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Friends, Family, and Neighbors February 8, 2022

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For almost two years now, our lives have been scaled back, especially socially. Our circles are smaller these days. I sometimes grieve the “good old days” while simultaneously seeing the benefits of our current choices. This week was a good example of the blessing of community. I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. Even if our community is smaller, it is still good!

Friends: This weekend, I had lunch dates with both of my forever friends, Christa and Maggie! Words can’t adequately describe how life-giving these friendships are to me. The range of topics we cover in a lunch date is always fascinating. At some point, we might be near tears with the intensity of the conversation and then at other moments, we are laughing a bit too loudly (or at least, I am). Getting to see both of them in one weekend was amazing!

Family: Our families are such a source of support, friendship, and love in our lives. My parents will invite the boys down to play video games a few times a month. They often do this on Wednesdays (when Jeremy is at church), so I am completely alone for about an hour. As an introvert, that one hour of solitude fills my soul in a way very few things can.
This weekend, Jeremy’s parents offered the boys a spur of the moment sleepover. Not only did the boys have a great adventure, but Jeremy and I are were equally excited for uninterrupted time together. Jeremy was kind and drove me up to my lunch date in Tacoma on Saturday. Not only did we get to have that extra time together, but he also knows that I don’t love driving and he wanted to bless me. He is seriously the sweetest! (Side note: between the lunch dates and time with my hubby, I probably used two months worth of words in two days. So much talking, so much fun!)

Neighbors: Our friends moved in just down the road over the holidays. We visited them yesterday at their developing homestead and got the update on their building plans. When we drive by, we often comment on how things are progressing with their property. We are thrilled to have friends right down the road since we live in a rural setting (any visit to a friend’s house usually requires a 20+ minute drive). We were walking to the mailbox when these friends drove by the other week. It’s so nice to have a familiar face to smile and wave at! It’s a joy to welcome them to the neighborhood!

Our time at home has been and still is meaningful. So much of our life happens under this roof and it is a good life. Whether is homeschooling in the morning, eating together in the evening, or watching a show (currently the Olympics) in the hot tub before bed, our family has enjoyed this extra time together thanks to pandemic life. But equally, we love our people and we are thankful for our community. It’s a delight to do life alongside our friends, family, and neighbors!

Late night snuggles with an 8 year old who should have been asleep…
Owen likes to bring toys to the table if they fit with the lesson.
Meeting Nana & Papa’s new neighbor! Big cow!
Yes, we just had a playdate together, but… it’s been months since we had a mom lunch date!
Helping Grandpa with a project! At least Jeremy was… I’m not sure about the boys. I think they might have just gone over for treats.

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