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Cycles September 20, 2012

Toby sleeps while I sort clothes

It’s amazing how life just cycles. Things that were once clean get dirty. Clothes that were once washed and folded get worn. Wake up. Work. Eat a meal. Clean house. Do laundry. Feed the dog. Over and over again. It will always need to be done again.  Want to know something? I don’t mind. I really actually love it. I love that things will come around again – a chance to do better, a chance to be better. Nothing is final. Each day is a new gift. Starting over fresh, I live the same life cycles, but each is a new opportunity.

I’ve been away from home the last few days. Way from my laptop and my blog. However, with technology these days, my phone is like a mini-computer and I can pretty much do most things on it. Still… there is something about not blogging and not pulling out the laptop that feels like a small break from the normal flow. It’s good to unplug. In fact, I should really digitally unplug more often. The world won’t stop if I’m not connected to it. I know this. Breaking the blogging cycle is always good for a few days, but I am ready to be back at the keyboard. Ready to write my thoughts. All over again. Never ending. They cycle just like my days.

Being away from the routine has drained me. Constant interaction with people has made me tired. This week as a staff we discussed the book You Lost Me by David Kinnaman. As the only one in the 18-29 age range in the room, I become the mouthpiece for a generation. I felt the pressure of accurately representing the book and my fellow Mosaics. I had given myself a pep talk at the beginning of the retreat on how I really wanted to be quiet in the meetings. I’m naturally quick to voice my opinion and I’m not sure that everyone appreciates that. Instead of jumping in, I wanted to asked into the conversation. Oh, how the sound of my voice can be tiresome. I did my best. I shared my heart. I was honest and real. And it left me spent.

So now I am home. I slept a glorious night in my own bed. I woke up not knowing what day it was. It was a busy day at work trying to make up for being out of the office. But now I’m home. In my familiar territory. My sacred ground. This quiet place where God and I hang out – just like Adam walking through the garden (except for not as cool, I’m guessing). The rhythm of life is starting to settle around me again. Those comforting cycles. Wash clothes, fold clothes. Sort through clothes, purge excess. Upload pictures, blog.  What does the rest of the day look like? Things I’ve done many times – dust the house, clean the bathrooms, make cookies, read, go to dinner with a student.

For the great adventurers in the world, this cycle, this rhythm might get old. For me it is life. It gives life. I am blessed by each day that I get to love God and love others. I am blessed by the quiet, by the patterns, by the routines. This is my joy. I don’t have to be flashy, or important, or put together. I just get to live one day at a time. Making the most of each cycle.