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Happy 6th Birthday, Owen! October 9, 2019

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Yesterday was Owen 6th birthday! He had a thoroughly great day from start to finish. Since his birthday was on a Tuesday, it was a volunteering day for me. I arrived at his classroom with Costco chocolate muffins to share. I was able to watch Owen be the special helper in the classroom and hear his class sing him happy birthday. I’m thankful that I got to be in the school to watch him being celebrated. It made my heart happy to know that his day was special even if I couldn’t be there the whole time celebrating with him.

We met Owen at the bus stop ready for an adventure after school. As we were loading up, Owen asked me to pull a surprise out of his backpack. His teacher had given him a stuffed animal for his birthday. She also sent him home with the last Costco muffin. He was truly a blessed boy. And then we took off for our adventure – an Amtrak ride from Centralia to Lacey.

We have been talking about taking the boys on an Amtrak ride for a long time. In fact a few years ago, we booked a trip, but it was cancelled by Amtrak. Owen’s birthday seemed like a good time to try again. We arrived at the train station and waited no so patiently for our train to arrive. The actual ride was quick – only about 20 minutes. The scenery with all the fall colors was lovely. My mom dropped us off at the Centralia station and then she met up with us at the Olympia-Lacey station.

From the station we took off for Owen’s dinner of choice – Chipotle. He ate his signature chips, cheese and chocolate milk. And then he went over to Safeway to pick his dessert of choice – powered sugar donut holes. Since Jeremy wouldn’t let me light a candle inside the Safeway cafe area, we went back to my mom’s vehicle and quickly lit a small candle on a donut hole and sang happy birthday. I am very much a stickler for making sure a candle is blown out on an actual birthday. It might be important to only me, but I want to make sure no birthday celebration opportunity is missed. The night wrapped up with opening a few small presents from Jeremy and I at home.

Yesterday the boys left for school in a flurry. I was tidying up the house after the chaos and I notice that Lamby was left on Owen’s bed. Owen has taken Lamby to school every single day. This last month Owen was having a hard time with me leaving his room at night and I told him to talk to Lamby. I’ve suggested this often over the years. For the first time, Owen told me Lamby wasn’t real. And then I saw Lamby left in his room and I thought – this is it. Apparently when you’re six you’ve out grown special stuff animals. I put Lamby on the bed with a sad sigh. When Owen loaded up after school for our adventure, he mentioned that Lamby didn’t make it to school. He takes him out during quiet time every day and the loss of Lamby was deeply felt. I explained that a lot of things got left out at home yesterday in the whirlwind that was their leaving process. I told him we would make sure that Lamby made it to school the next day. Inwardly I was smiling that my six year old hadn’t out grown Lamby overnight.

There are so many things I could say about Mr. Owen. He is cautious and adventurous in all the right ways. He isn’t fearless, but he is brave! He constantly surprises me with how he adapts and rolls with life. He has adjusted to kindergarten like a champ. Watching him do well is actually encouraging me to let go of stress and worry. He’s got this and he’s got God. I can’t be with Owen watching over him 24/7, but God can. I know the Holy Spirit speaks to his heart. He has shown me over and over again that he can make good choices and he stands up for what he believes. Owen is a helper. He wants to be included. It might be working in the yard, cleaning the bathrooms or taking care of his beloved chickens – Owen wants to be participate. I sincerely love the kid he is becoming with each year. The unfolding of his story is precious to me. I am blessed to have a front row seat. Watching him grow is such an adventure and a joy!


Happy Birthday, Owen 


The class special helper


Reading with the birthday boy 


At the Centralia station. Graham was very concerned about the potential train noise. He spent the first 15 minutes at the station covering his ears even though there were no trains at that time.


Waiting at the station


About to board our train


The train ride


We made it to Lacey


Dinner at Chipotle


Donut holes for dessert


Owen through the years!


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