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The World of L.M. Montgomery July 13, 2012

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Spending time in the world of L.M. Montgomery!

I’ve officially read everything that L.M. Montgomery has written about Avonlea and the tales of Anne Shirley or Anne Blythe as she later becomes. I’m still in the process of watching all the seasons of Road to Avonlea based off Montgomery’s writing. Because of my Avonlea obsession, I’ve decided to branch out and read more of Montgomery’s works that take place outside of Avonlea. At the recommendation of a favorite blogger, I have decided to start with The Blue Castle.  After learning a bit more about Lucy Maud Montgomery, I’m intrigued at what inspired her stories. She must have loved her Canada, because she paints the picture of the landscape so beautifully. Especially after watching all these programs that take place in Prince Edward Island, I’m positive that PEI is on my bucket list of places to visit. I learned through some research that she was a minister’s wife. I wonder what it was like for her. I’ve pondered what a conversation between her and I might be like. Where did her stories come from? What was it like to be a minister’s wife 100 years ago? Did she view her life as romantically as she did her books? So many things come to my mind. I guess I will keep getting to know her more through her works. I know that part of Road to Avonlea series has been based off of The Story Girl and The Golden Road.  I guess I will just have to add those to my must read list… If you haven’t noticed, it’s getting quite long… Lucky for me, there is a no rush! I’ll just keep living my life one good book at a time!


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