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Week Five at Home: Embracing the New Normal April 18, 2020

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Well, here we are. Five weeks at home completed. After the excitement of Holy Week, we’ve fallen back into the calmness that is our day-to-day routine. Once the decision to close schools for the year was made, I could feel a release within me. I was disappointed to hear this news, but at the same time, it set me free from the last concern I had in my heart. Until the announcement was made, I had a source of anxiety – would they or wouldn’t they close schools? While wondering does me no good, I couldn’t help but do it. With the answer to that question, I was able to release that wonder from my mind and settle into the new normal that will now be the end of the school year for my boys.


On Monday, we picked up Owen’s next school packet. I am thankful for a district that is providing screen-free learning. I am thankful for sitting down at the table with my kids and doing schoolwork with a pencil and paper – just like they would at school and just like I would prefer if I had chosen homeschooling. We use four different educational apps throughout the course of the week, but they are a small amount of our school time. Our school district also provided Owen with a bag of school supplies to accomplish his work at home. Graham started his new preschool workbook on Monday and he is doing well with it each morning (better than I expected). I’m glad I have these resources as I work in this new endeavor of school from home.


Owen’s spring portrait from school

The last week has been fairly routine. School, chores, free time, rest, outside time, meals as a family, walks at the end of the day. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Jeremy got the boys up early on Thursday morning to see the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Owen was so excited that he barely slept a wink the night before. He was sitting up in bed when Jeremy came to get him up. Owen was ready to go! It was a special experience and a memory was certainly made. The boys were extra tired that day, but it was well worth it to have a space adventure.


My special project for the week was making a teaching video for my MOPS & MOMSnext group. Last week we had a discussion question that asked the ladies what would they teach if they had the chance.  We had so many great responses that we challenged our ladies to make a video and share it with our group. I made a video about home tidying. It was a lot of fun to work on a project and share something that I enjoy. I had too much footage to post in one video, so I have requests for another episode. I might take that on this next week. Who knew I missed my calling as a reality TV home organizer? Haha!


Filming in my studio (aka my bedroom)

Jeremy has been busy in project mode around the house. He has been clearing brush around our property and burning the debris. He also built a fence around his garden to keep out the deer. Owen was Jeremy’s prime fence helper. Graham was out in the yard most of the day either helping Jeremy with the fence or helping to move tree debris. Both boys worked so hard that we rewarded them with a meal from McDonald’s as our thank you to them. Owen also had a certain lawn ornament he wanted to purchase for the garden and Jeremy told him he would order it if Owen helped him build the fence. So now we are awaiting the arrival of a Whirligig Lovebird (google it). I love watching my boys out in the yard being so helpful and involved in projects with their dad. Jeremy does such a great job of letting our boys learn alongside him. I feel like the boys are learning their school skills from me right now and they are learning vocational skills from Jeremy. It’s a good combo!


The start of the fence with the brush debris in the background. This is round two of debris clearing. Jeremy burned an equally massive pile before this one a week ago.


The fence is almost complete. Jeremy plans on building an arbor over the entrance. Notice the brush in the background is gone!

That wraps up week five at home. I’m looking forward to making Earth Day a special focus of this coming week. With the boys being so into space and planets right now, we are very excited to celebrate our planet. I’m not usually too jazzed about Earth Day, but in this new season, I will look for as many ways to celebrate as possible! There is a blessing to life being small and slow. Instead of needing big, flashy things to get my attention, I can more clearly see and celebrate the smaller things. Every day is a new opportunity and I hope to make the most of each one I’m given!


Graham found my box of birthday cards and sorted them for me. How helpful!


We got a new book full of science activities! We’ve been having fun experimenting as a part of our school time.


All four of us worked on this solar system puzzle! The boys love the fold-out book that came with it!


Typing his manifesto. In his swimsuit.


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