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Somewhat Corny Family Fun! October 8, 2012

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The Apple Fritter Club!

Okay, my family has never been the kind of family that goes on hay rides and visits pumpkin patches. I guess most cutesy fall activities were not on our radar. We never had anything against them, but we sure didn’t grow up doing stuff like that. The last couple of days have been sort of weird but fun! We’ve gone to some pretty corny family entertainment!

Sipping cider by the piggies!

On Saturday, we went to a local cider mill for their annual apple festival. Going on Saturday meant that we got still warm apple fritter which they only make on the weekends! Oh my goodness! It made the $3 for parking worth it (I guess I should note that I didn’t pay for parking… or the doughnut for that matter… but I would have to get another one)! We also bought an amazing marionberry pie, a gallon of cider and two cake doughnuts – one pumpkin and one apple cider to split and sample. If it was a contest – the pumpkin doughnut won… In case you were wondering! So the visit to the cider mill for me was really all about the food. I will admit that I felt awkward because it

Our Souvenirs

seemed like everyone there had a kid, toddler or baby. Since I’m not in the mothering crowd, I felt a bit out of place. However, for a really good doughnut, I will go about anywhere! They had a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, face painting and carnival games for kids to play. It was a very family friendly place. Also, it was a very taste bud friendly place. It didn’t take us too long to see everything and pet a goat, but it was a lot of fun. I wore a puffy vest (which my sister loves to mock my obsession for puffy vests) and fuzzy warm boots! It felt like autumn was official since I was all layered and warm. By afternoon, I was kind of warm though. We’ve had an awesome October! Lots of sunshine. Cool mornings and nights, but the days are in the mid-70’s. Pretty much perfect in my book! The cider mill is open year around and I’m sure I’ll drop by again for another pie or doughnut!

Off to a great start!

Today was an adventure as my mom, sister and I took off for the local corn maze. This was only my second time doing a corn maze and I will admit that I am a follower. Last time I followed Jeremy around and this time I followed April. She had the map and was determined that we would reach all of the check points. After a lovely 3.3 mile walk, we made it through two mazes and to all the check points. I think last time I was there Jeremy and I just wondered and didn’t use the map. Using the map made the maze go rather quickly. Since we went on a Monday afternoon, it was fairly quiet.

Surrounded by a sea of corn!

We really didn’t bump into anyone in the maze. The only downside was the amount of dust at the corn maze. Because we’ve had no rain for so long, we walked in literally inches of dust. We walked through the maze in a dust cloud. It caked our shoes and jeans from the knee down! The sunshine was great though, so I guess I can’t complain about the lack of rain. Plus, I know that the rain is coming. It has finally been spotted in the forecast after weeks of sunshine. I guess I’m okay with this since I know it will bring the cooler, fall weather that I know and really do love. It will mean that I can wear sweaters and start using our wood stove again.

It’s been a lot of fun having my sister back in the area to experience this autumn season with. The cider mill was her idea and the corn maze was mine, so I guess we’re stretching the level of our family bonding! We’re doing the corny stuff this year and loving it! It’s hard to not want to be outside of these perfect, sunshiny October days. Nearly impossible really! I love this time of year!