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Recent Reading: When God Writes Your Love Story July 3, 2012

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In high school, if you asked me about my favorite authors or books, you probably would have heard about When God Writes Your Love Story and the names Eric & Leslie Ludy.  Maybe I watched too many romantic comedies and chick flicks growing up. I don’t know. I was obsessed with books about love and purity. I wanted a God written love story and I was going to do my best to prepare for it! That meant lots of books and high, high standards. This girl was holding out for a hero. Which, by the way, I got one!

Now that I’m mentoring teenagers, this book has made a reappearance in my life. I’m going through the book this summer with one of my girls from church. At this age, the idea of dating seems to be on the forefront of every teens minds. I know it was when I was their age. As boy crazy as I was, I wanted to funnel all that energy into becoming a Godly women who would be worthy of a Godly husband. After the influence of many mentors, books and my parents, I decided not to date in high school. My parents pretty told me I couldn’t date until I was out their house (which meant in high school, they didn’t seem to stop me in college even though I lived there on random weekends and over the summer).  When I was 13 the “no dating” rule seemed irrational and torturous! What were they thinking? Did they want me to become a social outcast? However, once I made the decision for myself in high school, the no dating rule became a very easy way for to develop lots of friendship with guys without worrying about it going down that road. I was very vocal about the rule and it seemed to be a great buffer for me. I have no regrets when it comes to not dating in high school. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (or was helped to make).

Books like When God Writes Your Love Story really inspired me and helped to shape me into the person I am now. I became a bit of a Ludy junkie in high school. I read their book about their personal love story called When Dream Come True. I read Leslie’s book Authentic Beauty. They wrote a book my senior year called When God Writes Your Life Story and when I got married I read their book The First 90 Days of Marriage. They use wisdom, common sense, personal stories, and a Biblical perspective in all their books.  In fact, I’ve already purchased two copies of Authentic Beauty to give away this summer.

Every family and teenager is different when it comes to dating. I didn’t do things just like the Eric & Leslie Ludy and I don’t expect those I mentor to do things just like me. I just felt like this was a good book for pondering what it means to have a God written love story. What does it mean to trust God with this area of our lives? And ultimately, our whole lives. God cares about every detail and he isn’t going to mess up our loves stories! He is the author of romance and if we trust him with the pen then I think we’ll be pleased with the story he scripts. I’m know that I haven’t been disappointed! If God is the center our relationships, good things are going to happen!

It’s been exciting to share something that meant so much to me when I was a teenager with this young lady. It feels a bit like passing on a legacy to the next generation. As one who is farther along in this faith journey, it’s important to guide those who are younger into making positive, God-honoring choices. We’ve got wisdom to share and our experiences matter not only to us, but they can be the catalyst for change in the next generation. God written love stories are not be kept quiet. They should be used as examples for those who are following in our footsteps. They should be shared to give hope and help those younger than us to dream big dreams. Just like we did!


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