 2015

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Last weekend was a big one. I put off writing about it because there was a lot of other stuff bouncing around in my head, but now I am able to back track and revisit the weekend.

On Friday night, I had a game and craft night with 4 girls from my Wednesday night class. It was a smaller group than usual. This years class is a group of busy girls, so most of them had prior plans. Big groups can be fun, but small groups are a great too. I got to have more one-on-one conversations with the girls. Plus, the noise and mess were slightly less. We started off the night with a game of croquet. I only play once a year – at this event. Somehow, I manage to get in the top three every year and this year I took first place. Oh yeah! It fun to play croquet because most of the girls have never played it before. I like introducing them to new things. After our game, we headed to backyard to roast hot dogs around the fire. I was super nervous about Owen and the fire, but I am happy report that he did a great job and stayed away from it. We happily munched on our meals until everyone was full. We came inside to work on a craft project after that. I supplied paper, stickers, magazines and ribbon so the girls could decorate wooden picture frames with Mod Podge. They all loved it. Mod Podge isn’t something I let them use on a regular basis so big crafts like this are a special treat. I always pray that Mod Podge stays where it’s supposed to and that my house survives pre-teens and liquid glue. We let our craft projects dry while we went back outside to make s’mores for dessert. This was my first time making s’mores this season and let me tell you, they hit the spot! Yum! I predict more of them in my future. The girls roasted/ate/burnt the whole bag of marshmallows. Once the bag was empty, it was our time to clean up and head home. It was a fun night and I love opening my home up to my students. I want them to feel a part of my life and I want them to know that I am here for them not just on Wednesdays, but any day of the week. Their friendship is important to me and nights like this go a long way to say that.

On Saturday, we got up early (that was hard after the late night before) and took off over the mountains to celebrate my nephew’s 5th birthday. I swear he was two yesterday. It’s crazy! Carson had a Star Wars themed party and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law did a great job making that come to life. Yoda even made an appearance and was promptly attacked by a mob of 5 year-olds with foam light sabers. It was very intense. Apparently they are all on the dark side. Owen had a great time playing in the sprinkler and then once the big kids took off, he took over the pool. Jeremy had to pull him out occasionally because the water was so cold his teeth were chattering and his lips were turning blue. You would have no idea that he was cold from his actions though. He was one happy water baby!

Sunday morning, I decided to skip church because the big weekend had tuckered me out and I figured a little extra rest wouldn’t be bad for Owen. He slept in and I felt like I had made a good call for the both of us. Then Owen started to get clingy and woke up from a nap with a fever. We ended up missing our growth group that night and the cherry on top of the day was Owen throwing up on Jeremy. Okay, that was so not a highlight. But Sunday was the beginning of a week of illness. Owen turns into a slug when he is sick so I’ve spent a good part of the week with my kid flopped over in my lap or laying on my chest. Poor boy. He is just now starting to come out of it. He has had a few fever free days, but his diapers and eating habits are still a bit off. I’m praying that things keep getting better from here.

Croquet time!

Croquet time!

A boy and his hot dog bun

A boy and his hot dog bun

First s'more of the season

First s’more of the season

Love this sight!

Love this sight!

Chatting with Nana on the ride over the mountains

Chatting with Nana on the ride over the mountains

Happy Birthday, Carson!

Happy Birthday, Carson!

Water boys!

Water boys!

Sick kiddo

Sick kiddo

Starting perk up! Playing with his new tool set!

Starting perk up! Playing with his new tool set!