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It’s Such a Good Feeling! March 29, 2017

It’s such a good feeling to have our house sold! It’s exciting to see the online status listed as SOLD! I am thankful and grateful that we are one step closer to being in our own home again. Yesterday, we visited the Adair office. We went over all the paperwork and signed on officially with them to build our house. It was the first step of the building process! Now I realize that building itself probably won’t happen for at least two months, but there are things to look forward as we move toward building. Building a house doesn’t happen overnight and there are lots of prep steps. Hopefully, once we start building, it will be in the summer months and things can move quickly because of the improved weather. There is lots of hope in my heart right now. I keep looking over my floor plan and daydreaming. This is were Pinterest now becomes a useful and dangerous tool in my hands!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Jeremy’s birthday. We had a busy day full of family visits and good food. Even though Jeremy had to work on his birthday for part of the day, I think the afternoon/evening of celebrating made up for it.

On Sunday, we went over to my parent’s house at the property. It was fun to explore their house now that their are exterior walls are up. We walked over to our property and talked about moving our house a little closer to the road. We are trying to save some extra dollars and being closer to the power will help with that. We are also reversing the floor plan to save money. The boys roamed around and enjoyed a break in the rain. Graham plopped down in a giant mud puddle. He was a mess and left a nice little impression in the puddle of his bottom. We had to load up the little dirt ball and take him home for a bath.

Monday, I had friend over to talk about MOPS leadership for next year. I am in the recruiting phase for the MOPS team. It was a great discussion and I am thrilled for this mom to be apart of the team next year. Please be praying for me and the whole team. We have more roles to fill and I am praying God brings the right ladies to the table. There are so many possibilities for next year. It’s been an exciting journey so far and I’m hopeful that it will continue to be a fun and positive experience as we move forward.

After signing the paperwork with Adair yesterday, I came home and had a long phone date with my forever friend, Maggie. Now that she lives in California we talk more than ever. It’s funny because we have grown closer with the distance. I do miss our in person lunch dates but I am really enjoying our frequent phone calls. We went from talking every other month or so to now talking about twice a month. I’m always blessed by time with Maggie even if it is on the phone.

My evening yesterday was spent at the movies with my mom and sister! My mom heard that I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast and suggested we do a girls’ movie night with April! I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see the movie again and spend time with my mom and sister! It was a win-win!

I’m sure there will be lots of things to check off the list as we move toward building. I’ll keep you informed through each stage! As the month of April is right around the corner, our family focus will be on Easter. Jeremy’s big egg hunt will take place on April 8th. I plan to attend with the boys at the first hunt and then work at a bake sale for MOPS. We hope to get the word out about the big changes to MOPS at this huge community event. This is the demographic that MOPS ministers to and we hope to get the information out so ladies can plan to join us next year.


Birthday morning picture! Happy birthday, Jeremy!


Owen and Nolan decorating Jeremy’s birthday cake. Owen had been waiting a long time to put those deer and trees on a cake!


A fun family day spent celebrating Jeremy!

IMG_8175 Crop

Status: Sold


Exploring Grandpa & Grandma’s new house!


We’ve been very into blanket forts this week.


Reading the fort


Movie night with my mom and sister


The future is looking bright!


The House is Officially Sold!!!!!!!!!!! March 25, 2017

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There is no need for a witty title to this blog! Let’s just tell it as it is! Our house is officially sold! We got a call on Wednesday evening saying that we would need to sign papers on Thursday morning. We went over to the house after church that night and picked up a few of the things we had left for showings like floor mats, hand soap, hand towels, etc. We got one last chance to say good bye. This time for good. I remember heading over on a Sunday in October to clean the house and say good bye. Little did I know at that time that I would be back to the house many times, re-cleaning it and checking on it. What an unexpected ride. The process with the final buyer has gone smoothly. The inspection was waived, the appraisal came in right at our agreed upon price and we closed early. Praise the Lord!!! Such goodness and blessing! Thursday morning we signed our papers and dropped the keys off at the real estate office. Friday, we got the call the buyer had signed his documents and our check was ready to pick up. The transaction was complete! We are thankful, so thankful to have this part of the process of behind us. Now will be contacting Adair on Monday to get the ball rolling with them. These are exciting times!

Other than house news…

We were supposed to take an Amtrak ride from Centralia to Olympia yesterday as a fun family outing, but a mudslide cancelled the trains for the day. It was a bummer because Owen knew about the planned trip and was super sad when we told him we couldn’t go. We did visit the train station and exchanged our tickets for next week.

We got to see Aunt Andrea and cousins, Brinley and Colton the last couple of days. Owen got to stay up late two nights in a row watching Brinley’s favorite movies. They all played so sweet together and Graham loves hugs from Brinley. They are truly buddies!

Today is my amazing husband’s birthday! He has to work this morning and early afternoon, but I am looking forward to a family celebration with him this evening. Owen has big plans to help me decorate a cake. I’m sure that will be a great photo opportunity. Stay tuned!

And there you have it folks! I’m so happy to share this fantastic news with you! I’ll keep you posted as the property morphs from a wide open piece of land to our new home!


One last goofy selfie in Owen’s room.


Saying a final good bye to the Winlock house after 8 years of being its homeowners!


A tired teething toddler


When your plans derail, you go play on the BK play place.


Exploring the train station while Daddy exchanged the tickets for next week.


Watching a train go by


The last official paperwork for the completion of our transaction! The house is sold!!!


Cousin time!


News & More News March 21, 2017

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Where to start? I promised you some news in my last post. Non-house related news. Here we go!

About a month ago, I agreed to be the MOPS coordinator for next year. Not only does this new role bring more responsibility in our MOPS group, but we are also shaking things up as we move forward. Our church will be opening a learning center in the fall and the classrooms we use for MOPS will soon be occupied during the day. We had to assess if MOPS was worth keeping and if it was, we had to find a new time to meet. This led to moving MOPS to the evening next year. We will meet now on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month. I’m excited to see the group continue and I think this new time and day opens up new opportunities. Right now we have a mens’ group that meets on Mondays so adding a moms’ group with childcare could be a good match for the whole family. If the evening hours are too late for little ones to be out, hopefully a father or grandparent could stay home to put the kiddos to bed. Right now working moms can’t attend our group because it meets in the day. We are hoping that working moms or single moms have better availability in the evenings. We also plan to move our outings to the weekends and promote them as family outings so whole families can make greater connections. We announced the change to the leadership team last week and to our group this morning. The next step is recruiting the team for next year and letting the community know about our upcoming changes for the fall. We have a bake sale booth at Easter Eggstravaganza and I hope this will give a good connection point to get the word out. I am nervous about leading the group next year, but I am blessed to the support of my friend and mentor, Pastor Jeannie. She is shouldering the weight with me so I don’t breathe into a paper bag. I’ve had many positive conversations about next year and it fills me with hope that we are moving forward in the right direction. I’m sure I’ll have many more updates on my MOPS adventures. It’s just beginning!!!

Now on to some house related news! Jeremy got word today from our real estate agent saying we are GO for closing. The buyer could sign his papers as soon as this Friday which means we could be closing next week. Praise the LORD! Our appraisal must have come in at asking price because we didn’t have to sign any papers to changed the agreed on price. This is thrilling news. My happy dance is seasoned with a bit of skepticism, but for the most part, I am hopeful this is the real deal this time. The true happy dance will happen once the papers are signed.  I am ready for this next season of life. Bring on the building season and the moving season and the finally settling into our own space season. I realize that life moves slowly at times. This whole “selling” process has proven that. I’m hopeful and prayerful that the next phase of building has less hiccups and slow downs. This might be naive, but I’m a dreamer. I can’t help it… I’m just so excited.

That’s the update for now! I’ll keep you posted on the wild and crazy adventures of the Scott clan.


Brotherly love!


I’ve been keeping this verse close by me this week.


Cousin play date while the moms slip out to see a movie!


Peekaboo smiles


Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen


He kept telling me he didn’t need a nap. Yeah right, kid.


It took me a few seconds to realize that Owen let Graham out the backdoor. Oops!


Ready for Spring March 18, 2017

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The first official day of Spring is Monday and I am done with winter. I’m not usually the type of person to be “done” with winter. I like watching it rain. I like staying indoors. Personally for me, it doesn’t matter what season it is as long as I’m comfortable inside. However, the older my kids get, the more I understand the pull to warmer weather. We’ve had a few dry days over the last week and my boys have loved every chance they have had to be outside. I also want to get into the habit of walking again, so even I am ready for the weather to start changing.

I was waiting to write this post so I could share news from our appraisal, but sadly, we haven’t heard anything yet. I thought we would know by yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. Everything takes longer than expected. I know this and yet my heart is still hopeful that things will move forward quickly. Patience is hard. So hard. I keep wondering how long do I have to be patient. Haven’t I been patient enough? Apparently not. Anyway, I hope that in my next post I will have something to share. Praying it’s a positive something!

We’ve been busy, but nothing too exciting to report at the moment. I do have something big and non-house related to share next week (no, it’s not a baby announcement). I’ve been keeping something under wraps for the last month or so and after Tuesday, I’ll be able to fill you in! Gotta love suspense!

Now for pictures of my cute clan.


Owen is into the stain glass at church right now.


Happily playing with Play Doh


On to Lego Duplos


A special treat at McDonald’s


Tulips from my thoughtful and loving hubby. He is the best!


Jeremy got this picture of Owen while on a walk. Owen loves rainbows, so it was a perfect moment!


Staring contest with the neighbors


Watching Uncle Dave pour gravel. So much fun!


Jeremy watched Graham so I could be a part of a meeting at church and I got this picture of Graham passed out in Jeremy’s office. Sleepy baby!


Celebrating Pi Day (3.14) with a raspberry cream pie from the Pioneer Woman



Painting with q-tips


Puddle splashing on a sunny day


Playing quietly while Graham naps!


Adventuring with my boys at the Hands On Children’s Museum


Loving his new weather book that I won from an Usborne book party. Gotta love free stuff!


And Just Like That It’s March March 8, 2017

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It’s been over two weeks since I’ve blogged. I don’t like getting behind because I feel like I have so much to tell you. I don’t want this go on forever, so I will be attempt to be brief. The main reason I haven’t been blogging is our household has been battling some major illness. I mentioned in my last post that both boys had colds. Owen got over his quickly and Graham made a recovery for about two days before getting slammed with a high fever that lasted for days and an ear infection. History has proven if my kids get sick, I am close to follow so I also came down with an inner ear issue. I was super dizzy for a couple of days and felt pretty rotten. I was so bummed because over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve had to cancel plans with friends and the boys and I didn’t get to go to our MOPS monthly outing to the trampoline park. Luckily for me, once we all got healthy, Jeremy and I took to the boys to the trampoline park and just like I expected, Owen had a blast. It was such a fun time together. I had also learned that my beloved Tillamook Cheese Factory was closing and going to be torn down. They will rebuild a bigger and better visitors center, so it’s not an entirely sad story. I spent a good part of my childhood vacations visiting the cheese factory. Owen loves it and remembers it. He loves the cheese bus. I have multiple Tillamook sweatshirts. Our family loves this place. For an adventure, my sister and brother-in-law joined us on Saturday to say good bye to the cheese factory. It was crazy busy and the production center where we would stand and watch the cheese being processed was already closed. There were long lines. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones saying so long. It wasn’t exactly the trip that I had hoped for, but I’m glad I went because I think I would have regretted not going one last time. I am excited to see what future brings for the Tillamook Cheese Factory. My family will happily be there once they open their doors again.

Before I go into the 90 million photos that have accumulated over 2 weeks, I did want to mention that our home appraisal happened yesterday. I am glad to have checked off the list and I am anxious to hear the results. We already know that the appraiser was concerned with the water in the storm retention pond. It’s been rainy here and the pond was doing it’s job. It will dry up when the rain stops, but I’m not sure what the opinion of the appraiser will be after a one time visit. While we know that our last appraisal went well and we can always share that number with the buyer if this appraisal comes in lower, but that doesn’t mean he has to accept the last appraisal price. Again, here we are close to being done and yet still wondering if things will come out in our favor. This has been a hard road to walk and it isn’t over yet. I know I say it often, but please pray for us. I am excited to see things moving forward. I am hopeful for positive results, but I have also seen two deals fall through on us. This could go either way. Nothing is certain.

Okay. Here are the photos from the last two weeks!


When you’re too sick to go outside and you have to watch your brother through the window.


We love our trampoline! Good thing it has a net for Graham’s sake.


Graham’s IKEA face


A snowy Friday and lunch with my sister


Saturday morning walk with my boys


Proof that I occasionally make food..


Home from church with a sick Graham. While Graham napped, Owen and I made crayons.


At the doctor with my fever baby


I asked my mom if she could pick up more Tylenol for Graham and she brought me tulips as well. So thoughtful!


I love watching him trace letters.


The valentine wall came down and up went spring! Owen requested the rainbow and the rain. Since this photo was taken, frogs have also been added by Jeremy.


So happy to see Graham smiling and feeling better after a super rough bug.



Trampoline Park


Trampoline Park


Trampoline Park


Tillamook Adventures


Linner at Mo’s


Finally back at church after a long illness induced absence!