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New Year, New Floors January 6, 2020

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Christmas break has come and gone. I will admit to shedding some tears last night as I went to bed. All the parents are rejoicing that school started again today. I cried about it. I absolutely loved our Christmas break. I loved having my boys home. I loved our daily adventures whether they were out of the house or at home in our pajamas. I love setting my own pace. The vacation vibes where all I needed and more. Now my kids do drive me nuts. Don’t get me wrong. If I had a dollar for every time I told my boys – don’t touch each other – that means hands, feet, arms, legs, bodies, etc – no contact – period – I would be pretty rich right now. It’s not that our time together was as picturesque has a Hallmark movie, but it was good. Really good. Living outside of responsibility for a few weeks was delightful. And now we’re back to reality.

The end of our vacation was thrown off by our flooring situation. For the boys it was one big adventure. For me it was a whole lot of stress and mess. I’ve shared in previous posts about how our floors have repeatedly broken and been fixed. Each time the trim is torn off the walls, the house is covered in saw dust. Even the small fixes brought big messes. We were told that new flooring was going to be delivered on the 30th and the team would be back to fix the floors on the 2nd & 3rd. This time enough flooring was delivered to replace our entire laminate floor. We spent our New Year’s Day not only taking down just Christmas, but also moving all of our furniture from our living space and into our master bedroom. We also had to clear everything off the closet floors so they could be replaced as well.

The boys loved having the dining table set up in our bedroom for snacks. Our big TV was moved to the floor of our room and the boys watched TV in our bed like it was the big screen at the movies. It was a total adventure for them. Not to mention the living space was now clear and perfect for running laps while taking advantage of the echo created by the emptiness. The boys and I took off early Thursday morning to be out of the way of the workers. We got back home around 6:00pm when the flooring guys finally took off. Instead of doing the project in two days, they pushed to do it in one day. I’m thankful for that!

Oh the clean up process. It was rough and dusty. The house smelled weird due to the dust and the new laminate. I was a bit disgruntled as I cleaned up the mess. This is a new house. It’s frustrating that we had to go through so many failed fixes to get it completely redone. And it’s frustrating that it needed to be redone at all. As I went over the floor again and again, I started to pray. I knew my heart wasn’t in a good place. I reminded myself that this space isn’t just about me. These new floors will hold guests and loved ones. My house belongs to the Lord. I am grateful for it. I am blessed by it. Instead of being mad at the mess, I started to pray blessing over those who would walk on my floors. I reached for gratitude. The floors were fixed. That is good.

Some of the furniture is back in place now. The trim was left off the wall so a trim team could come in today and reattach it. But the trim guy was sick today, so that didn’t happen. The new date is set for Wednesday. Once the trim is back on the wall, we can put the furniture back up against the walls and the construction zone vibes will hopefully go away. This is not the way I recommend starting the new year, but it is almost done. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

That my friends is the latest adventure in the Scott household. Every day, week, month is an adventure. There is always something next on the horizon. And I’ll keep blogging about each escapade that comes my way. Blogging is seriously the best therapy. Thanks for being along for the ride!


Watching our new pal, Rosie, in action!


New Year’s Eve fortune cookie wisdom: I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed.


Celebrating end of the year birthdays with Uncle & Auntie.


I took my post Christmas decluttering a bit too far. 


Bed time snacks at the dining room table in the master bedroom.


Thursday distractions while the floor was being replaced!


Team work makes the dream work. Rosie and I working together to reclaim the house. 


How we watch our morning cartoons when there is no furniture in the living room.


Jeremy repainted our trim pieces to cover up the roughness that came from having them torn off the walls so many times. The boys took advantage of the couch cushions being off to make a fort. 


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