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7th Months! May 9, 2014

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7 months old!

7 months old!

This last month has gone by faster than any other month of Owen’s life so far. We had our biggest outreach event of the year, a conference, and a bad cold bug. That about sums the month up. Owen has had a particularly rough time with his cold over the last week or so. The loose and messy diapers have been abundant. I’ve used a lot of stain remover, changed a lot of sheets, washed the seat in his jumper multiple times and applied a lot of Desitin to Owen’s diaper rashed booty. Good times. Good times… I would love to say that we’re out of the woods, but Owen is still pooping more than usual and his nose is still runny. Both Jeremy and I have bugs of our own that are holding on as well. After 5 tissues boxes, I will be grateful for the day that I don’t have to blow my nose. I’m so done with snot.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of things to share in this 7 month update, but there isn’t too much new to report. Owen loves to “walk” (with his hands being held, of course). He is quite the explorer and wants to touch everything he can get his hands on. He is not crawling yet so our house is still safe. Owen also continues to be a massive talker. This baby loves to chat. It’s fun because I can say some baby talk sounds to him and he’ll respond and then pause. I’ll talk and then he’ll talk. We’re having conversations, but I have no clue what we’re talking about. Owen and Toby have spent more time being aware of each other. Owen will scream at Toby and Toby will respond by barking at Owen. This interaction gets really loud, really fast. We’ve been trying more food options now that Owen is on to stage 2 baby foods. I will admit that I’m disappointed he didn’t take an instant likely to his meal of mac & cheese. Owen seems to be partial to fruits and orange veggies. So far green veggies have not been met with much success (in this regard, he is more like me). Tonight he tried a meat puree of apples and chicken and ate the whole container. Go Owen! One last thing, we purchased a new baby carrier so now we have a backpack option. Owen and Jeremy put it to good use this week so that way Owen could go do outdoor chores with Jeremy. Our hope is to use it on a beach outing in the near(ish) future.

Since there isn’t too much news in the Owen department, I thought I would share a few things that have been going on around our house. Jeremy surprised me by upgrading my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Despite my illness, I’ve managed to use it a few times in the last week and I love it! The bowl is so big compared to my Classic mixer.  When I’ve had down time, I’ve been reading books on my iPad. I got Daring Greatly by Brene Brown from the local library. It’s a well researched book on shame and vulnerability. It encouraged me to be present and engaged with those I love. It’s about not hiding and not keeping yourself guarded and walled off. It’s a very good read. I also downloaded Sarah Bessey’s new ebook called My Practices of Mothering. This book is a compilation of blog posts she wrote a few years ago. I love getting her perspective on parenting and why she does what she does. It gave me some food for thought and reminded me that overall most of us mamas’ are doing pretty good. We care and we are trying and that makes us good moms’. It’s a message that I appreciate hearing. Right now I’m re-reading The Blue Castle by LM Montgomery. It was only a dollar on Amazon, so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s one of my favorite novels by LM Montgomery and I’m excited to have it be a permanent part of my collection!

Kitchen Aids are beautiful!

Kitchen Aids are beautiful!

Chore time

Chore time

Jeremy made a new friend in the backyard

Jeremy made a new friend in the backyard

Checking out some new toys at Grandma's house

Checking out some new toys at Grandma’s house


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