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PAM, Shopping Adventures, Red Cups and More! November 2, 2013

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First shopping trip! Note the content baby with the pacifier!

First shopping trip! Note the content baby with the pacifier!

With my days being so busy I now store up a lot little things that I want to blog about. I have a feeling that most blogs will be a little of this and that for a while as I share the highlights of our days and weeks. This week as very full for the Scott family. Wednesday, Jeremy and I took Owen on his first shopping adventure. We hit many stores and he did great! We even had lunch at Chipotle. So far all our eating out endeavors have been drive thru. This was our first time to sit down in a restaurant. Now it’s not the same as an actual sit-down restaurant, but I viewed it as a baby step in the right direction. It was great to spend most of the day with Jeremy even though it was mostly running errands for Fall Fest (our church’s Halloween outreach event). Because Jeremy had a full week with Fall Fest prep, it was great to have whatever time together we could. In way, it felt like old times because we would always run these errands together. Now we just had Owen along for the ride.

Another first happened this week, we gave Owen a pacifier. The first twenty-four hours, Owen really liked it. It was in his mouth quite a bit and he was very happy. Now he takes it about half the time we offer it. He doesn’t really need it all that much, but it’s a nice option! We’re enjoying it!

Happy Red Cup Day!

Happy Red Cup Day!

In the long list of other first for the week, Owen went to Starbucks yesterday for Red Cup Day! Red Cup Day is a holiday in my book and it’s the official beginning of the holiday season for me. I love getting a peppermint hot chocolate in a festive red cup. It just does something for me! Plus, I get to celebrate with people I love! It’s a win-win! The morning started off with a red cup with my friend, Jeannie, and then the fun continued later that afternoon with a red cup with my mom and sister. Of course, Owen is pretty attached these days so he was in tow for both coffee dates. I’m starting him off right! Also, this was a first for me – yesterday was the first time I took Owen out by myself. It was also my first time driving in a month. Thanks to bed rest and having a baby, I didn’t drive the entire month of October! It was a big day all around! And it only got better!

After our Red Cup Day marathon, our little family took off for Portland, Oregon to pick up my new toy – an iPad mini! I’ve always been anti-tablet, but now that we have Owen, I find that I use my phone a whole lot for reading and looking things up. Also, reading a book is harder than scrolling on a screen,so I caved. I feel like a conformist, but it’s cute and little and I’m actually pretty excited about it! I’m hoping that it will help me keep up with my reading and maybe even writing. It looks like my “bookshelf” might finally go digital. I do believe in my heart I will always be a paper book person, but we’ll see if the iPad changes that. On a side note, this trip down to Oregon was Owen’s first trip out of state.

The forest of greeting cards!

The forest of greeting cards!

It’s hard to believe that October is already over! October is Pastor Appreciation Month and it’s always sweet to see our church congregation love on us a little extra. Between Pastor Appreciate Month and having a baby, our kitchen counter has been taken over by a small forest of greeting cards. I absolutely love it! All i have to do is look at our counter and remember all the love and support we have in our lives. Jeremy and I are so blessed to work at Bethel Church and be a part of a church family that we care so deeply about. Pastor Appreciation Month is a fun time and a special one for me. We call it PAM and there is a fun story behind my dad who is a board member at our church (he has been on and off for years) and how once I helped him do a PAM moment for the pastors. That weekend, I just happened to be home from college and of course, bumped into Jeremy on stage. After that weekend was when Jeremy emailed me asking if we could get to know each other better. Oh, young love and Pastor Appreciation Month!

It’s been fun-filled, busy days here in the Scott household. Now that the Fall Fest is behind us and it’s November, I look forward to settling into the holiday season. I listened to Christmas music for a few minutes yesterday. I am excited to start my Christmas shopping. I’m looking forward to yummy Thanksgiving dinners (yes, that was plural on purpose). Also, we have the arrival our second nephew this month. I’m on the edge of my seat to know what the little guy is going to be named. I keep playing the guessing game in my head! It will be so sweet to meet this newest member of our family any time now. Things are good! God is good!


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