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Treasured Possessions November 18, 2011

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Okay, I know the Bible says not to store up treasures here on earth… I totally get that… but being  human and all, I have some treasures and they live in my guest room on a bookshelf. I love my books! In fact, I dream of of having a wall of shelves completely filled with books. My next dream would be to have a library room with all the walls completely covered in books. Ah, dreams! Books have always been a big part of my life. In elementary school, I was addicted to reading the Sweet Valley Twins. In middle school and high school, I read everything by Robin Jones Gunn I could get may hands on. My favorite book series still to this day would be The Christy Miller Series and all the books about Christy’s friends.

I think the reason I like books so much is they become like friends to me. Many people have rolled their eyes when I’ve said that, but it’s true. I get attached to the characters and I love to revisit them. Now not all of my books are fiction. I have a great deal of books on leadership, spiritual growth, and Bible study. These are also very important to me because they have played a big part in shaping who I am today. All of my books have had influence in my life and I am grateful for the voices of others who have inspired me and challenged me.

Recently I have gone through what I call a “fluffy” reading phase. Fluffy is my term for fiction. It’s just for fun. I love the stories, I revisit the characters, but it’s not super deep stuff… During my fluffy phase, I have reread the Love Comes Softly series and the Glenbrooke Series. Both are two of my favorite series that I discovered as an adult. I started to read the Love Comes Softly books originally after watching the Hallmark movies. I am amazed how different they are and I find that I like the plot of the books a lot more. Both are good though, just extremely different. The Glenbrooke Series takes place in a fictional small town out of Portland, OR. This series is written by my favorite author, Robin Jones Gunn.  I like these books because they are written for a twenty-somethings audience with old, familiar characters weaved into the plot from her books about Christy. It’s like catching a glimpse of old friends!

The last book I finished was Rooms by James L. Rubart. I would say the style is supernatural suspense. I can’t remember the last time I read a novel written by a man. There were times when I literally laughed out loud because of the difference in writing styles. It’s not the usual romantic tales I’m used to, even though the book does have a love story. It’s an intriguing book about a man who inherits a house in Cannon Beach, OR and the house has many rooms that appear and are a reflection of his heart and his life. It was fun to read something out of my normal style. I also love the fact that it takes place in a local setting. I enjoy recognizing the landmarks in the book.

I’m now in the process of deciding what to read next. I’m out of “new” books, so I’m back to rereading from my own collection. I really don’t mind that because like I said they are my friends and enjoy revisiting them. I’m always keeping my eyes out for another good read! I love going back to my bookshelf and putting away my last book and grabbing another. In fact, I think I’ll take a walk down there right now!


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