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Getting back to routine December 20, 2011

Filed under: Bible — Amy Scott @ 8:18 pm

Why is it so hard to get back into routine? It seems like a break from the usual scheduled programing for a few weeks and its like pulling teeth to get back into my old patterns. I’m talking about my Bible reading plan. I finished reading the Bible for this year at the end of November. Instead of starting my next plan right away, I gave myself a short break. I’ve been trying for the last week to get back into my flow and I’m finding that it’s been more of a struggle than I would like. I really do love reading my Bible. Once I open it, I’m glad that I did. It’s just the getting to the point where I’m sitting quietly and I’m not distracted. This time of year is hard when it comes to distractions! They are everywhere! It might be choosing to watch a Christmas movie, connect with a friend, bake, clean or work! There is a lot to do! However, especially at this time of year, it’s important to make that quiet time with the Lord a priority. It’s a weird concept to think that we get all worked about Christmas and what God did at this time many years away, but to not really acknowledge him during this season. It needs to be more than just adding “God bless” to a Christmas card. So even though I’m struggling, it’s worth it! As an act of worship and way to connect with my Savior, I will spend my time with the one who gives true value to my life. I will recommit to reading His word throughout the entire year. It’s amazing how every year I love it more and new things stand to me as I walk through different seasons. The Bible is not something you read once and check it off your list. I will forever have a lifetime relationship with this book!


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