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Made it to Christmas Vacation! December 19, 2020

We made it to Christmas vacation! Celebrate and cheer! Okay, I think I’m the most excited member of my family, but we are all pretty jazzed! The boys opted to double up on their school work this week so they could finish early. We did extra work on Monday and Tuesday, so on Wednesday they each had only a tiny amount of school left. We were all thrilled to wrap up school for 2020. Bring on vacation mode!

In my last post, I shared how I’m rising to the occasion to make all the Christmas things happen around the house. Usually, I would rely on school parties and church events to add the festive fun to our days. In the absence of the parties and performances, I’ve leaned into Christmas crafting, Christmas outings, and Christmas movies. Not a bad way to spend the days.

On Monday, we focused the nativity with a sticker craft and book. The boys and I joined Jeremy to film the introduction to our Christmas Eve gatherings for church (the boys got to hold lit candles… a job they were thrilled about… and I was nervous about). I also had my last MOPS & MOMSnext meeting of the year that evening. The theme was holiday attire, so I dressed up from head to toe even though you could only see from my shoulders up thanks to a virtual meeting.

On Tuesday, we drove up north to deliver our Christmas gift to my grandma. There is a Christmas light drive nearby her house, so we did that on our way home. It was like our local park display, only much bigger. Graham exclaimed loudly over all the lights. The whole park knew his joy since since his window was rolled down. He wasn’t the only kid you could hear jazzed about the festive display.

On Wednesday, we finished school and worked on Christmas ornaments we purchased the night before. Thursday was our first official day of Christmas vacation. We decorated gingerbread houses that had been gifted to us. Instead of doing another candy house, we used peanut butter and bird seed to make a treat of our feathered friends. The boys got to kick off vacation with a sleepover in Jeremy and I’s room. We watched Christmas shows in bed as a special treat.

Friday, we collected Christmas presents from Nana & Papa. We added these to our own gifts to deliver down south to our extended family. Our family is starting our own holiday delivery business. The goal was to make sure all the relatives had their gifts in time for Christmas. Today was our big delivery day! It was good to see our family members even though it was just quick door deliveries. We look forward to the day when we can safely gather and celebrate being together again.

As I look at the week ahead, I know it will be a quieter Christmas than ever before. As someone who has spent my Christmas’ traveling, I am looking forward to my first Christmas day spent fully at home. I will miss seeing family, that is for certain, but 2020 has given us new opportunities. I’m viewing our opportunity to stay home as a gift. I can’t wait to munch on cinnamon rolls, drink cider, and watch the kiddos open their presents on Christmas morning. I’m looking forward to a day of endless play with no where to go. I’m sure it will be a pajamas and yummy treats kind of day. I’m very hopeful that it will be a very Merry Christmas this year.

Talking about joy on our third week of Advent!
Nativity Crafting
Glad to see my Christmas sweater could get a little use this season!
Christmas delivery to our sweet GG!
Jeremy was a good sport about the birdseed gingerbread houses. We struggled with structural integrity, but we finally succeed!
Kicking off Christmas vacation with a special sleepover!
Attempting a new cookie recipe to celebrate vacation. These milk chocolate cookies are excellent – especially with vanilla frosting. I’ve been making cookie sandwiches with them!

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