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It’s Been a Good Year! December 29, 2019

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I haven’t put too much thought into 2020 even though I’ve heard a lot about having 20/20 vision in the new year. In my mind, January is a change in the month more than a change in the year. Possibly because my life has always been more on a school schedule from college to children’s ministries to parenthood. September seems like the start of something new more than January. However, every year, I can’t help thinking about the year I’ve just lived and wondering about the year to come.

2019 was pretty awesome. January started with Jeremy and I taking a trip to California with a ministry group. We stayed a few days after the group. I got to spend my birthday in So Cal with a beloved friend that lived in the area at the time (she’s now back in WA)! I got to spend the day after my birthday at Disneyland with just Jeremy. Talk about the best date day ever. It was magical – in the way an early years Taylor Swift song is – aka lots of rain. Something romantic about the rain and what not. Even though our day at Disney was wet and wild, it was also super memorable and very fun.

Over the course of the spring, I decided that I was going to sit down and a write book.  I finally had the space in my head, heart and schedule to make it happen. It was a fun experience and I’m glad I did it. The process is still on going as I have a family member editing the book for me now. One of my goals for 2020 will be finalizing the editing process and trying to determine what mode of publication I would like to use. I’m sitting down with an author I look up to in January and I’m hoping my conversation with her will provide new insight or inspiration.

This summer was our epic road trip to see the redwoods in northern California and then we traveled home along the Oregon Coast. The boys were great travelers and the whole trip was a memory I will never forgot. The big trees, visiting lighthouses, eating lunch at parks along the way, so much good stuff. We still talk about the trees and the cute cabin we rented. I hope we can return someday, but not this next summer. We already have some exciting plans in the works for Summer 2020.

And the fall! Who could forget Owen started kindergarten and the beginning of our public school days. September and October were brutal as I adapted to the changes and mostly all my feelings about the changes. Wow. So much processing and adjusting. November was a big month full of conferences and by December I finally fell into the swing of everything. School felt normal just in time for Christmas break to mess me up. Now I’m back on the kick of family time and us being together 24/7 and how much I love being home with my boys. I was told that it’s hard going back to school in January for the kids. I’m guessing it’s going to be a bit hard on this mama as well.

We’ve been having a wonderful Christmas break. It’s been a mix of excitement and adventure as well as time at home to play and rest. We’ve had quiet days as a family of four and we’ve had large family gatherings. It’s been the best of both worlds. We enjoyed Christmas Eve morning as our immediate family. The boys played with their toys all day until nap time. Then we had a Christmas Eve gathering with Jeremy’s extended family. Christmas Day was stockings at home before heading up to GG’s house for my extended family gathering.

The day after Christmas we did our shopping in Portland tradition. The boys had envelopes with their Christmas cash on hand, ready to spend. It was funny to see how different my shoppers are. Owen will buy anything he sees – regardless if its age appropriate or something he wants/needs. Graham wanders the store with 2-3 items he might get and then at the end decides to buy nothing. I actually think Graham is smarter than he realizes. He saves his money and ends up playing with Owen’s toys in the end since Owen shares with him.

Yesterday was our last Christmas gathering with Jeremy’s immediate family. It’s always a fun time when we are all together under one roof. We started the day with cinnamon rolls (my cinnamon roll count for Christmas break is probably over a dozen at this point, I am truly living my best life and Graham is right there with me, pounding them down like a pro). Watching my niece, nephews and the boys open presents is the best part of the day. I love seeing their reactions and how their diverse interests are represented in their gifts. The theme of this Christmas was Toy Story and board games for our family. We got 6 new games to add to our family collection. I see a family game day in our near future!

While I don’t have any high and lofty goals for 2020, I do have a few things I’ve been pondering. I’m going to try to cut down on waste by using less paper towels and finding a compostable straw option for my kids. We use plastic straws in our cups daily and it’s starting to nag at my conscience. I don’t want to give up straws, but finding an eco-friendly option is on my list of things to do. As I mentioned before, I want to finish the final editing process of my book. I want to finish my Bible reading plan in 2020. In September, I decided I was going to read my Bible daily and I’m now on an 120 day streak. I want to keep that going! Since Graham arrived, I’ve read my Bible 3-5 days a week but not daily until September. I’ve loved being consistent in my Bible reading and  it truly adds value to each day. I’ve been plowing through a Psalm and Proverbs plan and I’ve loved camping in this section of the Bible. The Psalms express such raw, honest emotion and calls to praise. Proverbs offers wisdom and insight. I’m looking forward to wrapping up this reading plan and starting a new one in 2020.

And reading in general is always high on my list! I read 85 books in 2019. Possibly the most books I’ve read ever in a year. At least since 2014 when I started keeping track on my phone. I already have four books to read in the house and I hope to get a few more for my birthday. I’ve already started making more space on my bookshelf for the new additions. Christmas and a January birthday equals many new books and a happy Amy!

We are wrapping up a quiet day of rest around the house. I love the days after Christmas when plenty of new toys keep little hands busy. Owen also finished his “optional” homework packet from school tonight and his reading log. We’ve been productive and restful in all the best ways. And we still have a week of break left. Praise the Lord.

Wishing you all a peaceful end to 2019 and a joyful new year ahead in 2020!


Christmas Eve Morning


Matching pajama pants


One of the special treats of Christmas break was a sleepover in Graham’s room


Lighting all 5 candles to celebrate Jesus’ arrival!


Reading the Christmas story by candle light. These moments are precious!


Scott Family Christmas 2019


Caroling to the neighbors down the street


My top nine Instagram posts of 2019: finishing my book – Owen’s preschool graduation – Graham looking at our wedding pictures – celebrating 1 year in our house – Disneyland – Jeremy’s birthday – Jessica’s wedding – Ring Security – Graham’s birthday


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