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Cold Season is Here September 23, 2019

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It took no time for cold season to make its grand appearance at our house. Owen mentioned the kid sitting next to him stayed home sick one day. Then he mentioned a kid he was partnered with for a project was home sick the next day. It seemed like only a matter of time. The excitement of the new school schedule has worn off and exhaustion has settled in. Graham and I both caught the cold from Owen. Jeremy has avoided it thus far. His being out hunting while the contagious germs were being spread might be the reason why he has avoid it. I just finished disinfecting all the surfaces of my home that I can and washing the blankets that I’ve noticed my children have been using as an alternative to blowing their nose with a tissue.

Despite illness, life has been full. I had two wonderful meetings with mentors this last week. We took the boys to get haircuts and dinner out on Friday. I went to see Downton Abbey with my mom. We had dinner with Nana & Papa one day and then dinner with friends the next day. I kept texting our friends giving the cold updates thinking that they would probably want to cancel with us. Turns out their kids have colds too so we just had a wild night of runny noses and took a chance on sharing germs.

Through this whole month of transition, I have felt so loved and supported by my people. I got multiple texts from friends on the first day of school asking me how I was doing. I’ve had friends and family checking in on me. I’ve had many dear people listen to my ramblings and empathizing with my crazy kinder mom emotions. If I’ve leaned on our shoulder this month for strength and support I want to say a huge thank you! Life is truly better together.

Next week will be the first week that I am in Owen’s classroom. I’ve been talking for years now about the opportunity to volunteer for the school. I want to be a light beyond the walls of my church and my home. I am excited to interact with new kids and Owen’s teacher. I have no clue what to expect, but it’s kindergarten work so it can’t be too over my head, right? Honestly, we’ve been doing common core math sheets with Owen every day and sometimes I have to pause and process how they word things. It will be interesting to see how much things have changed since my own childhood memories of kindergarten.

Well, here we are, plowing through cold season. It’s officially the first day of autumn which is always a special day for me. Fall is my favorite season. If I didn’t have my own cold, I would probably be reveling in it a bit more. I have MOPS & MOPSnext tonight so I’m trying to pace myself so I can make it through the evening. It will be fun to celebrate the arrival of fall with so many ladies tonight. Since it’s only our second meeting, I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m hopeful for a great evening of mom time.


New umbrellas for rainy walks to and from the bus stop. 


Hot chocolate, a baked good and conversations with dear friends are a winning combination. 


Looking for the bus


Grandpa & Grandma came home from vacation Friday so the whole crew met Owen at the bus stop. 


Matching shirts! 


Saturday at the movies – Downton Abbey


Cold season


Current reading project: All of Jane Austen’s novels. Almost half way there. Working on Mansfield Park now. 


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