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What I’ve Been Up To… September 29, 2012

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So, I sort of dropped off the blogging scene this week. I love to blog and I really do miss it when I don’t. The week started off very full and has ended quietly. I don’t mind. It’s been a good balance of spending time with family, doing things I love and resting. Here is what I’ve been up to this week.

Jeremy has family visiting from South Dakota. They are staying with his parents so we’ve made many treks over to their house for family gatherings! Lots of good food, fun games and time spent catching up with family. We usually get to see Jeremy’s grandma and Aunt Sandy once a year and it’s always a special treat. We had them over for dinner and games on Tuesday night at our place. It was fun to play hostess. Overall, it was a great time to see them so often while they were in town. We had to make the most of the time we had with them!

Recent Reads

When I haven’t been with family, I’ve been reading a lot this week. I finished two new books! The first was Cottage by the Sea by Robin Jones Gunn. She’s my favorite author and I always love to read her latest work. This novel was about a lady who ends up taking care of her dying father after he suffers from a severe stroke. It was sad, but good. It also had a peek into the lives of one of Gunn’s other characters that I know and love. It gives a glimpse into Sierra Jensen’s happily ever after. I know people who have had to take care of aging parents will really relate the main character, Erin. It remind me of my own family and how they cared for Jeremy’s grandpa in his failing health.

The next book I read was Winning Balance by Shawn Johnson. I followed Shawn during the 2008 Olympics because I think that gymnastics are the highlight of the summer Olympics. I also rooted for her on Dancing with the Stars. Now that she’s on a second season of DWTS, I’m watching it again and cheering her on. It a good read and a quick one for that matter. I got it at the library Thursday afternoon and finished it early Friday AM (around 12:30). I didn’t read it in one sitting because my eye had an allergic reaction and swelled up. So I took a drug induce nap and watched The Avengers with my hubby. It was interesting to see her faith journey and how she had to find herself again after all the fame that come with the Olympics. I appreciated her honesty and her struggles. She’s known for being so smiley and joyful. It’s good to see behind her smile, she’s learned things the hard way. Life hasn’t been handed to her on a sliver spoon and it’s been difficult. She intentional and her smile comes from true inner joy. It was a great insight into the girl that I’ve only watched on a screen.

Friday’s Movie Marathon!

Friday, Jeremy was gone most of the day – golfing with family and then at our church’s annual Man Camp. I decided to do a Disney princess movie marathon! It was great! I rested and just stayed in my jammies. Toby snuggled right on in for the marathon and I was super content and happy.  I didn’t spend the entire day alone. Toby and I drove up to spend the evening with my mom and sister because both their men were at Man Camp as well. We had dinner together and watched a movie. It was a very fun day. It was the right amount of alone time and people time. The only downside of the day was how little I saw my hubby.

Today is sorta similar to yesterday. Jeremy is at church but I’m guessing he will be home in the next two hours. My mom joined me for another Disney princess movie and we had lunch together. After she left, I gave Toby a bath and he is sitting next me shivering from time to time. Poor pup. Being clean is such a trial for a little dog. I’m not quite sure what my next move is… I don’t have a new book. There is one waiting for me at the library, but I’m not sure I want to put the energy into getting presentable and heading into town. Not yet anyway. I’ve watched what feels like a million movies since Thursday, so I’m not sure that is the direction I want to go. Oh well… I’m sure I will find something chill and quiet to do around the house. Next week is super busy so I know I need to take advantage of these restful times while they are here.

It’s been a good week! I love spending time with family. There was lots of good food – anytime I get to have a grandma made apple pie is a good day! I’ve read, I’ve rested. I’ve snuggled with my pup. The only thing I wish I could remove from the week was my swollen eye because it made me cancel a dinner date with a student. Oh well. Even the best weeks aren’t entirely perfect. But it was pretty good overall and I’m a happy camper.



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