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Celebrating a Spring Birthday March 30, 2022

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This last week was my hubby’s birthday! He can be a hard birthday boy to celebrate. Easter season is one of the biggest and busiest seasons at his work. Unfortunately, his birthday falls during that same time. I spent weeks asking Jeremy what he wanted to do for his birthday and he just didn’t know. His mind was other places. After I asked about his plans a few times, the conversation became a game. Jeremy intentionally wouldn’t tell me what he was thinking because he knew it pushed my buttons. I like to make a big deal of birthdays because it’s one of the ways I express love to people. I want to celebrate them and have them feel special. I wasn’t too worried about what the plans were. I just wanted to make sure he felt loved on his birthday.

I was not surprised when the birthday plans turned out to be a morning at Top Golf. This seems to be where the Scott men celebrate their birthdays. We’ve now been four times as a family – all birthday celebrations. We took off early on Friday morning so we could have breakfast at Cracker Barrel before hitting Top Golf. I am not a golfer, but I can enjoy whacking a ball with no particular talent. We all have a good time at Top Golf and it’s a fun way for my golfer hubby to enjoy a golfing activity with his non-golfing family. I’m sure it’s a just a matter of time before Jeremy has the boys on the golf course with him. Good father-son bonding ahead!

Jeremy’s lunch of choice was a burger at Five Guys. We had a buy one, get one free coupon from Nothing Bundt Cakes, so we picked up bundlets as his birthday dessert. After two meals out, we made it home for Chinese food leftovers from a family dinner the day before.

A non-birthday related highlight of Friday was Owen got a new betta fish. Last week, our second betta, Finn, died. We knew Finn’s end was near so it wasn’t a shock. Owen was very excited to look for a yellow betta to replace Finn. Our local pet stores haven’t carried yellow bettas in the past so we wanted to look in the “big” city for more variety. The pet store we visited had only one yellow betta and Owen jumped at the chance to take him home. Owen is now the proud owner of Sunny.

Owen came home from the birthday outing with more than a betta fish. He also acquired a 24-hour flu bug. At first we thought it was carsickness, but when he was sick into the night and the next day, we realized we were dealing with something more. Thankfully, he was fine by Saturday afternoon. The flu bug changed our weekend plans, though. Jeremy and Graham went to a church work party on Saturday morning while Owen and I stayed home. Graham surprised us all by being super social on Saturday. Not only was he helpful at the work party, but he made new friends, too. I was so proud of him. Graham can to be our shy guy and he often feels most comfortable tagging along with his older brother. It was neat to hear how he was brave and had a great time at church. Owen started to feel better Saturday afternoon, but we stayed home on Sunday from church just to be safe. It was a quieter weekend then I expected, but that’s okay. Plans often change, but I’m glad the birthday plans came together! We love our spring birthday boy! Happy birthday, Jeremy!

Tiramisu times two
Waiting for breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Celebrating Jeremy’s birthday at Top Golf!
Birthday bundlet!
Meet Sunny – the newest member of our family!
Owen got Sunny, so Graham got Bingo and Bluey! Anyone else love Bluey? Our family is obsessed!

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