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I didn’t finish a book… February 9, 2014

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I didn’t finish a book in the entire month of January. Insert shock and awe here. It’s hard to believe. I did read during the month of January. I just didn’t finish the book I was reading. I started Little Women and I do like it. I’m just reading it a lot slower than I would like. After feeling a bit let down in the reading department, I decided to try something new.

I find myself now watching the The Pioneer Woman a couple times a week. Usually when I get home from work on Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally, I’ll sneak another day in there too. It all depends on what is happening at 2:00pm in our house. I’m finding that 2:00pm is right around the time I need to mentally check out for a half hour and watching Ree Drummond cook seems to be just the ticket. I’m pretty sure I want her to adopt me. That woman has a way with food. My sister has been a long time fan of Ree and so has America for that matter. I’m late to the game when it comes to falling in love with The Pioneer Woman, but it has finally happened. I’m hooked.

But what does watching a cooking show have anything to do with reading? Well, Ree has written a book about her relationship with her husband. It’s their love story and wow, it was steamy! I had heard a great deal about her book (also titled The Pioneer Woman) so it really shouldn’t have come as a shock. I remember April telling me how much she likes her husband. Really likes him. Every inch of him. Her writing style made me laugh a lot and it was fun to see their relationship develop through her eyes. I found myself admiring how many details of their dating relationship she actually remembered. I have to admit that I don’t think I could have written a book about Jeremy and I with that much clarity. Another thing that I’m still tickled by is downloading books. After years of ordering books and waiting for them to arrive in the mail, it’s just a weird thing to just buy it and have it instantly on iPad. I would recommend Ree’s book to anyone who wants to get swept up in a real life love story and could use a good laugh.

I’ve contemplated the place reading has in my life a lot this last month. Because I’m a “reader”, I felt like I let myself down by not finishing a book in the span of a month. Truthfully, there is no law that says I have to read obsessively. I just usually do. Adding things like the a half hour of personal television in the day is also a new thing for me. I never turn the TV on when I’m home alone. All sorts of things are happening to me. Reading less, watching TV more. My self-righteous side is telling me I’m heading down a mind numbing hill. Oh well. I still love to read and when I find a good book I will devour it. I don’t think that will change. I’m just not going to freak out if the rate I read at has changed. I will also let myself off the hook and allow myself to watch a little TV now and then. It’s a nice break.

As you can see from the last week of blogs, I’m finding many different things to fill my time theses days. I have discovered the fun of putting Legos together. Who knew? I have been working on a major projects like reorganizing the mother’s room and moving offices at work. I’ve done a bit of reading. Obviously a lot of my time goes into the happiness of a little 4 month old human… I guess if we were to include all the things I’ve been into lately, I should add that I’m obsessed with the new Switchfoot album that came out on my birthday. Below is a link to my favorite song. It seems to fit me on so many levels right now. And it’s catchy. I could listen to it on repeat!


Your thoughts?

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