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Week Six at Home: Celebrating the Earth April 25, 2020

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I’m looking for all the ways to celebrate these days – big and small. With this in mind, I decided to turn Earth Day into a week long celebration! Here some of the highlights from our sixth week at home:


Jeremy completed his fence with an arbor the entrance!


Earth Week Activity: Making planters out of milk jugs.


Earth Week Activity: Watering the newly planted flowers.


Earth Week Activity: Nature Scavenger Hunt


The beginnings of a tree fort! Jeremy continually wins the coolest parent award!


Tree Fort!


All celebrations deserve cake! I had fun creating this special treat for Earth Day. I even had enough batter to make the moon just for fun!


Earth Week Activity: Earth Paintings


Earth Week Activity: Earth Paintings


Trying a new cookie recipe. We made these as a special gift for Owen’s teacher since sugar cookies are her favorite.


Tin foil boats!


Take-out makes us very happy!


Owen’s teacher made a home delivery to drop off his items from school. It brought some closure to the school year to say good-bye in person. I am continually sad about how this school year ended even though we are making the most of the situation.


Celebrating Aunt Beckie’s graduation from nursing school!



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