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A Month Long Party December 18, 2019

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Does anyone else feel like December is a month long party? I did a little math…  6 Christmas parties (2 hosted at my home, 2 I planned and hosted at church) and 4 Christmas gatherings (1 hosted at my house) = 10 Christmas events. Not to mention the extras like the Christmas musical at church, a nephew’s birthday party, the lighted tractor parade, a trip to the Christmas light maze in Seattle and a day of family shopping together after Christmas. There is a lot of celebrating, gathering and goodies. The whole month feels like a giant party. 

However, the month has been balanced out with illness as well. It wouldn’t be the holidays with kids without sickness. We’ve had coughs, colds, fevers and pink eye all this month. I’ve also been battling a cold where I rest and get back to the real world only to push myself a bit too hard and go back down. It’s been an endless cycle the last three weeks. And I’m currently without a voice. I lost it Monday night and it has yet to return. Luckily I don’t feel too terrible despite how I sound. We’ve been very diligent about resting and making the most of our down time between all the festivities.

It’s one week to Christmas and today I finished up all of the Christmas shopping – that I am responsible for. Jeremy still has two gifts to find for family exchanges. He is picky when it comes to finding the right gift, but he is a grown up so he can make that happen. We are looking forward to Christmas vacation. Graham has a performance at preschool tomorrow. Owen has a Christmas party that I am volunteering at on Thursday and Friday is a half day with an assembly we plan to attend as a family. Jeremy has been on vacation all this week and we are looking forward to the boys joining us in vacation mode! The first of the Christmas gatherings kick off this weekend with my immediate family gathering for brunch at my house. I might have to go radio silent for the rest of the day in hopes that I’ll be able to find my voice again before the weekend fun.

I love this time of year. A few “traditions” haven’t happened yet. We aren’t sure if Santa pictures will happen this year. My kids are incredibly shy around Santa. Unless there is a perfect moment for us to hop in line at the Christmas light maze on Sunday then I think our window for pictures will be gone. I haven’t watched White Christmas or Muppets Christmas Carol yet, but there is still plenty of time. Last night we loaded the boys up in pajamas to drive through a local park that sets up a light displays. We aren’t going to Zoolights this year, but the Christmas light maze in Seattle will more than make up for that. We don’t need to do both. Scaling back feels right in this new season. Without our family Fridays in December and with busy work weekends, we are adjusting our expectations. Let’s be honest with 6 Christmas parties and 4 Christmas gatherings, we aren’t missing out on any holiday cheer.

Merry Happy One Week to Christmas!


Does anyone else set up survival stations around the house? I have one in my bathroom as well with supplies for chapped lips, dry skin and cold medicine. 


Thanks to pink eye, we had an unexpected Saturday at home. The boys did a dino dig expedition. 


Graham abandoned the dino dig, but Owen made it through it the end!


Christmas musical weekend! 


Singing “Go Tell It on the Mountain” but really it looks like they are sneezing in their hands!


A superhero pool party to celebrate Cousin Keegan!


The look on Graham’s face when I have to wake him up to get to the bus stop


One of my favorite nights! Our MOPS & MOMSnext Christmas was a huge hit!


We gave out a variety of mugs as our gift this year at MOPS & MOMSnext. All different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. It was so fun to see everyone share their “mug shots” the next day of social media.


Gingerbread Round #3 for my class Christmas party with my 4th-6th grade girls. I also made butter cookies for them to decorate. We did a gift exchange and played a few games that evening.


We were supposed to wear ugly Christmas sweaters to our staff Christmas party, but I think we both missed the mark. 


My final gingerbread project! I made 24 giant gingerbread cookies for Owen’s class to decorate.


Jeremy’s helpers for the lighted tractor parade!


Lighted tractor parade fun. Unfortunately, I was home sick in bed for this event, but I loved getting photo updates like this from Jeremy. 


Growth Group Christmas Party – the kids played the saran wrap dice game. It was very intense! 


Growth Group Gift Exchange for the adults! 


Borst Park Christmas Lights


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