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Suddenly It’s August August 5, 2019

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I feel like I just got back from our big California/Oregon vacation yesterday. Jeremy informed that was over three weeks ago… Yikes. Time is flying by. It’s hard to believe that we are here in August. I feel that way every week, every month. How did we get here so quickly? Why does time move so fast? Could it all just slow down? Please?

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t done the best at slowing down this summer. It’s been more full steam ahead then slow down. This last week was due to Jeremy being out of town at kid’s camp. This is the week of summer I always dread. On the bright side, the week of single momming has gotten easier as the boys have gotten older. I always fill kid’s camp week full of activity. This makes the kids tired and ready for bed and it makes the week go quickly. However, in tiring the kids out, I do a pretty good job of tiring myself out as well!

So here is the low down on kid’s camp week. On Monday we kicked off the first week of swim lessons. Tuesday was visiting GG and saying hi to Grandpa at work. Wednesday was a bike ride play date in the park with friends and delivering a meal to a friend recovering from surgery. Thursday was the splash park with cousins. Friday was a rainy play date at our house which called for an indoor picnic. Every day was full and fun and just how summer is meant to be – minus Jeremy. Seriously, this man makes everyday better. We miss him so much despite our packed schedule. Activity can be a distraction, but it doesn’t keep us knowing that life is better with Daddy!

What does life like after kid’s camp look like? Fall prep. There are lots of MOPS & MOMSnext responsibilities on my plate as we prep for our kick off in just one month. Jeremy came home talking about the Christmas musical and got an email today with graphics for our Fall Fest event. If anyone has mastered the art of living in the moment while prepping for the next season, I would totally take a class on that. I want to be in summer mode. I want to savor each day.  A new season is ahead and I want to be prepared, but not at the compromise of my current season.

Next week is Jeremy’s “stay-cation” and I am hoping that by doing a lot of prep work this week, I will be able to be in the moment next week. We have some fun plans and I am looking forward to more family time. After our July vacation we’ve been in a divide and conquer mode. I want to come back together and just be the four of us – having adventures, laughing and making memories.

In other news, our chickens have started laying eggs. At least, three of them have started laying. We’re now at six chickens total in our care. One of our rooster went to a friend recently. We have five hens and just the one rooster now. If the rooster can keep it quiet around 5:30am, he might actually have a fair chance at staying. Owen loves checking for eggs every day. In fact, many times a day. Right now the girls are getting used to this laying routine. We try to find the eggs quickly after they are laid so they don’t get cracked accidentally. As Jeremy said, it’s like an Easter egg hunt multiple times a day. Graham might not have much to do with the chickens, but he approves of their eggs for eating. He ate 2.5 of them on Saturday for breakfast. Jeremy barely got any!

That’s the update for now. Kid’s camp week came and went. Stay-cation week is almost here! The kids are living their best lives. I’m doing my best to keep up – which is ironic since I set the pace of my own life. I need to remember that I am in control of the schedule. Our family flow is changing in September and part of me wants to get as much as I can done in this period of time before back to school. I know life really never slows down like I think it will, but September has the potential to slow me down. I’ll have a few hours at the house to get things done without kids. It’s going to be weird. Good and weird. Part of the reason I want to do all the things now is I know my time is brief. Okay, sorry! If you can’t tell, I’m really wrestling with time right now. The days are flying by fast. I want to make them count. And I can’t think of a better to live my days then with family, friends and community.


MOPS & MOMSnext S’mores night! Owen loves having friends over and getting wet in the backyard.


Our very first egg!


Visiting my dear forever friend who just moved back to WA! 


Exploring Long Lake


Date night before kid’s camp! 


Nana & Papa took the boys on a Saturday adventure to watch the cousins’ play t-ball and they stopped at the Kalama park on the way home! 


First day of swim lessons this summer


Visiting GG! 


Picture by Owen


Visiting Grandpa at work


Park play date, riding laps with friends! 


Splash park with cousins! Thanks to Aunt Andrea for getting the best photos! 


Graham wasn’t feeling the splash park. 


The playground was fun though!


For the last night of Daddy being gone, the boys got the special treat of a sleepover in my room on the air mattress! 


This play date started with a power outage and then turned into an indoor picnic because it was too damp outside.


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