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So Long Summer August 31, 2019

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The end of summer is right around the corner. It’s been an amazing summer. I’m sad that it’s almost over, but I’m also ready to dive into our new routine and find out what our family normal will be like with a preschooler and a kindergartner. Honestly, before having kids and through the baby years, summer just felt like any other time of the year. Now that my boys are older, summer holds a million possibilities for adventure and for fun. I feel like I get to be a kid again as I live through these summers with them. We’ve seen new places, we’ve had so many play dates and we’ve checked off a lot of summer bucket list items. We really maximized our time.

So how is our summer finishing up? We made it through four weeks of swimming lessons. Owen passed level one and will be on to level two next summer! We made it to Lattin’s Cider Mill to see the animals and get doughnuts. There were lots of birthday parties to attend and out of town family to visit with. The boys made it back to the Ape Caves to do the longer, more challenging cave.  The shorter cave was enough for me so a friend and I went to Hobby Lobby instead. I went to a volunteer orientation at Owen’s school and got to tour school. We had Owen’s back to school BBQ where we dropped off school supplies in his classroom and met his teacher briefly. I met with an editor friend to talk through the next steps for my book. I took my Wednesday night class to visit the youth gathering. It looks like most of my girls will be moving up. I’m always sad to say good bye to the girls in my class. However, I have a large group of 4th graders moving up, so it seems like while I’m saying good bye to quite a few girls, I will also be saying hello to quite a few. I helped with credentialing interviews for our network. Today we went on a local train ride as a end of summer special treat. We sure do know how to hop from thing to thing.

Yesterday was one of those blessed days where we stayed home all day with no where to go. It was heavenly. I stayed in my pajamas all day. I got the house decorated for fall. I made a blackberry pie. I finished a book. Such a good day! Jeremy and I both worked on resetting things for fall around the house. Jeremy took some time to organize the garage and well house. The boys bounced inside and outside depending on their mood. Days at home are my favorite. My absolute favorite. A day at home restores my soul in a way that few things can. I can ‘t replicate the rest I find in quiet, home days. Which is yet again a good reminder that these days need to happen more often. We’ll see how well I do this fall. We are heading into hunting season for Jeremy. I’ll be in chauffeur mode while Jeremy is out in the woods. Which means I’m leaning towards keeping my Saturdays quieter to make up for the fact that I will be out of the house daily for school pick up and drop offs.

Our whole world changes on Tuesday. Graham will head off to preschool for his first full week of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday classes. Owen will have his parent, teacher, student conference on Thursday morning. The first full day of school for Owen will be Friday. Then MOPS & MOMSnext kicks off the following week while we have our first full week of both boys at school…  Say a prayer for us!

I will admit that I’m having all the kindergarten mom feelings. I don’t necessarily want more babies. I just wish my babies could be babies again. If there could be a cycle that goes from birth through preschool and then starts all over again. I’ve loved these years. Maybe not the sleepless nights, but I’ve loved the growth and curiosity of young childhood. I’ve loved being home with my littles. I will never regret the days we spent home in our pajamas watching PBS Kids and eating goldfish crackers. I never thought I would feel so strongly about this season, but truly, it’s been one of the biggest blessings and honors I’ve had in my life. I am optimistic that my kids will keep getting more amazing and I will come days look on the elementary years and say the same thing – they were the best. It’s normal to crave the familiar and not want to walk into the unknown. I keep reminding myself that it won’t be unknown for long. Soon I will be going with the flow like a pro. At least that is my hope. I’ll keep you posted!


Catching up with my lovely friend, Mrs. O’Hara! This was our first time hanging out since her wedding. It was great to hear about her new season of life!


So happy he passed level one at swimming lessons! On to level two next summer!


Family Friday Fun at Lattin’s Cider Mill


Mad scientist birthday party for a friend.


These three boys! We call them The Triplets with their Oct/Nov/Dec birthdays. They hit the milestones together – welcome to kindergarten, Class of 2032.


Enjoying Cousin Colton’s 3rd Birthday Party.


Ape Cave Adventures!


Ape Cave Adventures!


Back to School Open House! We found Owen’s classroom, desk and cubby!


The diversity of library day!


Wrapping up the summer with a trip to the Chehalis Centralia Railroad!


Adding to my Resume August 20, 2019

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How is this for a change – a blog about what I’m up to instead of my entire family? Odd, I know, but I have somethings to share.  For a while now I’ve pondering what I will do with my small about free time that is coming with this next season. Owen will be in school full day soon and Graham will spend three mornings a week at preschool. I’m looking at roughly 6-9 hours of free time that never existed in my schedule before. It’s a small window of time, but it seems massive and amazing. I’ve been waiting for these days. As sad as I am about saying good bye to past seasons, I am equally excited to see what lies ahead.

I’ve said yes to a few new things over the last month. Most recently, I agreed to be an area connector for our network of credentialed women. I will arrange a few connection opportunities for the credentialed women in our local area and be available for support. I might not have all the resources these women need, but I will be a connection point for them to reach our network. I’ve always felt very strongly about women being empowered in church leadership. I look forward to stepping into this role knowing that it is something I care about. I am also hoping for new relationships to form through it. There is power in community and there is support through our network. I’m sure this position will be a growing experience and a chance at greater community.

The other new position in my life is that of wedding coordinator our church. Actually, I agreed to a trail run to make sure I enjoy the position, but I am fairly confident this will be a fun new adventure. We just had our first request for a wedding at the church this week since I’ve agreed to try the position. I am about to start this new journey very soon. I am thankful that I will have support through the church as a I figure out this new position. And I happen to know the bride fairly well, so I believe it will be quite enjoyable and hopefully, there will be lots of grace through the learning process. Weddings are a big deal and I want to make sure that I can give the bride and groom the best experience possible.

And finally, I figured I would let the cat of the bag here for the 10 people who consistently read my blog. I did something this last spring… I wrote a book. A full on, 70,000+ words book. For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamed of being an author. We’ve certainly had our seasons of excitement over the last few years and I finally felt like I had processed my experiences and was in a good place to write about them. The book focuses on the four things that matter most to me which are faith, family, home and community. It’s part spiritual memoir and practical encouragement. I’ve given myself the summer off to rest after the writing process. This fall I plan on digging into the editing process and see if I can take the book any farther than sitting on my computer. I know the publishing game can be hard. I don’t know how hard I plan to push to get it published, but I at least plan on printing my own copy to sit on my bookshelf. No matter where the book leads, I am glad I did it. I put the time into it. I shared honestly and openly. It was a project that mattered to me and I went for it. Now I don’t have to wonder if I can possibly write a book someday. I know I did it and that is a good feeling.

There were days where I was home, sitting on the floor, covered in spit up with a crying toddler who was in the midst of potty training and I would wonder if life would always be this hard, if I was always going to feel like an exhausted shell of a person. Would I ever be a functioning adult ever again? I’ve actually passed on both the area connector position and wedding coordinator position in the past because I was so deep in the baby days, I couldn’t be responsible for more than just keeping the tiny humans alive. I’m now seeing that there are seasons for everything. Saying no doesn’t always mean for forever. Some opportunities come back around or new opportunities appear.

I wasn’t missing out when I said no to these positions before. I don’t regret the years that I spent at home with my babies. And truthfully, I don’t think that a traditional 9am to 5pm job is right around the corner for me. I love my volunteering. I love the flexibility I am heading into. I am excited to help at Owen’s school. I look forward to joining my husband for meetings without having to arrange childcare or have a toddler in tow. Doors that were once closed seem to be opening.

There is anxiety and nerves over our new season of school kids and even with these new positions. New and change are always hard for me. But, I am excited with great anticipation. The kind of excited that has me nervous and wondering that I’ve gotten myself into, but also I’m thinking about the relationship I will build, the people I will meet, the ways I can use my gifts to bless others. It’s thrilling. Instead of dreading the next season and wishing for the past, I look forward with hopeful optimism. I truly believe that the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to see how I grow and I who I become through these new possibilities.


August Stay-cation! August 18, 2019

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We’ve been doing all the fun things possible here around the Pacific Northwest! We are wrapping up a week of stay-cation. It’s been one adventure after the next which is apparently how we roll in the summertime. Here are a few highlights from our PNW wanderings:

The Park



First time boating and inner tubing on Mayfield Lake



Graham’s preferred way of doing water sports is out of the water!  


Ape Caves & Mt. St. Helens



The boys got to have a lunch with Nana & Papa and some of the cousins! 



The Point Defiance Zoo and Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl



Southwest Washington Fair


We visited the model trains three times



Dinner and Games with Nana & Papa



Girls Weekend Away & Boys Camping Trip


A spontaneous dip in the Puget Sound before dropping me off with my friend.


Girls weekend in Long Beach



Boys went camping at Panther Creek



As I type this blog, I am wrapping up the laundry from all of us being gone over the weekend. Jeremy blessed me by allowing me to slip away for a few nights with my forever friend, Maggie. She has a cute trailer at the beach that allowed us to “glamp” while the boys went to camp. Jeremy is so adventurous. He has taken the boys camping twice this summer. He wins the coolest dad of the year award, for sure. Originally today was supposed to be the last hurrah of our stay-cation and we were going to ride the local train, but we decided down time was important before jumping into another busy summer week. We’ll do the train ride on a different weekend.

Right now I have one more packed to the brim week filled with swimming lessons, play dates and connecting with friends. As always the week promises to be fun, but after that I plan on having a buffer week before school starts. We have plans during our buffer week, but swim lessons will be over and the pace will be slower, the commitments shorter. The last thing I want to do is run us into the ground right before school starts. I don’t want to send exhausted boys off to new environments at the beginning of September.

Also there is something to be said for me not wanting to be exhausted heading into a new season with our family. I want to slow down. I want to snuggle my boys while they are home with me all day and enjoy each day that I don’t have to share them with school. It’s hard to believe that we only have two weeks until our normal changes and life as we know it will never be the same again. Owen will officially be an elementary kid and Graham will officially be a preschooler.

I’ll keep the summer vibes going just a bit longer. I’m ignoring the dry falling leaves and the autumn decor in all the stores (I’m looking at you Hobby Lobby). I’ll pretend for just a little while longer that life is all about summer sunshine, play dates, and adventures around every corner.


Suddenly It’s August August 5, 2019

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I feel like I just got back from our big California/Oregon vacation yesterday. Jeremy informed that was over three weeks ago… Yikes. Time is flying by. It’s hard to believe that we are here in August. I feel that way every week, every month. How did we get here so quickly? Why does time move so fast? Could it all just slow down? Please?

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t done the best at slowing down this summer. It’s been more full steam ahead then slow down. This last week was due to Jeremy being out of town at kid’s camp. This is the week of summer I always dread. On the bright side, the week of single momming has gotten easier as the boys have gotten older. I always fill kid’s camp week full of activity. This makes the kids tired and ready for bed and it makes the week go quickly. However, in tiring the kids out, I do a pretty good job of tiring myself out as well!

So here is the low down on kid’s camp week. On Monday we kicked off the first week of swim lessons. Tuesday was visiting GG and saying hi to Grandpa at work. Wednesday was a bike ride play date in the park with friends and delivering a meal to a friend recovering from surgery. Thursday was the splash park with cousins. Friday was a rainy play date at our house which called for an indoor picnic. Every day was full and fun and just how summer is meant to be – minus Jeremy. Seriously, this man makes everyday better. We miss him so much despite our packed schedule. Activity can be a distraction, but it doesn’t keep us knowing that life is better with Daddy!

What does life like after kid’s camp look like? Fall prep. There are lots of MOPS & MOMSnext responsibilities on my plate as we prep for our kick off in just one month. Jeremy came home talking about the Christmas musical and got an email today with graphics for our Fall Fest event. If anyone has mastered the art of living in the moment while prepping for the next season, I would totally take a class on that. I want to be in summer mode. I want to savor each day.  A new season is ahead and I want to be prepared, but not at the compromise of my current season.

Next week is Jeremy’s “stay-cation” and I am hoping that by doing a lot of prep work this week, I will be able to be in the moment next week. We have some fun plans and I am looking forward to more family time. After our July vacation we’ve been in a divide and conquer mode. I want to come back together and just be the four of us – having adventures, laughing and making memories.

In other news, our chickens have started laying eggs. At least, three of them have started laying. We’re now at six chickens total in our care. One of our rooster went to a friend recently. We have five hens and just the one rooster now. If the rooster can keep it quiet around 5:30am, he might actually have a fair chance at staying. Owen loves checking for eggs every day. In fact, many times a day. Right now the girls are getting used to this laying routine. We try to find the eggs quickly after they are laid so they don’t get cracked accidentally. As Jeremy said, it’s like an Easter egg hunt multiple times a day. Graham might not have much to do with the chickens, but he approves of their eggs for eating. He ate 2.5 of them on Saturday for breakfast. Jeremy barely got any!

That’s the update for now. Kid’s camp week came and went. Stay-cation week is almost here! The kids are living their best lives. I’m doing my best to keep up – which is ironic since I set the pace of my own life. I need to remember that I am in control of the schedule. Our family flow is changing in September and part of me wants to get as much as I can done in this period of time before back to school. I know life really never slows down like I think it will, but September has the potential to slow me down. I’ll have a few hours at the house to get things done without kids. It’s going to be weird. Good and weird. Part of the reason I want to do all the things now is I know my time is brief. Okay, sorry! If you can’t tell, I’m really wrestling with time right now. The days are flying by fast. I want to make them count. And I can’t think of a better to live my days then with family, friends and community.


MOPS & MOMSnext S’mores night! Owen loves having friends over and getting wet in the backyard.


Our very first egg!


Visiting my dear forever friend who just moved back to WA! 


Exploring Long Lake


Date night before kid’s camp! 


Nana & Papa took the boys on a Saturday adventure to watch the cousins’ play t-ball and they stopped at the Kalama park on the way home! 


First day of swim lessons this summer


Visiting GG! 


Picture by Owen


Visiting Grandpa at work


Park play date, riding laps with friends! 


Splash park with cousins! Thanks to Aunt Andrea for getting the best photos! 


Graham wasn’t feeling the splash park. 


The playground was fun though!


For the last night of Daddy being gone, the boys got the special treat of a sleepover in my room on the air mattress! 


This play date started with a power outage and then turned into an indoor picnic because it was too damp outside.