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Easter Activities! April 20, 2022

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This last week was filled with all the quintessential Easter activities! On Friday, Jeremy participated in a Good Friday gathering at church. Saturday was our day to dye eggs and do an egg hunt with the boys. We also gave them their Easter baskets on Saturday so they had time to play with them. Saturday night, we had my parents and sister over dinner. My parents brought some eggs for the boys to hunt and special gummy treats for each kid.

Sunday was our first in-person Easter at church since 2019. After two years at home for Easter, I wasn’t quite prepared for the hustle of church and a family gathering in the same day. You’d think I would remember how busy Easter Sunday can be… but no, it surprised me! Once we got over to Nana & Papa’s house, we were able to settle into family mode. The boys did their third egg hunt of the weekend with their cousins. They are now well-stocked on candy! It was fun to watch the boys play hard with their favorite people!

Since we weren’t able to attend my extended family gathering on Sunday, we made a special visit to see GG (Great Grandma) on Monday. We always love a visit to GG’s house. The boys play with decades old Fisher-Price toys while I enjoy a good chat with GG. After our visit with GG, we took off for a quiet afternoon and evening at home. The big weekend definitely caught up with us and we were ready for some downtime.

When I think back over the weekend, I am so thankful for the time we got to spend with our families. We are blessed by the friendships we share with our relatives. It’s always a good time when we get together. The boys had a blast with all the Easter activities, get-togethers, and treats. We might be a bit tuckered out now, but it was worth it!

Saturday Highlights
In my attempt to dress Springy/Easter-y, I unintentionally matched the cover of my book on Saturday!
Easter Sunday pictures!
Sunday Highlights
Visiting GG on Easter Monday

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