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The Intentional Woman by Carol Travilla and Joan C. Webb April 19, 2011

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As I write this review, I’m listening to the April shower happening outside of my window. I have a cup of hot chocolate steaming beside me and my favorite blanket across my lap. I’m just taking a deep breath and feeling the goodness of God wash over me. Simple moments like this are a pleasure and help me make it through the busyness that surrounds my life.

Now on to the book review… The Intentional Woman is a wonderful study. It was a great follow-up to Half the Church by Carolyn Custis James which I finished before starting this study. The study is formatted into 6 steps that can be done in a multitude of ways. This is a nice because it allows you to make the study fit your life and what works best for you. My suggestion would be a 6 week study with a small group of women – maybe 5 or 6. I think it would also great for a pair of ladies to go through.

It is a study and therefore, it is interactive. There are questions for you answer along every step of the way. The main focus on the study is where you’ve been, where you are at now and where you are going.  Travilla and Webb give many examples from their own journeys as well as other intentional women. Even if you decide to do the study alone, you still feel like you’re walking the path with others.

This study became a reaffirmation of what I’ve been currently working through personally. I’ve been in a very reflective season where I feel the Lord is calling me into new depths of ministry. As the Lord calls me to His purposes, I have to make sure my life is balanced enough to respond. Defining my priorities and addressing my passions are so important for intentional living. If you don’t prioritize the important stuff it will get pushed aside for a frantic, try-to-do-it-all pace. Some people might be able to balance what seems like a million hats, but I’m learning I’m a do a few things and do those things well kind of person.  I have to be intentional about where I am spending my energy so I can get maximum effectiveness.  Sometimes this is hard to accept, but it might mean letting go of some roles.

Travilla and Webb will help you to navigate the things that shaped you growing up, the things you are currently doing, and the things you feel called to do.  One point they brought out was a lot of us still love the things we loved when we were little. It might be painting, journaling, playing with friends, reading, etc. We often feel the need to push aside these simple childhood pleasures when become adults because we no longer feel they are important uses of our time. The truth is God made you in a unique way and there is probably something you really love to do. Don’t put off spending time doing something you love because you feel it’s selfish to focus on yourself. If we are truly balanced people than we will know that there needs to be export (us giving to others) and import (us being renewed). God might use that thing you loved as a child to be an outlet for you and your ministry.

In a constantly busy culture, it’s important to sit down and evaluate. Being an intentional woman will set you on a path of doing life on purpose. Don’t just let life happen to you. Decide what it’s important to you, respond to God’s calling on your life and live like you mean it! Live like it matters for eternity! The Intentional Woman is a great resource to help you sort through it all and make a clear, concise step in the right direction!


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