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Settling In & What’s Next April 10, 2018

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We’ve now been in our house a week and a half! The first day that I was home with just the boys I was overwhelmed by the size of our house. We’ve never lived in a space this large before. It took a few days to get used to it, but I’m less freaked out by it now. Having everything unpacked has helped, as well as getting pictures and magnets up to make it feel homey. I can relax and get used to the space now. I’m getting to use to all the new sounds, where everything is, how the appliances work. I’m loving our appliances.  Especially our large capacity washer and dryer. I’ve put them to good use doing our daily laundry and also washing all the towels and bedding that have been in storage boxes for over a year. Things need to be freshened up, for sure.

One of the additions we made to the house this last week was a motion sensor on the driveway. With the way our house is positioned you can’t tell if someone is at the house until they are practically at the front door. Unless I want to stare out my master bathroom window all day, I can’t see the driveway. The boys are loving the “ring” of the sensor. They know that is means Daddy is home or Grandma is walking TC (her corgi dog). They run to the window and cheer when they hear the ring. It’s helpful to catch when packages are delivered to the door. I’m expecting my first package from Costco’s two-day shipping program today. We received our first Amazon packages last week, so now it really feels like home – knowing that UPS & USPS have no trouble finding us. Online shopping is the best thing ever!

In the next few weeks, I hope to host some play dates and have some friends over. I can’t wait to share my house with others. The boys have plenty of toys to share with friends. They pounced on all the “new” toys that have been in the storage unit (the noisy ones that I’ve kept hidden as long as possible). I’m loving my home office space. It’s perfect for working on my book business, MOPS stuff or blogging like now. We got a new printer over the weekend. It’s set up for wireless printing from all our devices. Super handy. We love our new spaces! And we’ve already broken them in with dings and dents and scratches. I made the first “dent” and that was hard to swallow, but now I’m just shrugging. I’m human. I live with humans. We all make mistakes and accidents happen. No way to stop them. It doesn’t take a house long to be “lived in”, trust me!

So what’s next for the Scott clan? It seems like this giant mountain has climbed. We made it to the summit and we are enjoying the view! But life never slows down and there is always something next to focus on. For Jeremy, what’s next is the outside landscaping. I know that he has lots of thoughts and ideas for our yard and outdoor spaces. Now that the inside is settled, the outside will need our attention.

For Graham,  potty training is what’s next. I was originally thinking we would start this month, but I’m out of town at the end of the month, so I’m thinking May will be best, that way I can give a full month of at home focus. It will also give Graham some time to settle into this house before thrust something new on him. He isn’t too motivated to start potty training, so prayers are greatly appreciated! The reality of no diapers seems so close and yet so far away yet.

For Owen, he is wrapping up his first year of preschool in June. He has had a great year adjusting to a school schedule. We are looking forward to summer for play dates in the park and a more flexible schedule. Owen has had the hardest time adjusting to the new house. He does really well with everything until bedtime and then it hits him that he wants to be with Nana & Papa. We’ve had talks, lots of snuggles and prayers to work through these emotions. My boys were blessed to have a fantastic season living with Nana & Papa. We certainly miss having them around daily. Luckily for Owen, he gets to see them when he goes to school most days and we’ve been using FaceTime to keep in touch. It’s helping with the transition.

What’s next for me? Other than keeping up with the wild guys in my life? Well, I’m wrapping up my first year coordinating MOPS and I’m already thinking, planning and praying about next year. My first year was so amazing and I am bit overwhelmed by the thought of doing it all again. God is good and he will help it all unfold. I trust him! I also plan on keeping up with my Usborne Books & More business. And at the end of the month, I have a week of travel without kids. Can I get an “AMEN!”? Once a year, I get a few overnights away from the clan of wild ones. It’s very refreshing.

That’s it. We are settled. We are loving our new home. I can’t wait to share the many memories we are going to make here with you!


Baking in the house for the first time!


Puzzle time




Still living in a construction zone! 


Enjoying the Spring Family Movie at Bethel Church – Downtown Centralia. We love free popcorn. 


Discovering a new game that was in storage. 


Dipping their pretzel stick in water… because that makes sense, right?


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