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Books, Appointments, Lunch Dates and More! June 7, 2013

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I haven’t had much to blog about lately. Life has been full as usual, but it seemed like none of my activities individually were enough to devote an entire blog post to. Sooo… now that the week is winding down, I thought I would update you on what has been going on in my world. There is lots to share now that I’ve stored up my stories!

On Sunday, I finished an awesome book by Jodi Detrick called The Jesus-Hearted Woman. Jodi, who used to be our senior pastor’s wife years ago before they moved on to different ministry positions, shares what she’s learned about endearing and enduring leadership throughout the years. Everything I read was spot on and it really encouraged me to hear these words from someone who has paved the way before me. It also was fun to see the names of many ladies I know sprinkled throughout Jodi’s stories! It’s like knowing famous people! After finishing this great book, I decided to give my brain a break. It’s been months since I had read a novel and I needed some fluffy reading. I’ve now been devouring novels like cake this week! It’s been great! I got three new books in the mail this week which I was supposed to save for the plane and our Hawaii trip, but I’m already done with one and a half them! My current read is Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. Still to read is Prototype by Jonathan Martin, who is my favorite podcast pastor. I can’t wait!

Baby Scott @ 21 weeks, 3 days!

Baby Scott @ 21 weeks, 3 days!

Monday was one of those days that turned out differently than I expected. I had lunch with a dear friend from the office and then Jeremy and I unexpectedly headed up to Seattle Children’s Hospital to visit a student. His aunt (and caretaker) is a good friend of ours so we waited with her while her nephew was in surgery. I hadn’t planned to spend the day in Seattle at a hospital, but it was worth it! I love supporting the families in our church. We gave Josh a Lego set that he was excited to get home and play with.  I’m glad we were able to pray with them and provide a little joy during a rough time.

Tuesday was our anatomy ultrasound. We got an in-depth look at our little guy! It was great to know that everything looked good and checked out just fine. We were also reassured that we are indeed having a boy! Now if I buy something (which I still haven’t done yet), I can take the tags off! Hurray! It was great to see that our little boy is healthy and still very active! Tuesday evening, Jeremy grilled us some tasty burgers and with the sunshine and warm weather it really started to feel like summer is here! I should note that the official start of summer for me isn’t Memorial Day Weekend, but June 1st. I’m not sure why, but once it’s June –  it’s summer! That’s just how I see things!

Wednesday, I made molasses cookies for my girls class and spent a lot of time reading. I also took a nap! Usually Wednesday is my big clean the house day, but I put that off so I could deep clean later. Our big trip to Hawaii is coming up soon, so I’m saving all my cleaning efforts for a little closer to the trip. I love coming home to a clean house after vacation.

S'more Season Begins!

S’more Season Begins!

Yesterday, I had a lunch with another co-worker. She will soon be moving out of state so I was happy when she asked to get together before she left. I can not tell you how sad I am that she is leaving. She has been a good friend to me and I know that we’ll remain friends even though there will be distance between us. I can’t say that I am happy to see her go, but I am excited for her future and what God has in store for her. Once I got home from work, I did a few things around the house. I took a nap and finished a book! Jeremy and I went for a walk later that evening and then we had the first fire of the season in our backyard! Which of course was accompanied by yummy s’mores! Tuesday felt like summer was here and Thursday confirmed it!

Now that is Friday, I’m looking forward to a bit of a down day. I’ve been working on laundry and formulating thoughts on what I would like to pack for Hawaii. Tomorrow is W.F. West’s graduation and I have many students that I will go to support and cheer on as they receive their diplomas! I haven’t been to a WFW graduation since my own in 2004 so it will be interesting to head back to my high school and sit in those same bleachers that I spent so much time in almost a decade ago. Crazy! It seems like just yesterday that was me!

And that’s all for now, folks!


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  1. What a cute lil fellow!

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