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Quotations July 11, 2012

Filed under: Amy's Bookshelf,Simply Me,Women in Ministry — Amy Scott @ 9:00 am

Do you ever feel like a quote just hits you? It makes you catch your breath and say, “How did they know?” or “Wow, I needed that.”  Especially in those rough places in life, I feel like God speaks through the words of others. Reading a well timed quote reminds me that my creator really does see me. He heard my thoughts and prayers and he responded.  I’ve started collecting quotes and keeping them around me as reminders. Here are a few that I’ve added over the last week:

“There are people in the world who are grateful you exist. You were sent to them by God.” – Donald Miller (I had literally had a conversation with God about my existence just hours before reading this… too weird!)

“To live no tight, neat role is truly sacrificial, it is also truly creative because it leaves us open and free (dare we say) like God himself.”  – Alan Jones (I always want a nice little box to label myself in and I’m learning I’ll never fill one specific role. This gave me a new perspective on the many hats I wear.)

“And now I was faced with engaging a way of a life, a vocation, in which I had to learn to submit to conditions, enter into conditions, embrace conditions, in which my competitive skills and achievements were virtually worthless. Worse than worthless: actively destructive.” – Eugene Peterson from The Pastor (Current life lesson – at some point in life, you can’t be the best or the smartest or take another test, get a good grade, reach another goal… nothing you do can change the current situation. You can’t be better or try harder. It is what it is. Learn to live in the conditions.)



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