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Welcome Home! April 3, 2018

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Here we go! First blog post written from my new home! Woo hoo! Let’s start with the inspection process for occupancy. The inspection was supposed to be on Tuesday, but the inspector had the wrong information. He thought our septic was pending approval, but really had been approved already. We aren’t sure how he got the wrong information, but in just a short amount of time, he had removed us from his lists for homes to inspect on Tuesday. The hard part for me is that I was mentally prepared to “fail” our home inspection on Tuesday. I never thought it wouldn’t happen, so that was a bit of a let down in a different way than I expected. I also had a stressful appointment at the eye doctors that day, so my emotions were running high. In hindsight, I now see what I was viewing as needing glasses and strain on my eyes for a while now has really this dry eye condition I’m dealing with. My vision is 20/20. My eyes just aren’t happy. The doctor is keeping me on the same prescription and I’m to come back in 3 more months. I guess this really does take a while to see improvement and I’ll probably have to take some form of over the counter drops on a regular basis to keep my dry eyes in check. Not the news I wanted to hear.

Anyway, moving on from my eye issues… back to the house! Wednesday was the inspection and we passed!!! However, we weren’t able to close with Adair until Thursday because they had a few things they were working on to get the house ready for us. Thursday afternoon we were able to get the keys and start ferrying over our first couple of loads. Between Thursday and Friday, we were able to get all our boxes over from Nana & Papa’s house which left only the big bulky furniture for our Saturday move day.  On Thursday evening we were also able to get the washer/dryer and fridges into the house as well. Our main goal was to test them out before moving day. And we had a personal shopper (aka a sweet friend) run to Walmart & Costco for us. We gave her our giant list and she got everything we needed to restart our own pantry! It was such a blessing. She was able to deliver our food on Thursday. It was nice to not have to throw a major shopping trip into our plans this weekend.

Saturday was the big day we cleared out the storage unit! I was able to help direct where things needed to go in the house and then the truck took off to take a second load to my in-law’s house. During the time they were gone, my sister and I went room to room and started unpacking all the boxes. I saved the kitchen for last because I was so scared it wouldn’t all fit and I didn’t want to deal with it. I’m happy to say that I did find a space for everything. I had everything unpacked on Saturday which was nice and very helpful for feeling settled.

Sunday, my parents took the boys up to GG’s house for Easter festivities which gave Jeremy and I alone time around the house to get stuff done without kids underfoot. I went through toy boxes and sorted out what items needed to go to Goodwill without the kids seeing them and wanting to keep them all. Then I was able to move in all our saved baby stuff into the playroom closet. The garage in our Winlock house was lined with Pampers’ boxes full of baby clothes, blankets, toys… I knew that if I had space, I wanted to store those inside and out of Jeremy’s domain. I was happy to see that there was room for them inside now. After that, Jeremy and I went room to room hanging up artwork. I updated pictures in our frames. All the frames I unpacked had photos of Baby Graham in them and I needed to change them to reflect our toddler boy now. Once the boys went to bed that night, Jeremy settled into watch the new Star Wars movie. I took my first bath in the big soaking tub. I finished off the night by putting all my Scentsy warmers into their new places and then put away some office supplies on my new desk.

Yesterday, we were able to show Jeremy’s parents and one of his aunts our house. The boys were thrilled to see Nana & Papa again. I know they will miss seeing them every day.  Jeremy spent a good part of the day making headway on the garage which was full of boxes, packing supplies, yard stuff and general storage items. It’s not an easy task. He took two loads to the dump. We also have the van loaded with Goodwill items.

It’s nice to see the house all put together. For such a long time, I’ve been daydreaming about where everything would go and what it would be like to live here. In some ways we are being reunited with things we have missed. But at the same time, we bought a lot of new items for this home and just stored them until we moved. So it’s like being surrounded by old friends while making new friends. We are surrounded by both old and new stuff. It’s going to take some getting used to. Jeremy had Monday off after Easter, so today is our first day back at our “new” routine in our new house. I’m excited to settle. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity. We feel so loved and so supported. I look forward to starting this new chapter. Owen told me this morning at breakfast that he loves his new home. I told him that I do too. Here’s to many happy memories made under this roof!


Owen’s class performed for the ladies Bible study on Wednesday. Can you see my cute bunny?


I was truly amazed at home much stuff I could pack in the back of my minivan. 


We officially have the keys from Adair! 


Gotta love a well stocked pantry! 


Getting to know our new fridge.


Owen was super excited when the U-Haul pulled in. He loves big trucks. 


The empty storage unit! 


Settling in on the first night


Settling in on the first night


Easter Morning – A little tired and with crazy hair, but we were thankful for the first night in our new home. 


Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen


Play room 


Graham’s room


Owen’s room. He has more print to go up, but the frame needs to be glued. 


Our huge master suite! 


I might have to take up yoga! Haha. I have room for it. Also, I’m loving having a desk again! 


Reunited with my friends! My book wreath by my book shelf makes my heart happy. 


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