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Travels, Strep, Ear Infection, Good Bye April! April 30, 2018

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It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks since I last shared with you. April has been a full month to say the least. We partied hard with many play dates and visitors over to see our new home.

I made the mistake of thinking that I hadn’t been home with a sick kid in a while and then BAM! The boys went down. We went down to see my nephew, Carson, play baseball a few Saturdays ago. We were all excited for the cousins to play while watching Carson. Graham, however, didn’t join in the fun. He just cuddled into Jeremy & I’s laps and sat on us through the whole game. Talk about a warning sign. When we got home, Graham had a low grade fever. He didn’t really didn’t have any other symptoms. Just some snot from time to time, so we didn’t feel a rush to take him into the doctor. He would play happily for a while and then he would be flat somewhere resting. It was difficult, but we left for Network Conference last Monday even though Graham was still having fevers. Network Conference was in Vancouver, WA this year. It was nice to have a short trip there. Part of our staff rented a house together. It was fun to sit up and talk with them after the evening sessions. It was a great way to connect in a causal way and deepen our relationships. Graham’s fever remained through our trip and when we got home we decided to take him to the doctor on Thursday. Turns out Graham had strep throat. Poor kid. He got antibiotics and perked up quite quickly.

Thursday was a day for the record books. Not only did Graham need to go to the doctor, but Owen came down with something as well. Owen developed a fever and by 9:30am on Thursday morning both of my boys were sleeping on the couch. It was crazy. I’ve never had them both fall asleep at the same time on the couch. I got the boys into their beds and prepared for the sick day ahead of me. Owen threw up twice. I’m happy to report he has learned the knack of throwing up in the toilet and he made it both times. I was seriously concerned for our new couch and new rug at the onset of his tummy issues. I was really wrestling on Thursday with my weekend plans. I was supposed to leave for Ladies Retreat with my church on Friday and be gone through Sunday. I couldn’t imagine leaving Jeremy with two super sick kids. Thankfully, once Graham got his medicine, he bounced back quickly and was a happy camper on Friday morning. Owen, however, struggled through the weekend. He was just a bump on a log. He didn’t move from the couch and had no energy. While I felt bad leaving Jeremy was a sick kid, Owen was a super easy kid to watch because he didn’t do anything but lay there. Graham was a happy clam because he didn’t have to share the toys and he played by himself all weekend while Owen rested. Even though the boys were in good hands with Jeremy, it was hard to be away from them with illness in the house. I got home yesterday afternoon and we took Owen into the aftercare clinic. He for sure has an ear infection and they decided he might have strep. Since you can treat strep and an ear infection with the same antibiotic they didn’t test him for strep and went forward with the meds. Now that Owen has a couple doses of medicine in him, he is back to his happy, normal self. I let the kids destroy the house this morning because it was just so nice to see them able to play together again after over a week of illness.

I’ve spent my day disinfecting everything and catching up on the laundry. April has been a full month. I looked at my calendar and there were only a few days this month where I had no plans. We’ve spent the month either having people over or running busily around the PNW. On Friday the 20th before all the germs settled in, I enjoyed a full day at home with nowhere to go. It was amazing. I sorted through hand-me-downs for Graham and organized his dresser with new options. I’ve been proud of myself for keeping up with meal planning this month. I’m getting into a new routine of writing out our meals one week at a time. I need to be brave and experiment with some new recipes since I can make about 7 different meals. Other things I’m adapting to… cleaning the new house. I haven’t gotten back to my routine of cleaning on Wednesdays. It’s landed more on Sunday/Monday this month. I was worried about the time it would take to clean a bigger house and another bathroom, but it hasn’t been too bad. Better than I expected actually. It’s good thing I love to clean. I’m also adapting to traveling to and from our new location. The big change for me is I don’t use the freeway much anymore. All my usual spots are best accessed by back roads. It’s weird. We also live in a spot where were there are lots of ways to get to the house and they all take about the same time to get there. I guess that gives us options and variety, but I’m not quite used to it yet.

And that is the end of April wrap up! It’s been a wonderful first month in our home. My travels were fun, but a bit dampened by concern for sick kiddos. I’m very curious to see how May pans out. I’ve had so much fun with visitors, play dates, cooking in my new kitchen and settling into my new household routine. I can only hope that May is just as joyful as April.


Grateful to be here! 


Our new entry bench has great storage


Using our lawn mower for the first time


Jeremy’s gardening buddies


The day Graham went down


Backyard ready for the first BBQ of the season with Nana & Papa. 


Home from Network Conference and snuggling my sick boy.


Two little bumps on a log


At the doctor’s office


Getting a smile from my sicko before I left for retreat.


Cannon Beach with the ladies 


Selfie with Haystack Rock


Group picture with our speaker! 


Back to the doctor’s office


Letting them destroy the house since they finally have the energy to do that! 


Chapters April 17, 2018

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Life is full of chapters. Some are longer than others. Some go by in the blink of an eye. I’ve had time to think about my most recent chapter. We put our Winlock house up for sale in May of 2016. We spent April of 2016, cleaning the house, doing projects and getting it ready to go onto the market. This means that we’ve been in a two year process of selling the Winlock house, moving in with Jeremy’s parents, preparing to build our new house, actually building the new house and then moving into the new house! It feels odd to be at end of what seems like a really long chapter in my story.

Here is where my mind wandered this week. It’s strange to finally be in our home – at the final destination of two years worth of hoping, dreaming, working and waiting. The big thing that stood out to me is that our story isn’t over. It’s not “Jeremy, Amy, Owen & Graham moved into the new house and they lived happily ever after. The end.” – This is not “the end”, this is just the beginning. The beginning of a new chapter and a new season for our family. I guess we could be seen in the “happily ever after” portion of the story, but I’ve been on this earth long enough to to know that happily ever after doesn’t really happen this side of heaven. That is for another time and another place. But… here I sit in this new home, this new blessing that still smells like new carpet and fresh paint. Let me tell you, I’ve had waves of anxiety. At first I felt super materialistic and freaked out by new house. Surely, I don’t need something so big, so nice. What was I thinking? Then I reminded myself that I want to open my doors to others. I have space to be gracious, hospitable and welcoming. I reminded myself that if the Lord allows it, I will some day have teenagers in this house and we picked this floor plan with teenagers in mind, not just toddlers. This also led to the next freak out – what if we can’t stay to see the boys be teenagers here? What if something changes and we have to move? Do I have my heart too set on living here “forever”? And then a peace settled over my heart. God whispered to me “Do not fear. Just enjoy while it is yours.” I was almost too scared to build this dream house two years ago when the opportunity presented itself. I thought of all the “what ifs” and all the ways things could go wrong and I didn’t want that pain. And then I realized that was the voice of fear, not of Jesus. We boldly went forward with this crazy plan of selling our first home and moving in with family (something I thought for sure I would never need to do) and then built a lovely home (something I thought we  never would be able to do). It’s amazing how life turns out nothing like we expect and yet it is still good. What would we miss out on if life turned out the way we thought it would? We wouldn’t have the chance to be surprised by God who has so much more in store for us than we can even imagine.

As you can tell, I’m wrestling with all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come with change. No matter what the change – even good change, there is a shift in how we do things, how we think, how we process. I am loving our space. I am settling in and truly do feel at home here. I look around and I feel blessed beyond measure. One of the biggest blessings of the last week has been sharing my space with others. I am so excited to be a hostess and have people over. This means that in a week’s span of time I will have had two close friends/mentors over and two play dates for a total of eight guests in one week. What a blessing! What a joy! I want to have everyone over. I want to share my space, my home, my life and welcome in everyone with open arms. We’ve been given a gift. I don’t know how long this next chapter will be, but I am ready to embrace it for all that it is.  So, if you’re a local friend or family member and you haven’t had a chance to come visit me, know that my door is open and I am ready! Let’s have coffee (or if you’re like me, soda, juice or water) and we’ll let the kids destroy (aka play in) the playroom. I want to share what is mine with you! Because deep in my heart, I know it’s not really “mine”, it’s God’s house and I want it to be used for his glory and his purposes! Amen!


When you are going through a transition, one Lamby will not do. You need them all to get you through. Owen is doing better (with the support of Lamby and the back-ups)


Working from home looks like this…


My little bin dumper! Doesn’t take too many bins dumped and then you can’t see the playroom floor anymore! 


A visit to the bulb farm to get flowers. The pond is the best part for the boys. 


Graham found the Cars potty in the garage and asked to bring it in. While he sat on it like a champ, he did no business. So we hid it away in the garage until May after our travels. We don’t want to start this too soon, but glad to see he was interested! 


Working on train sticker books on a rainy Saturday. 


Sticker book Saturday


We had our first play date yesterday at the house and they brought us flowers! So sweet! 


Roaming the woods around our house with Daddy! I think we have a pretty great neighborhood, don’t you?


Graham got a hair cut! Looking good, kid! :) 


Settling In & What’s Next April 10, 2018

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We’ve now been in our house a week and a half! The first day that I was home with just the boys I was overwhelmed by the size of our house. We’ve never lived in a space this large before. It took a few days to get used to it, but I’m less freaked out by it now. Having everything unpacked has helped, as well as getting pictures and magnets up to make it feel homey. I can relax and get used to the space now. I’m getting to use to all the new sounds, where everything is, how the appliances work. I’m loving our appliances.  Especially our large capacity washer and dryer. I’ve put them to good use doing our daily laundry and also washing all the towels and bedding that have been in storage boxes for over a year. Things need to be freshened up, for sure.

One of the additions we made to the house this last week was a motion sensor on the driveway. With the way our house is positioned you can’t tell if someone is at the house until they are practically at the front door. Unless I want to stare out my master bathroom window all day, I can’t see the driveway. The boys are loving the “ring” of the sensor. They know that is means Daddy is home or Grandma is walking TC (her corgi dog). They run to the window and cheer when they hear the ring. It’s helpful to catch when packages are delivered to the door. I’m expecting my first package from Costco’s two-day shipping program today. We received our first Amazon packages last week, so now it really feels like home – knowing that UPS & USPS have no trouble finding us. Online shopping is the best thing ever!

In the next few weeks, I hope to host some play dates and have some friends over. I can’t wait to share my house with others. The boys have plenty of toys to share with friends. They pounced on all the “new” toys that have been in the storage unit (the noisy ones that I’ve kept hidden as long as possible). I’m loving my home office space. It’s perfect for working on my book business, MOPS stuff or blogging like now. We got a new printer over the weekend. It’s set up for wireless printing from all our devices. Super handy. We love our new spaces! And we’ve already broken them in with dings and dents and scratches. I made the first “dent” and that was hard to swallow, but now I’m just shrugging. I’m human. I live with humans. We all make mistakes and accidents happen. No way to stop them. It doesn’t take a house long to be “lived in”, trust me!

So what’s next for the Scott clan? It seems like this giant mountain has climbed. We made it to the summit and we are enjoying the view! But life never slows down and there is always something next to focus on. For Jeremy, what’s next is the outside landscaping. I know that he has lots of thoughts and ideas for our yard and outdoor spaces. Now that the inside is settled, the outside will need our attention.

For Graham,  potty training is what’s next. I was originally thinking we would start this month, but I’m out of town at the end of the month, so I’m thinking May will be best, that way I can give a full month of at home focus. It will also give Graham some time to settle into this house before thrust something new on him. He isn’t too motivated to start potty training, so prayers are greatly appreciated! The reality of no diapers seems so close and yet so far away yet.

For Owen, he is wrapping up his first year of preschool in June. He has had a great year adjusting to a school schedule. We are looking forward to summer for play dates in the park and a more flexible schedule. Owen has had the hardest time adjusting to the new house. He does really well with everything until bedtime and then it hits him that he wants to be with Nana & Papa. We’ve had talks, lots of snuggles and prayers to work through these emotions. My boys were blessed to have a fantastic season living with Nana & Papa. We certainly miss having them around daily. Luckily for Owen, he gets to see them when he goes to school most days and we’ve been using FaceTime to keep in touch. It’s helping with the transition.

What’s next for me? Other than keeping up with the wild guys in my life? Well, I’m wrapping up my first year coordinating MOPS and I’m already thinking, planning and praying about next year. My first year was so amazing and I am bit overwhelmed by the thought of doing it all again. God is good and he will help it all unfold. I trust him! I also plan on keeping up with my Usborne Books & More business. And at the end of the month, I have a week of travel without kids. Can I get an “AMEN!”? Once a year, I get a few overnights away from the clan of wild ones. It’s very refreshing.

That’s it. We are settled. We are loving our new home. I can’t wait to share the many memories we are going to make here with you!


Baking in the house for the first time!


Puzzle time




Still living in a construction zone! 


Enjoying the Spring Family Movie at Bethel Church – Downtown Centralia. We love free popcorn. 


Discovering a new game that was in storage. 


Dipping their pretzel stick in water… because that makes sense, right?


Welcome Home! April 3, 2018

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Here we go! First blog post written from my new home! Woo hoo! Let’s start with the inspection process for occupancy. The inspection was supposed to be on Tuesday, but the inspector had the wrong information. He thought our septic was pending approval, but really had been approved already. We aren’t sure how he got the wrong information, but in just a short amount of time, he had removed us from his lists for homes to inspect on Tuesday. The hard part for me is that I was mentally prepared to “fail” our home inspection on Tuesday. I never thought it wouldn’t happen, so that was a bit of a let down in a different way than I expected. I also had a stressful appointment at the eye doctors that day, so my emotions were running high. In hindsight, I now see what I was viewing as needing glasses and strain on my eyes for a while now has really this dry eye condition I’m dealing with. My vision is 20/20. My eyes just aren’t happy. The doctor is keeping me on the same prescription and I’m to come back in 3 more months. I guess this really does take a while to see improvement and I’ll probably have to take some form of over the counter drops on a regular basis to keep my dry eyes in check. Not the news I wanted to hear.

Anyway, moving on from my eye issues… back to the house! Wednesday was the inspection and we passed!!! However, we weren’t able to close with Adair until Thursday because they had a few things they were working on to get the house ready for us. Thursday afternoon we were able to get the keys and start ferrying over our first couple of loads. Between Thursday and Friday, we were able to get all our boxes over from Nana & Papa’s house which left only the big bulky furniture for our Saturday move day.  On Thursday evening we were also able to get the washer/dryer and fridges into the house as well. Our main goal was to test them out before moving day. And we had a personal shopper (aka a sweet friend) run to Walmart & Costco for us. We gave her our giant list and she got everything we needed to restart our own pantry! It was such a blessing. She was able to deliver our food on Thursday. It was nice to not have to throw a major shopping trip into our plans this weekend.

Saturday was the big day we cleared out the storage unit! I was able to help direct where things needed to go in the house and then the truck took off to take a second load to my in-law’s house. During the time they were gone, my sister and I went room to room and started unpacking all the boxes. I saved the kitchen for last because I was so scared it wouldn’t all fit and I didn’t want to deal with it. I’m happy to say that I did find a space for everything. I had everything unpacked on Saturday which was nice and very helpful for feeling settled.

Sunday, my parents took the boys up to GG’s house for Easter festivities which gave Jeremy and I alone time around the house to get stuff done without kids underfoot. I went through toy boxes and sorted out what items needed to go to Goodwill without the kids seeing them and wanting to keep them all. Then I was able to move in all our saved baby stuff into the playroom closet. The garage in our Winlock house was lined with Pampers’ boxes full of baby clothes, blankets, toys… I knew that if I had space, I wanted to store those inside and out of Jeremy’s domain. I was happy to see that there was room for them inside now. After that, Jeremy and I went room to room hanging up artwork. I updated pictures in our frames. All the frames I unpacked had photos of Baby Graham in them and I needed to change them to reflect our toddler boy now. Once the boys went to bed that night, Jeremy settled into watch the new Star Wars movie. I took my first bath in the big soaking tub. I finished off the night by putting all my Scentsy warmers into their new places and then put away some office supplies on my new desk.

Yesterday, we were able to show Jeremy’s parents and one of his aunts our house. The boys were thrilled to see Nana & Papa again. I know they will miss seeing them every day.  Jeremy spent a good part of the day making headway on the garage which was full of boxes, packing supplies, yard stuff and general storage items. It’s not an easy task. He took two loads to the dump. We also have the van loaded with Goodwill items.

It’s nice to see the house all put together. For such a long time, I’ve been daydreaming about where everything would go and what it would be like to live here. In some ways we are being reunited with things we have missed. But at the same time, we bought a lot of new items for this home and just stored them until we moved. So it’s like being surrounded by old friends while making new friends. We are surrounded by both old and new stuff. It’s going to take some getting used to. Jeremy had Monday off after Easter, so today is our first day back at our “new” routine in our new house. I’m excited to settle. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity. We feel so loved and so supported. I look forward to starting this new chapter. Owen told me this morning at breakfast that he loves his new home. I told him that I do too. Here’s to many happy memories made under this roof!


Owen’s class performed for the ladies Bible study on Wednesday. Can you see my cute bunny?


I was truly amazed at home much stuff I could pack in the back of my minivan. 


We officially have the keys from Adair! 


Gotta love a well stocked pantry! 


Getting to know our new fridge.


Owen was super excited when the U-Haul pulled in. He loves big trucks. 


The empty storage unit! 


Settling in on the first night


Settling in on the first night


Easter Morning – A little tired and with crazy hair, but we were thankful for the first night in our new home. 


Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen


Play room 


Graham’s room


Owen’s room. He has more print to go up, but the frame needs to be glued. 


Our huge master suite! 


I might have to take up yoga! Haha. I have room for it. Also, I’m loving having a desk again! 


Reunited with my friends! My book wreath by my book shelf makes my heart happy.