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Merry & Bright November 22, 2020

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Well, we did it. We decorated for Christmas. Inside and out. I don’t feel a bit bad about not waiting. We were intentionally keeping up the autumn décor because we planned to host a small Thanksgiving meal at our house. True to 2020, those plans were canceled (or “postponed…” probably until 2021, who knows?). With no autumn holiday to celebrate in our home, we decided that we were in the clear to decorate for Christmas. This decision was highly influenced by our children who believe the Christmas seasons starts weeks before December. Their joy is contagious and we love Christmas, so why not? Also, the house has been decorated for fall since September 1st. Autumn has had plenty of time to reign. Now it’s time to give Christmas the spotlight.

Thanksgiving will still be the focal point of our upcoming week. We have yet another turkey craft to create for school. I have printed handouts and coloring sheets on the first Thanksgiving. We will read books about Thanksgiving each day. The week will be filled with yummy food. We’ve been working on special mail for the family members we won’t see this year and I’m sure there will be video chats and phone calls to check in on loved ones. Even though this Thanksgiving will be different, I am still looking forward to our scaled back version of Thanksgiving with much anticipation. The heart of this holiday is true now more than ever. We have come through so much and yet we have so much to be thankful for. Looking on the bright side, finding joy, and celebrating with gratitude are all traits I want to model and pass down to my children.

Decking the halls isn’t the only major update we have to share, this week we also debuted our brand new inflatable hot tub (the last part of that sentence needs to be read with a television game show host voice). Jeremy and I have been joking about getting an inflatable hot tub since they became super popular this spring. We learned two things from having the pool this summer – the boys are water bugs and the pool water was never warm enough for me. Even when I visit indoor pools, I never get in. It’s too cold. I’m a hot tub girl. Jeremy is also fond of hot tubs, so this seemed like the fall/winter version of the pool for our family. Our kids were so excited to watch the hot tub arrive and get set-up. They were the first ones to enjoy it and gave it rave reviews. I’ve also had a chance to soak in it and I am impressed at what can be achieved with inflated plastic! We realize that our holiday season will include more time around the house this year. This hot tub seemed like the perfect investment for our family this season.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year!

Graham kept yelling “I knew I’d like it” has he played happily! Owen is very good at keeping track of the hot tub temperature and giving status updates every few minutes.
I asked Owen if he’d like to help me make dinner and this was how he responded!
Decorating the Christmas tree
All done! Owen remarked that we could put the breakable ornaments anywhere since no little kids are coming over this year. Interesting point, but very true.
The grown-ups prefer the white lights when the kids go to bed!
The boys have been asking to decorate this gingerbread house since the day we bought it (11/10). We were able to hold them off for 11 days…
In the decorating zone!
The completed house!
Watching church from home with all the cozy Christmas vibes.


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