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What I’ve Been Reading – May 2021 May 31, 2021

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So many books this month!
  • Emily’s Quest & Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery – I enjoyed reading these books for the second time. The first time I read the Emily books I was a bit harsh on her because Emily (while similar) wasn’t as endearing as Anne. However, after reading a LMM biography and learning that Emily is most like Montgomery herself, I read the Emily books in a new light.
  • The Story Girl & The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery – These books were the inspiration of one of my favorite childhood shows – The Road to Avonlea. While the novels don’t actually take place in Avonlea, the setting is just as picturesque and the pages are filled with childhood joy, drama, and mishaps.
  • The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables by Catherine Reid – I picked this book up after finding out my copy of The Story Girl came from Prince Edward Island. This book is part coffee table picture book and part biography. LMM’s love of nature is evident in all her writing, especially her love of PEI. The pictures in this book are beautiful and give you glimpse into the world that LMM grew up in.
  • The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Spiritually Alive in the Chaos of the Modern World by John Mark Comer – This was an April Book Club Pick. I enjoyed learning from Comer’s personal experiences and how he turned his life around. There was a big emphasis on scaling back on technology and living a purposely slower life. I can see how the principles in the book have been a benefit to my own life, especially over the last year when life got a lot slower for our family.
  • From Social Media to Social Ministry: A Guide to Digital Discipleship by Nona Jones – I heard Nona Jones share about this book at a conference recently and was sent a copy of the book for attending. This book gave me lots to think on in the ways of using social media (specifically Facebook) for discipleship. The church often uses social media to get information out into the community with the hopes of getting the community into their doors. The pandemic shifted in-person in a big way this last year. What if we used social media for discipleship and life-change, not just sharing information?
  • Mommy, Teach Me to Read: A Complete and Easy-to Use Home Reading Program by Barbara Curtis – A friend let me borrow this book as I move toward teaching Graham to read. I found it very practical and useful. I took notes and I hope to apply some of what I learned in this book in the near future.
  • The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease – This book is filled with research and testimonials of the power of reading to children. As a book lover myself, I hope to pass a love of reading on to my kids. As we head into more free time this summer, I especially hope to make read-aloud time a part of our everyday experience. This book is a great resource with read-aloud suggestions for all ages at the end of the book.
  • Win The Day: 7 Daily Habits to Help You Stress Less & Accomplish More by Mark Batterson – I love Batterson’s take on processing the past, making the most of today, so you can set yourself up the future. We can’t change the past, but we can process it in a healthy way so it doesn’t hold us back. We spend so much time worrying about the future that we miss the present. Being human means we live one day at a time. How we live each day sets us up for our tomorrows.
  • The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place by Andy Crouch – I feel like I did a course in technology and proper habits this month. This book is a great resource for parents who want suggestions for reigning in technology. It clearly states the reasons why technology needs a proper place with practical takeaways for how to accomplish that task.
  • The Nature of a Lady (The Secrets of the Isles – Book 1) by Roseanna M. White – This was my Mother’s Day book. I enjoyed the mystery and the history in this book. I learned about Isles of Scilly for the first time. I love when fiction introduces me to a new place.
  • A Portrait of Loyalty (The Codebreakers – Book 3) by Roseanna M. White – I enjoyed the final book in this series. It’s focus on photography and photo editing in World War I was interesting.
  • Lore by Alexandra Bracken – This was a book club pick and outside of my usual reading choice. As someone who isn’t a fan of Greek Mythology, I struggled to enjoy the characters. The book had some Hunger Games vibes (which I liked), but overall was too violent for me.
  • Women and Children First by Gill Paul – This book was recommended by a friend. It starts with the sinking of the Titanic and then follows a small cast of survivors as they recover from the incident. I wanted to like it more than I did. The history was fascinating, but I couldn’t enjoy the characters like I had hoped.
  • I’m a Stranger Here Myself by Bill Bryson – A friend let me borrow this book and it was laugh out loud funny. Bryson shares his thoughts on living in America after two decades of living in England. His insights are hilarious and was the perfect read for a mood booster.
  • The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah – This book was a recommended by a friend. It was sad, hard book to read about Leningrad, Russia in WWII. It unfolds like a fairy-tale and a mystery. While it has a “happy ending” – it wasn’t the ending I was expecting and left me sad.
  • Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First.: 10 Questions to Take Your Friendships to the Next Level by Laura Tremaine – This was my teacher appreciation gift! Tremaine offers 10 questions to go deeper in your friendships and then answers them herself. It was a unique flow for a book. I could see myself using this book for a book club in the future or going through it with a friend.

3 Responses to “What I’ve Been Reading – May 2021”

  1. I love the Emily series by LM Montgomery…even more than the Green Gables books!

  2. Kaylee R. Says:

    Share Your Stuff is on my Amazon wishlist! If you decide to do a book club with it, let me know!

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