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What I’ve Been Reading – April 2021 April 30, 2021

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A small sample of what I read this month. I used my Kindle app more than ever this April.

It all started with a desire to read something new. I’ve read most of the books on my bookshelf more than once, so I went looking for something new. I discovered a book in Prime Reading that caught my eye. It was a novel by Roseanna M. White. I own one of her books (Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland) and I enjoyed it. I thought why not check out another book by her. Turns out, she’s authored quite a few books and most of them were available through my local library. This is how my novel idea took form. I decided to read as many novels as I possibly could in the month of April. I will admit that it was excessive and delightful. I can fly through most novels in a day and there is nothing quite like a series or discovering a new author to create a binge-worthy obsession.

Why so many novels you might ask? In my last post, I mentioned that there is a lot of change around the corner for me. Some big, some small. It’s mostly positive change, but my brain still seems to stress over what it is yet to come. My mind wonders and wanders. I have an tendency to overthink, worry, ponder, and brood. I didn’t want to get on a one way track of overthinking. Instead, I gave my mind a different project. Not every month can be this dedicated to reading, but for April, these books served me well and I am thankful for a chance to step into a story other than my own.

L.M. Montgomery:

I’ve only read these books once before and I wanted to revisit them. I’m usually much more harsh on books the first time I read them and then I like them more the second time around. While I didn’t dislike these works, they didn’t land in my favorites. Upon a second reading, I am finding them quite wonderful. I just added these to my home library in used paperback form. I’m so glad I invested in them.

  • Magic for Marigold
  • Emily of New Moon (I plan to finish the next two books in this series in May)

Melody Carlson:

I love reading books by Melody Carlson because they remind me of a Hallmark movie. Her stories are simple, sweet, and often fast reads. She has been a go-to author for comfort reading in my life.

  • Your Heart’s Desire
  • Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel (Dear Daphne Book 1)
  • Dating, Dining, and Desperation (Dear Daphne Book 2)
  • Home, Hearth, and the Holidays (Dear Daphne Book 3) (Kindle)
  • A Will, a Way, and a Wedding (Dear Daphne Book 4) (Kindle)

Roseanna M. White:

Here is where I went a bit crazy! I dove deep into every book I could get my hands on. Some of her books are set in America and span the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. The rest are set in England from Pre-World I into World War I. I enjoyed the books that took place in England most. They reminded me of Downton Abbey. Each book was filled with adventure and romance. They are below listed in the order I read them (which is not in chronological, oops). The books set in England build on each other and you see characters from previous books throughout the novels. I love when an author weaves stories together. It’s like getting a visit from a friend within a book.

  • The Number of Love (The Codebreakers Book 1) (Kindle)
  • On Wings of Devotion (The Codebreakers Book 2) (Kindle)
  • The Lost Heiress (Ladies of the Manor Book 1) (Kindle)
  • The Reluctant Duchess (Ladies of the Manor Book 2) (Kindle)
  • A Lady Unrivaled (Ladies of the Manor Book 3) (Kindle)
  • A Name Unknown (Shadows Over England Book 1) (Kindle)
  • A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England Book 2)
  • An Hour Unspent (Shadows Over England Book 3)
  • A Ring of Secrets (Culper Ring Book 1) (Kindle)
  • Fairchild’s Lady (Culper Ring Novella) (Kindle)
  • Whispers from the Shadows (Culper Ring Book 2) (Kindle)
  • A Hero’s Promise (Culper Ring Novella) (Kindle)
  • Circle of Spies (Culper Ring Book 3) (Kindle)
  • Dreams of Savannah (Kindle)

Last But Not Least:

  • Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price – This was Courty’s Book Club fiction pick for April. It was interesting to read Pride and Prejudice as a murder mystery. I enjoyed the spin on this classic. It’s book one in a Jane Austin Murder Mystery series. I will keep my eye out for the next in the series.

Your thoughts?

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