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One week down. How many more to go? September 14, 2019

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We survived our first week of school. The school schedule is no joke. The years that I have dreaded filled with back and forth to school, sitting in pick up lines and daily having to be out of the house have arrived. I knew the boys were going to be tired after a week of the new routine, but I was in no way prepared for how exhausted I was going to be as well.

Owen is impressing me every day with his reading books that he brings home and the fact that he learned how to dribble a ball on the playground. He tells me recess is his favorite time of the day. He already has friends. Each day I get to hear that he used glue or paint or special markers. He is enjoying school a lot and done surprising well with full days of activity.

Graham on the other hand is not pleased with school. He was crying on Thursday night just knowing he had to go back on Tuesday. Oh my. He is feeling his feelings quite strongly right now. Everything is bit off kilter right now and Graham’s behavior is a sure sign that we haven’t found our new normal yet. We are all building new skills and muscles through this transition. Only time will help settle us.

I’ve kept this weekend purposefully quiet again. Jeremy has been gone hunting. I’ve been home with the boys allowing them to play and rest. We need home base right now. Part of this is my own need. Home centers me. After being all over the place this summer, I will say that I miss adventures. I miss fun family days. Elk season ends on Thursday and I’m looking forward to having my husband back. Maybe by the time Jeremy is out of the woods, we’ll have built our energy back up so we can actually have a family adventure. I sure hope so. I feel like I’m missing all my boys right now – Owen at elementary school, Graham at preschool, Jeremy out hunting.

Nothing about our school pick up and drop off plan has happened as we expected. Instead of dropping Owen off in his classroom, Jeremy has been dropping him off on the playground. Jeremy would be late to work and Graham would be late to preschool if Owen was walked in everyday. Owen is supervised on the playground and has friends to play with. It’s not a hardship on him. It’s just different then we expected. The buses have consistently beat us home from school everyday so we have turned in the paperwork to have Owen ride the bus home. Part of my great frustration with our new routine is that the bus depot hasn’t confirmed when Owen can start riding the bus. We keep waiting for a call that hasn’t happened. Even when Jeremy called them yesterday to check on our status, they couldn’t give us an answer. I’m holding my breath trying to adapt to a schedule that is about to change soon. Once we work out the kinks and get Owen to the bus home, I’ll hopefully be able to settle. School pick-up has definitely not worked for us.

On a positive note, we kicked off MOPS & MOMSnext on Monday and almost every seat in the room was full. The room was bursting with energy. It was a very good night. I hope the momentum of our first meeting carries through this new year with lots of excitement and growth. I truly believe this could be the best year of MOPS & MOMSnext yet.

God is good. He has been my rock as I have felt unsteady this month. When life is tough, I turn to my faith as my foundation. I guess the bonus of a difficult transition is that I’ve been journaling daily and I’ve been very diligent in my quiet time with the Lord. God has been my source of strength during this exhausting new season. I know he is helping me to persevere and he is pushing me forward. Onward to better day! I believe it!


Feeling a bit like a kid on the first day of school for our MOPS & MOMSnext kick off! 


I love seeing a room full of ladies that are hoping to connect and build friendships!


The sunset on Tuesday was simply beautiful and needed to be documented.


When you are too tired to scoop cookies on a sheet, I recommend cookie bars. Way less work and just as tasty! 


Graham has taken over collecting eggs while Owen is at school. 


TGIF – happy to be home playing video games! 


Saturday morning craft time


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