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Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples by Francis Chan March 24, 2013

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I’m happy to say that I finished Multiply this weekend! It sadly took me longer to read than I had expected. Part of the reason is I am reading multiple books at a time right now and I’m learning that I don’t do that well. I like to process one thing at a time. My brain gets overwhelmed by topic hopping. Lesson learned.

Multiply is a great book for anyone who considers themselves a Christ Follower or might be curious about what the Bible is about. This book is written in a very different style from Chan’s other books. It’s very basic and simple. It’s completely user friendly. The beginning starts off with why disciples should make disciples – practically how does that look.

The book then moves into what I would call a brief commentary of the Biblical narrative. This is very sound teaching on what is in the Bible. Nothing too controversial – the book is very non-denominational. Just the basics are presented and I like that. This section of the book is a resource to those who are actively discipling and a lesson for those who being discipled. Chan gives you what to go over and then all the details you need to confidently study God’s word together.

As a Bible college student, I didn’t feel like it was anything new that I didn’t know. However, that doesn’t diminish the power of God’s Word and purpose of the church in reaching out. It was a good reminder for me and a book that I could see myself recommending to those who want to go deeper in their understanding of the Bible and God’s word.  It’s not meant to replace the Bible for study, but it should spur you on in your desire to know God more and to help others know God more. Overall, an easy and moving read. You can’t get over the basics how ever simple they might be. God is good and he is plan. Will we be a part of it?

Now that this book is off my to-read list let me share with you a few more books I’m really looking forward to starting or finishing in the next few months:

  • One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp – Yes, this is my 4th time reading the book, but I’m doing it alongside my Growth Group study and it’s been water to my soul, just like every other time I’ve read it.
  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain – I’m so excited for this read! I’ve heard really good things about this book. I love anything that validates me an introvert and inspires me to be the way I was created to be.
  • Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist –  I’ve become a huge fan of Shauna this last year and her newest book will be released in April! I can’t wait! Seriously, I will be pre-ordering this soon!
  • The Synergist by Les McKeown – We just took his work assessment test our staff leadership meeting. Now we’ll be reading his book to dig deeper into the concepts.
  • Prototype by Jonathan Martin – I love listening to Jonathan’s podcasts and I’m super excited for his first book! It will be released at the beginning of May, but I’ve heard good things from those who have received an advance copy!

I’m so excited to pour through all these books and learn from these authors! So much good stuff to read!


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