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What I’m Loving – January 2020 January 30, 2020

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Welcome to the first edition of What I’m Loving! I try not to be materialistic. I’m not into clutter. I tend to be a minimalist. With that being said, we are post Christmas and January is my birthday month. I have a few new gadgets/goodies that I’ve been enjoying this month. These aren’t my usual splurges, but it’s a special time of year. I promise next month will mostly feature cookies, candy and cake (because of Valentine’s Day and my addiction to sugar).

What I’m Loving – January 2020

Rosie the Roomba – I know I’ve mentioned Rosie in a few posts. I’ve now had a month of her partnering with me to clean my house and my review: she is a complete gem. I love her! She vacuums my hard floors daily and my bedrooms every other day. I love how thorough she is and carpet lines make my heart happy. Rosie is my new best friend! And she acts like a pet to keep track of around the house (bonus: she doesn’t shed).


Heaven is reading a book while a robot vacuums the room for you.

Fit Bit – My boys got me a Fit Bit for my birthday. I’m all over my house throughout the day, but rarely keep my phone on me to count steps. I love that my Fit Bit validates that I am active. I’m also a slave to it now. I must walk 250 steps each hour, I must get 10,000 steps a day, and I’m always striving to get an excellent sleep score (that one hasn’t happened yet). I love that my Fit Bit encourages healthy habits and movement. And because notifications come up on my Fit Bit from my phone, I don’t feel like I need to find my phone whenever it pings. Very freeing. 

Our Electric Kettle –  I’ve become addicted to having hot chocolate daily (with whipped cream – I’m wild). Jeremy enjoys drinking hot water especially when he is feeling under the weather. We don’t have an instant hot water tap so we thought it would be good to invest in an electric kettle. Brilliant! It looks like I won’t be breaking my addiction to hot chocolate any time soon.


Our new dining room wall display – When we moved into our house we put up a piece of artwork that was on our old dining room wall despite the fact that it was too small for the new wall. For almost a year we’ve been contemplating buying a personalized US map we saw at a friend’s house and creating our own travel themed wall. With some birthday spending money, we decided to go for it! The map says “The Scott Family Explores America” on the top and we have pushpins to document our travels. The map is surrounded by photos from our travels. The prints are inexpensive so we can change them out as we travel more. And the whole thing is hung with pushpins like a college dorm room to be cost effective. Maybe some day we’ll invest in frames. I love the memories that are displayed on this wall. Seeing the map with so much of the US unexplored gives me a travel bug and makes me want to go on a new adventure!


Jeremy found the sign at Hobby Lobby. It fits perfectly! I’m a proud wife. The picture of Jeremy and I at Haleakala turned out darker then I expected. I’m using it as a placeholder for pictures from our upcoming summer adventures. 


Jeremy attempted to color code our adventures! 


How the display fills the wall by the dining room table. 

Honorable mentions:

  • Sanditon on PBS – My sister-in-law clued me into this show right before it premiered. After reading all of Jane Austen’s novels this fall, I’m shocked to find out that I was unaware of her unfinished novel, Sanditon. I’m a sucker for period dramas, Jane Austen, and PBS.
  • Our local fire station – Our MOPS & MOMSnext group took our annual outing to the fire station this last week.  The kids always love exploring the station. I’m so thankful for the service of our firefighters and the blessing they are to our families by letting us visit.



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