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The House is Officially Sold!!!!!!!!!!! March 25, 2017

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There is no need for a witty title to this blog! Let’s just tell it as it is! Our house is officially sold! We got a call on Wednesday evening saying that we would need to sign papers on Thursday morning. We went over to the house after church that night and picked up a few of the things we had left for showings like floor mats, hand soap, hand towels, etc. We got one last chance to say good bye. This time for good. I remember heading over on a Sunday in October to clean the house and say good bye. Little did I know at that time that I would be back to the house many times, re-cleaning it and checking on it. What an unexpected ride. The process with the final buyer has gone smoothly. The inspection was waived, the appraisal came in right at our agreed upon price and we closed early. Praise the Lord!!! Such goodness and blessing! Thursday morning we signed our papers and dropped the keys off at the real estate office. Friday, we got the call the buyer had signed his documents and our check was ready to pick up. The transaction was complete! We are thankful, so thankful to have this part of the process of behind us. Now will be contacting Adair on Monday to get the ball rolling with them. These are exciting times!

Other than house news…

We were supposed to take an Amtrak ride from Centralia to Olympia yesterday as a fun family outing, but a mudslide cancelled the trains for the day. It was a bummer because Owen knew about the planned trip and was super sad when we told him we couldn’t go. We did visit the train station and exchanged our tickets for next week.

We got to see Aunt Andrea and cousins, Brinley and Colton the last couple of days. Owen got to stay up late two nights in a row watching Brinley’s favorite movies. They all played so sweet together and Graham loves hugs from Brinley. They are truly buddies!

Today is my amazing husband’s birthday! He has to work this morning and early afternoon, but I am looking forward to a family celebration with him this evening. Owen has big plans to help me decorate a cake. I’m sure that will be a great photo opportunity. Stay tuned!

And there you have it folks! I’m so happy to share this fantastic news with you! I’ll keep you posted as the property morphs from a wide open piece of land to our new home!


One last goofy selfie in Owen’s room.


Saying a final good bye to the Winlock house after 8 years of being its homeowners!


A tired teething toddler


When your plans derail, you go play on the BK play place.


Exploring the train station while Daddy exchanged the tickets for next week.


Watching a train go by


The last official paperwork for the completion of our transaction! The house is sold!!!


Cousin time!


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