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August Stay-cation! August 18, 2019

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We’ve been doing all the fun things possible here around the Pacific Northwest! We are wrapping up a week of stay-cation. It’s been one adventure after the next which is apparently how we roll in the summertime. Here are a few highlights from our PNW wanderings:

The Park



First time boating and inner tubing on Mayfield Lake



Graham’s preferred way of doing water sports is out of the water!  


Ape Caves & Mt. St. Helens



The boys got to have a lunch with Nana & Papa and some of the cousins! 



The Point Defiance Zoo and Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl



Southwest Washington Fair


We visited the model trains three times



Dinner and Games with Nana & Papa



Girls Weekend Away & Boys Camping Trip


A spontaneous dip in the Puget Sound before dropping me off with my friend.


Girls weekend in Long Beach



Boys went camping at Panther Creek



As I type this blog, I am wrapping up the laundry from all of us being gone over the weekend. Jeremy blessed me by allowing me to slip away for a few nights with my forever friend, Maggie. She has a cute trailer at the beach that allowed us to “glamp” while the boys went to camp. Jeremy is so adventurous. He has taken the boys camping twice this summer. He wins the coolest dad of the year award, for sure. Originally today was supposed to be the last hurrah of our stay-cation and we were going to ride the local train, but we decided down time was important before jumping into another busy summer week. We’ll do the train ride on a different weekend.

Right now I have one more packed to the brim week filled with swimming lessons, play dates and connecting with friends. As always the week promises to be fun, but after that I plan on having a buffer week before school starts. We have plans during our buffer week, but swim lessons will be over and the pace will be slower, the commitments shorter. The last thing I want to do is run us into the ground right before school starts. I don’t want to send exhausted boys off to new environments at the beginning of September.

Also there is something to be said for me not wanting to be exhausted heading into a new season with our family. I want to slow down. I want to snuggle my boys while they are home with me all day and enjoy each day that I don’t have to share them with school. It’s hard to believe that we only have two weeks until our normal changes and life as we know it will never be the same again. Owen will officially be an elementary kid and Graham will officially be a preschooler.

I’ll keep the summer vibes going just a bit longer. I’m ignoring the dry falling leaves and the autumn decor in all the stores (I’m looking at you Hobby Lobby). I’ll pretend for just a little while longer that life is all about summer sunshine, play dates, and adventures around every corner.


Your thoughts?

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