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Finding Time with God as a Busy Mom: Part 3 September 22, 2021

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Suggestions of Things You Could Try: Part 2

Use a Journal:

Some people journal about the passage of Scripture they read. You can write out a verse that stood out to you or reference the passage and then journal about what this passage means and how you plan to apply it in your daily life.

Some people like to use a prayer journal. This allows you look back and reflect on the ways that God showed up for you.

If you make a prayer list, you can easily find and highlight prayers that have been answered.

Breath Prayer is a Life Saver: (As in it has saved my kids’ lives and my sanity more than once.) Find a super short prayer that you can say in the moment that draws God into the situation with you. For me it’s “Lord help me” – I say this all-time throughout the ups and downs of kid drama. Calling God into the moment helps me to a more mindful mom when I go to address a sibling squabble. Praying and talking to God throughout the day helps me keep my cool and stay focused on what matter most.

Take or Make a Still Moment:  Create still moments (they won’t happen on their own very often) and invite God into them.  Take a deep breath or two in the closet or the bathroom. Reset your mood and focus your mind. Just a minute of intentional tuning into God can make a big difference.

Use Car Time as Prayer Time: Moms spend a lot of time in the car! Think of all the drive time you have with errands, school drop offs, extracurricular activities, etc.If you drop the kids off at school, say a prayer for them as you’re driving out of the parking lot. Or pray together on your way to school. Simple prayers invite God into our everyday moments. Including your kids in prayer grows your faith legacy.

Other Great Places to Pray:

  • In the shower
  • On a walk
  • Resting on your pillow before going to sleep
  • Resting on your pillow before you get out of bed in the morning.
  • Out and about around your community, prompted by what you see.
  • Anywhere and everywhere

Let the Background Noise Be Praise: Worship music in the background can help uplift your spirit and give you moments to praise God throughout your day.

Light a Candle: This might feel like a hazard in some homes, but lighting a candle can be a visual reminder to pray or think an intentional thought. Maybe you want to remember a specific friend who is going through a hard time, a family member who is ill, or maybe your community, or a certain missionary. When your eye catches the candle flicker, say a quick prayer.

Decorate with Index Cards: Put up Scripture or prayer requests in highly visible places to catch your eye throughout the day.

Find Your Spot: Some people have a prayer closet or a favorite, comfy place they like to go to spend time with Jesus. Finding a spot to have time with Jesus can help you build your routine because you know that when you’re in this space, you have a certain purpose. Also, family members might be less likely to interrupt you if they know you’re in your Jesus spot. Or if anything, they can see you having time with Jesus and that is a testimony to how you value your faith.

Find Accountability: One of the biggest ways to make a new habit or routine stick is to have accountability. Include your friends or spouse in your faith journey. Ask them to check in on you – you can even give them specific times you would like them to check in – like once a week or once a month (maybe more frequently if you really need the support).

Ask for Help: Be honest with a spouse, friend, or a support person when you need a break. Sometimes you need to get away to be with Jesus. Say so. Ask someone you trust to take the helm and give you some uninterrupted quiet time. Your family and friends can’t read your mind, so if you don’t tell them what you need, they are likely not to pick up on it. My husband very rarely says “you look like you need some quiet time alone with Jesus. Go.  I’ve got the kids” – but if I tell him that is what I need, he is happy to make that work.

Ask Around: Find a mentor or a community of friends who can share wisdom and insight into what works for them. Find someone with a similar personality type or who you admire and see what habits and routines they have. Ask what resources people have used and loved.

Perfect Attendance Isn’t Mandatory: Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day, a week, a month… you get it! Pick up where you left off and keep moving forward. Don’t let guilt get you down!

What Works For Me

I’ve given you plenty of examples and suggestion and I’ve mentioned my own habits, but here is my ideal routine. Note: it doesn’t happen this way every day and yes, I occasionally forget and miss a day. It’s okay. I’m human!

My ideal quiet time:

Location: The loveseat in my bedroom tucked away from the rest of the house. This is “my” spot and the whole family knows it.

Time: During afternoon quiet time, back-up plan – after the kids go to bed.

What do I do:

  • Take a few moments to close my eyes, take some deep breaths, try to decompress from the craziness of the day so I can show up fully in the coming minutes. Invite God into the moment. I want to be open to see Him and hear Him and do as He says.
  • Read my Bible Reading Plan which is currently the whole Bible in two years.
  • Journal: I write down what’s on my mind and going on in my life. I’ll list things I’m thankful for and what I’m worried about. I find that writing down my thoughts helps me release them. My journal time is part life-processing and prayer. I often look at it like I’m writing a letter to God. Like we’re pen pals.
  • Prayer: I have a set time that I’m reminded to pray with my Bible reading app. I usually take my daily petitions to God and whatever seems the foremost on my mind. I have the habit of praying throughout the day, so as something comes to mind, I pray about it then and there. Also if someone asks for prayer in a text or on social media, I try to pray for them right when I see the message and then when they come to mind throughout the days and weeks that follow. Prayers can be super formal or flowery, but I find that I prefer chatting to God like he is a good friend in the room with me. Nothing fancy, just honest, real, stream of thought.

How long does my quiet time take? Anywhere from 15-45 minutes, but almost always less than an hour. Because I try to find ways to connect with God throughout my entire day, I don’t feel like my quiet time needs to be super rigid when it comes to a length of time. God is always present and ready to connect with me if my eyes are open to Him.

To Be Continued…


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