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Ready for Spring March 18, 2017

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The first official day of Spring is Monday and I am done with winter. I’m not usually the type of person to be “done” with winter. I like watching it rain. I like staying indoors. Personally for me, it doesn’t matter what season it is as long as I’m comfortable inside. However, the older my kids get, the more I understand the pull to warmer weather. We’ve had a few dry days over the last week and my boys have loved every chance they have had to be outside. I also want to get into the habit of walking again, so even I am ready for the weather to start changing.

I was waiting to write this post so I could share news from our appraisal, but sadly, we haven’t heard anything yet. I thought we would know by yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. Everything takes longer than expected. I know this and yet my heart is still hopeful that things will move forward quickly. Patience is hard. So hard. I keep wondering how long do I have to be patient. Haven’t I been patient enough? Apparently not. Anyway, I hope that in my next post I will have something to share. Praying it’s a positive something!

We’ve been busy, but nothing too exciting to report at the moment. I do have something big and non-house related to share next week (no, it’s not a baby announcement). I’ve been keeping something under wraps for the last month or so and after Tuesday, I’ll be able to fill you in! Gotta love suspense!

Now for pictures of my cute clan.


Owen is into the stain glass at church right now.


Happily playing with Play Doh


On to Lego Duplos


A special treat at McDonald’s


Tulips from my thoughtful and loving hubby. He is the best!


Jeremy got this picture of Owen while on a walk. Owen loves rainbows, so it was a perfect moment!


Staring contest with the neighbors


Watching Uncle Dave pour gravel. So much fun!


Jeremy watched Graham so I could be a part of a meeting at church and I got this picture of Graham passed out in Jeremy’s office. Sleepy baby!


Celebrating Pi Day (3.14) with a raspberry cream pie from the Pioneer Woman



Painting with q-tips


Puddle splashing on a sunny day


Playing quietly while Graham naps!


Adventuring with my boys at the Hands On Children’s Museum


Loving his new weather book that I won from an Usborne book party. Gotta love free stuff!


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